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  • What's Amanda Knox up to these days? How's Jon Ronson getting on? And what does Richard Dawkins think of bath bombs? Award-winning BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews celebrities and quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath. Joining them is a mix of celebrities...and a man who once had to eat his friends. 

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  • A movies by minute podcast that deep dives into the 1981 horror classic that is both written and directed by John Landis, An American Werewolf In London. Join the host Troy and his partime co-host adi as they break down and examine this lycanthropic tale

  • Two mates with a bucket full of dreams, and a literal bucket filled with whimsical topics to be discussed. Ranging from films/tv shows/music/ video games/ comic books/ social issues? and much more!
    With a constant looming threat of dumb topics around every corner...

  • Podcast about TV shows from idea to screen, with Producer David J. Bodycombe (@davidjbodycombe), TV Consultant Justin Scroggie (@TheFormatDoctor) and guests. Follow us on Twitter @TVShowPodcast. Email us: contact{at}

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  • Welcome to Gasbagging. If you ever feel like you watch too much reality TV, you're in good company. Each week Professor of Unscripted and resident Lydia Schiavello-apologist, Dan Morrison, sits down with a close friend and recaps the latest Housewives, Drag Race and an endless list of shows too long for this description. This is a safe place to talk about the ex-housewives' Instagram accounts you still follow and unfairly compare yourself to the entrepreneurial risks these reality stars are taking. Join the gossip and join the campaign for a Real Housewives of Sydney Season 2.

  • Where Michelle and Aaron Moss talk about one of the greatest time travel shows created... Quantum Leap!

  • On each episode of the Filmcast our panel reviews those little films that you might not have heard about elsewhere. New episode every Thursday.Find Us:Instagram: Support this podcast:

  • Hello, we are Rachel and Erin! Come join us for a spot of tea as we talk all things Call the Midwife.

    Rachel and Erin have been friends for over a decade. We’ve spent a lot of our friendship living on separate ends of the US. It reminds us of how the show went on after Jenny Lee left Nonnatus House, but remained connected. Much of our lives are comprised of comings and goings, doors opening and closing, or perhaps a window. By moments, meetings, and happenings. The event doesn’t have to be large, or a kind gesture grandiose to have an impact. Like the show touched on; we too always managed to stay in touch and pick up where we left off. We love how we have been able to still be a part of each other’s story in some way.

    We recently found that we had a shared love of Call the Midwife, and we were so glad to have someone to discuss it with. We’d been talking about doing a podcast for a while, and this just seemed like the perfect fit. We’ve found that Call the Midwife is such a unique bonding experience for so many people, and we wanted to share in that.

    We love the characters, and storylines. We love the fact that the show has characters of all ages, from different walks of life and that it's female driven. How the core characters champion for each other and their patients, and that in a way they feel like neighbors or friends. We love how they’re all very human. How each season is one year, and such a detailed illustration of the time-period. How the circumstance in which we are born, can inform our lives. The show tackles such sensitive subject matter with such integrity. We love the show for its honesty, truth, and subtle humor. Life isn’t just dark or light, and the show truly explores that. Hope and grief, loss, and love. The issues of the time, and some things that we still face today. There isn’t anything else out there quite like it.

    The Call the Midwife fan base has been so welcoming and wonderful already that we feel like we’ve already connected with so many of you. We hope that you’ll share a spot of tea with us, from wherever you are.

    We welcome you, and we’re so glad you’re here.

    Stay tuned for our bonus series:
    Till Next Time...Sister Bernadette: The Shelagh Diaries which is our take on the innermost thoughts of one of the most beloved characters on the show-Shelagh Turner.

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  • The Wheel Weaves Watches is a spoiler-free breakdown podcast of The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime. Hosted by Dani and Brett, they're here to bring you an in-depth look into The Wheel of Time show on Amazon Prime. They will share reactions, episode breakdowns and relevant background information without spoiling future content from the book series. Grab a drink and let's get watching.

  • Just getting high and talking about Teen Mom, yo.

    Posting as often as work and chronic pain will allow ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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  • CALLING ALL HORROR MOVIE FREAKS! Everyday is HALLOWEEN on the HORROR VEIN Podcast! Join your hosts Robert Massetti (Indie Filmmaker) and Don Fisher (Actor) every week as these two life long friends talk about their love of the horror genre and the movies they've become obsessed with! We give Horror Movie insights, reviews, news, celebrity interviews, and insights from actual working professional filmmakers! It's the most fun you'll ever have listening to a podcast! Stay scared!

  • Welcome to Horror Dads, a Podcast delivered to you from 2 dads who love horror, and work to balance our love of horror with our family life. Join us and listen in as we discuss franchise favorites, movies we’ve never seen, movies we’ve seen 1,000 times, and desert island horror movies. We will also focus on discussing our favorite horror merchandise, the artists behind the work, and our discovery of new artists and work.

  • A horror podcast focusing centrally on the Halloween franchise

  • The Ringer staff delivers a guide to the vast streaming landscape by discussing one show or movie per day, including premieres. the latest surprise Netflix hits, periodic check-ins on favorite TV shows, new movies available for streaming, and the hosts’ favorite shows to watch right away.

  • A weekly podcast talking all things Strictly Come Dancing 2021, hosted by YouTuber, maths student and dance lover Harry Surplus! Each week Harry plays fifth judge as he shares his scores and opinions on the dances and reveals which celebrity he would save in the dance off. Will Harry be dishing out any nasty 1s? Which celebrity will receive Harry's first 10? Have a listen to find out!

  • A podcast discussing the Channel 4 TV show “The Great British Bake Off”, re-capping the weekly episodes.

  • Filmmaker Alex Cox & Pablo Kjølseth discuss film topics from their own unique perspectives.

  • News, reviews, updates and more covering cards, comics, collectibles, gaming, shows, movies, tech and more!

  • The Film Scorer Podcast features a wide array of long-form interviews with film composers, including up-and-comers, established veterans, and everybody in between.

    Learn first-hand from masters of the craft about the film scoring process, see behind-the-scenes, and hear all about the art of film and film music.

  • "Off The Chart" is Xtra’s podcast devoted to the groundbreaking Showtime series The L Word, its reboot Generation Q and the L.A. lesbians we can’t stop thinking about. Join hosts Erica Lenti and Chelle Turingan as we navigate The L Word: Generation Q every Tuesday—helping you process the lives and loves of the originals and the new queers on the block.

  • Two Irish lads, a mysterious Island, and a love for a show that just will not die.
    Each week, Ado and Dave dive into a new episode of the hit ABC show "LOST", dissecting and analyzing each and every scene on a spoiler- (and banter-) filled rewatch!