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  • A show about the highs, lows and workflows of screenwriting. Each week, an acclaimed movie or TV writer walks us through their creative process – from outline to the finish line. Presented by Arc Studio Pro.

  • Greg Williams photographs the biggest names in the entertainment industry. His trademark is capturing the person behind the personality resulting in uniquely candid shots. Alongside his trusty Leica, Greg now records the funny, moving and fascinating conversations he has with the biggest names in Hollywood.

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  • Lisa och Amanda diskuterar allt om Bachelor! De tycker till om deltagarna, bevakar relationerna och lägger sig i dramat.

    Lisa och Amanda träffades när de själva var deltagare i Bacheloräventyret 2019. Med deras egna erfarenheter kan de dela insides till de intresserade lyssnarna, samtidigt som de själva följer aktuella säsongen med spänning!

    Instagram: Rosceremoni

    Klippning: marcussilverdrake

    Jingel: Tropiko

    Klippare & Redaktör: Marcus Blomgren, Silverdrake Förlag

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  • Svenska skådespelare samtalar med Niclas Buskenström om skådespeleri, processer, scenkonst och den egna karriären.

  • Varning för Barnprogram är en podcast om, som titeln avslöjar, barnprogram. Varje vecka pratar Haggis & Robban om gamla som nya program och berättar om sina tittarupplevelser och andra tankar.Vill du höra av dig till oss? Vi finns på Instagram under @varningforbarnprogram eller maila oss på varningforbarnprogram(at)

  • Stages Podcast connects with creatives, innovators and healers alike to share in the ways art threads us through every stage of our life.

    Co-hosts Stephanie J. Block and Marylee Fairbanks bring together their friends and colleagues, from Broadway and the global stage, bringing to light roadblocks, choices, mistakes and successes that lead to new avenues of expression and connection.

    Love where you are now.

  • An educational series featuring in-depth discussions with film and TV's most acclaimed and exciting filmmakers, actors, and creators.

  • The Vam-Petey Diaries is a "The Vampire Diaries" podcast where a guy who has never seen the show watches the series with a superfan.

  • Röstskådespelarna är en show som hyllar de röstskådespelare som dubbade tecknad film på 80- och 90-talet och som genom detta underhöll en hel generation med barn och unga. Programledare är de båda aktiva röstskådespelarna Christian Hedlund (Sonic The Hedgehog, Lejonkungen 2019) och Linn Ehrner (She-Ra 2017). De första avsnitten spelades in 2015-2016 men efter en framgångsrik Kickstarter-kampanj så kommer det nya avsnitt under 2021.

  • In this brand new snazzy podcast, we'll talk about screenwriting for film, television and games as well as novel writing. Listen in as we chat about the industry, film school, Vancouver and other rants and raves. New episodes every Friday, new guests every second week.

    Find us on IG @christvanacreations @soulsofcyra

  • This is a podcast where my friends and I give our views and thoughts on TV shows. We talk about plot lines, characters and share unpopular opinions

  • When is the last time you thought about where a movie took place? The rooms, cities, and architecture where movies are set are just as important as the script, actors, and special effects, yet we rarely give locations and sets their due. It's high time that conversation began to change. CINEOPOLIS is a podcast, hosted by film historian Christian Niedan and editor and culture journalist Dante A. Ciampaglia, about movies — and the places that made them. Through deep dives into movies and filmmakers and discussions with professionals, critics, and authors, CINEOPOLIS will change how you see movies...and the world around you.

  • Sveriges mest underhållande nördpodd där inget är under kontroll. Markus och David pratar om TV-spel, teknik och annat roligt.

  • Sometimes I talk about Star Wars. Sometimes I don't. Welcome to HelloGreedo's Lightspeed Lounge! This podcast is an offshoot of the HelloGreedo YouTube channel. Sometimes I'll have guests, but most of the time each episode will be a Q&A. Let's see how this goes!

  • Your hosts Joey (Nimrod Horror Podcast) and Dolores (Stand-up Comedian/TV Addict) break down and remember Teen Dramas in all their melodramatic glory.

  • Frame & Reference is a conversation between Cinematographers hosted by Kenny McMillan of OWL BOT. Each episode dives into the respective DP's current and past work, as well as what influences and inspires them. These discussions are an entertaining and informative look in to the world making films through the lens of the people who shoot them.

  • We watch and discuss all those classic movies that you think are Disney, but aren't.

  • Har du flere ganger undret deg over hvordan det er å være med på ett Norsk feelgood realityprogram? Vi gir deg svar på alle spørsmål du måtte ha, som vi har svarene på. Følg med oss på ferden og få ett innblikk i det å være deltaker på TV2´s storslåtte tv-program Sommerhytta.

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  • Dark Label Productions Podcast är riktad mot blivande och etablerade filmmakare. Vår fokus är genre och indiefilm. En svensk variant av A24, Blumhouse, Indie Film Hustle och Team Deakins poddar. I samarbete med Qyre och SF Anytime.

    Vi tror på att ett av de bästa sätten att lära sig är genom att lyssna på gästernas resa till sin första film. Vi fokuserar på ingående samtal och inga enkla top 10 tips och alla samtal och gäster har en stor dos självdistans.

    Vi hoppas att denna podcast kan hjälpa dig under din resa som filmskapare, skådespelare, manusförfattare och som medarbetare.

  • OK FINE! I’ll Watch It is the ultimate experience for those who like to think critically and laugh! Join Rahat Saini, long term avoider of aggressive fanboys, as she finally engages with the very media she’s refused to watch all her life and discusses her first time viewing experience with a hardcore fan. Through curiosity, conversation, and a dash of comedy, Rahat attempts to understand not just the media itself, but also its fans. Challenging her own biases, she explores this media to find its good, bad, and certifiably whack. Each episode features a new piece of popular media, and a new hardcore fan! So fans everywhere get excited! Rahat Saini is a queer Brown actor and comedian with a big heart and a sharp tongue, and she’s finally watching whatever you want her to watch. Hosted by the Comedy Here Often? Podcast Network. Intro music bySonam Kaloti. Artwork by Iconick Designs.

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