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  • Zolderling is een platform waar Thomas en Wout hun ongefundeerde mening spuien over een scala aan onderwerpen. In het eerste seizoen van CC ZOLDERLING nemen ze verscheidene films onder de loep. Wat maakt een film zo goed of slecht? Wat zijn de thema's? Hoe worden ze uitgewerkt? Wat zegt een film over ons, en over de mens in het algemeen? De rubriek FORUM ZOLDERLING dient dan weer als alibi om keihard te palaveren over vanalles en, uiteraard, nog wat! Kortom, u vindt hier professioneel en minder professioneel gezever, rechtstreeks vanuit onze enthousiaste monden tot in jullie gewillige oortjes!

  • In Jachtseizoen Aftertalk praten Giel de Winter, Thomas van der Vlugt en Stefan Jurriens na met de boef uit het Het Jachtseizoen. Een exclusieve blik achter de schermen van Het Jachtseizoen. Hoe heeft de boef zich voorbereid? Liep de ontsnapping volgens plan? Dat hoor je in Jachtseizoen Aftertalk.

    LET OP: De podcast bevat spoilers. Heb je Het Jachtseizoen nog niet gezien? Check dan eerst de aflevering op YouTube voor je de podcast luistert. 

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  • 2Doc belt met Boeijen is dé podcast over documentaire. Elke woensdag belt 2Doc - het grootste documentaire-platform van Nederland - met filmkenner en recensent Helmut Boeijen. Hij neemt je mee in de bijzondere wereld van documentaire en vertelt je welke nieuwe docu je absoluut niet mag missen. Waarom is deze film zo belangrijk? Wat maakt deze documentaire zo speciaal? Kom erachter in 2Doc Belt met Boeijen.

  • A black lady’s guide to all things Murder, She Wrote. I’m a true fan of Murder, She Wrote and I want to share that love with all of you. Each week I will delve into an episode of MSW and ask the questions we all have. So let’s admire Jessica’s fashions as she outwits them all each week on The Fletcher Files.

  • There are some movies that simply traverse the limits of time. Movies that never age and always speak sublime truths to us all. These are the movies that will last forever. These are the movies we long to discuss. These are the Classics.

  • Two idiots and their much more intelligent guests take on classic TV (mostly the Andy Griffith Show) to see the weird messages they broadcast into American homes, and assess what holds up and what caused permanent damage to the psyche of an entire generation.

    Join hosts Marty Schneider and Dan Ludwig as they descend into the madness of Boomer television, and occasionally break down their own childhood television addictions.

    New episodes bi-weekly on Thursday mornings!

  • De GTST Streetteam Podcast is de Podcast over GTST! In deze podcast bespreek ik elke week de nieuwtjes, geruchten, en afleveringen van de week.

  • Sean and Steve dedicate each episode doing a deep-dive of a "Murder, She Wrote" episode which is expertly and randomly curated. Some imbibing may be involved.

  • Welcome to Zavvi’s Video Rewind, a brand new podcast from Zavvi, the home of pop culture.

    Together we will be digging into our video archives, discussing a wide range of cult classics all of which have recently received, or will be receiving, a new release on disc.

    A guest will join us for each episode to discuss a movie and the importance of physical media, and we have some great films to chat about from Oldboy to The Babadook.

    New episodes dropping fortnightly on Mondays.

  • Toku Ladies Podcast is a feminist podcast that celebrates and critiques tokusatsu, with an emphasis on Power Rangers, Super Sentai, and Kamen Rider.

  • A Jurassic Park rewatch podcast 65 million years in the making.

  • Dr. Sam Loomis spent eight years trying to reach Michael Myers, and another seven trying to keep him locked up. Meanwhile we're going to spend a whole show analysing the entire series, from ranking the masks to answering the ultimate question: is Michael pure evil?

  • Annyong, Welcome to the crazy fandom of Kdrama. We can't wait to help you delve into the K land which is full of happiness and a fair share of eye candy. Join us to fangirl over this exciting addiction we share. For people that are new to the k-drama land, we have spoiler free reviews that help you decide what to watch and how to go about this journey. If you like us and want us to review something, feel free to hit us up on instagram @kdramastation.

  • IB Student by day and Korean Drama Queen by night, Drama Queen by Daphne is a podcast for all things K-Drama, K-Pop and simply a slice of her life. Get to know where life takes her or what she is currently watching, listening and obsessing over as she reviews and rambles about them on her weekly podcast.

    K-Drama Spreadsheet:

  • We talk about everything k-drama...
    The good, the bad and the absolute addictiveness of the K-drama world!๐Ÿ’•

    //You can email me at for drama suggestions, criticism and complements๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’•//

  • There is no better way to utilize your free time but to watch kdrama! Whether it's romance or thriller, new release or decade old, we take a deep dive into kdrama. As we explore different genres and periods of Kdrama, each episode covers exciting views from two Korean girls who will help you understand meanings behind-the-scenes and Korean cultures. Enjoy! Support this podcast:

  • A movie and drama reviewing podcast by Avia Winters who also writes on the side. This Drama Fiend podcast will be about digging as deep as possible into these dramas and movies to find out what motivates certain characters, symbolism in shows and theories on possible events that may or may not happen. Take this journey with her.

  • Bebe and Janet live on opposite coasts and have a shared interest in Korean dramas, big-city living, building corporate careers as Asian women in the workforce, and plenty more. Tune in to hear us chat about our drama obsessions, our career advice, living on the coasts and much more! For inquiries or requests for future topics, please send us a note at bebeandjanet@gmail.comFormerly Coast to Coast Support this podcast:

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  • Hello! I'm your host Mai! And welcome to a place where you can come along on this fun journey on talking about Asian TV show dramas. A place like myself who has no one to talk about these shows but maybe has someone like you who will take a listen and follow along.