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  • What's Amanda Knox up to these days? How's Jon Ronson getting on? And what does Richard Dawkins think of bath bombs? Award-winning BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews celebrities and quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath. Joining them is a mix of celebrities...and a man who once had to eat his friends. 

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  • Why did the coverage of Meghan Markle turn so sour, so quickly? Why is Prince Harry taking on the press? Allegations of sexism, racism and strategic leaks – we examine them all.

  • An open conversation with people from all walks of life. Some sad, inspirational and motivational. A fortnightly podcast.

  • Welcome to the Diversity Deep Dive Podcast. In this podcast, you will hear insights and uplifting stories of resilience and perseverance against the odds. We will share meaningful dialogue to positively impact diversity and inclusion by dispelling stereotypes, tackling biases, and providing best practices to achieve greater cultural competence. Join us as we break some glass and disrupt the way we think about diversity and inclusion.

  • As journalists born and raised in Derry, Mary Minihan and Freya McClements have always been interested in the different identities that belong to the people of Ireland.

    In this podcast series from The Irish Times, they talk to interesting people about identity, culture and the experiences that shaped them.

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  • Big News Coming Soon Podcast with Alan Clarke & Kieran O'Malley

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  • Welcome to Famous Firsts, a new Global Original podcast from Smooth Radio, with host Jenni Falconer.

    We all remember our first concert, our first album and the first song we slow danced to, but what about our favourite artists’ firsts? In Famous Firsts, Jenni Falconer will chat to pop music legends to hear the stories behind their firsts: first gigs, first record deals, first TV appearances and much more. Famous Firsts will let listeners hear the hilarious, heartwarming and at times heartbreaking stories from guests each week as they reminisce with host Jenni.

    Hear Ed Sheeran talk about his hero Elton John; Michael Bolton open up about his parents’ divorce and their unwavering support of him; and Shane Filan and Nicky Byrne reveal what made Westlife get on their feet for their very first key change.

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  • Join Frankie, as he takes you on a toxic podcast journey of anxious meditations and awkward conversations

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  • Normalizing diverse and inclusive sex stories and having fun while doing it. Sexistentialist is a podcast for all people by your everyday open-minded, sex positive human striving to contribute to a more equitable and inclusive world.

  • Get to know the men and women of the Federal Bureau of Investigations in this curated collection of True Spies stories. Hosts Hayley Atwell and Vanessa Kirby enter a shadow-world of daring undercovers, subtle spy-catchers and criminal minds as we meet the incredible agents behind some of the Bureau's most memorable missions.
    If you’d like to dig deeper into the world of secrets, and test your own secret intelligence skills, head over to for articles, games, experiences, puzzles and videos. A Cup & Nuzzle production. Series producers: Gemma Newby, Joe Foley. Music: Nick Ryan.

  • A new comedy podcast from comedians Bobby Mair and Red Richardson

    Every episode we travel back to a different year in history and talk about the weirdest, most interesting and sometimes horrifying events that year.

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    Bobby and Red

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  • Best Of Frenemies with Dermot & Dave will bring you plenty of chats and hilarious stories along with some of your favourite sport and entertainment stars, as we delve into the biggest sporting rivalries both on and off the pitch.

    We’ll also have some massive prizes up for grabs too!

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    With thanks to Heineken, proud sponsor of Heineken Champions Cup and official partner to UEFA Champions League. Get the facts. Be Drinkaware.

  • The Sarah Rose podcast is a passion project where no topic is off limits. The host (Sarah Rose Mulvihill) will be picking the brains of her guests so we can all learn and grow from each other. Everyone has a story, and through sharing we can all gain a greater understanding of ourselves, others, love, relationships and life.

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  • ๐ŸŒนWelcome to the Red Room, a podcast hosted and curated by Jenny Claffey.๐ŸŒน

    The Red Room is a place where we get lost in conversation with people from all walks of life. It's where we peel back the curtain on the weird & the wonderful, and aim to expand our understanding of ourselves and the world we live in.

  • Welcome to It's Still Happening, the podcast that explores the intersections of personal development, ancestral healing, spiritual practice, energy alchemy and conscious business for self-growth, personal freedom and to contribute to the collective transformation we desperately need in a social climate that’s constantly in crisis.

    Shared through the voice and connections of me, Ash Johns, I believe our lives are not only our own and the only way to heal forward is to pull the weeds from the root....which happens to be ALL of our ancestors.

    It's Still Happening explores, teaches and reminds us that what's still happening in our lives is a direct result of what's happened in the past—or what we call generational patterns and that I call ancestral traumas. Solving these issues in our lives and in the world requires deep healing, with courage and compassion, so we can finally move forward.

  • Every week, Gabriel Raam - a unique philosopher, spiritual teacher and radical thinker from Israel - interprets a chapter of the legendary mystic Taoist classic "Tao Te Ching", using his signature style of a dialectic dialogue to penetrate into Taoism's hidden core.

  • This podcast brings you the audio of the Tuesdays with Merton webinar series presented by the International Thomas Merton Society and the Bernardin Center at Catholic Theological Union. Each episode features noted speakers and scholars on the life, legacy, and writings of the Trappist monk, spiritual writer, and social critic, Thomas Merton. The webinar is live on the second Tuesday of each month: The audio of each month's live presentation is posted here shortly afterward.

  • During the 1-900 number craze of the Nineties, one company provided the vast majority of phone sex. American Telnet was an empire founded by the man who called himself โ€œThe Telephone Pimp.โ€ He ran the company โ€œlike General Motorsโ€ and got filthy rich doing it. But for the (mostly) women who answered the calls and delivered fantasies 24-7, it was a different story. The powerful stigma against sex work was always lurking just beneath the surface, until it threatened to tear apart the whole company. Hosted by Tina Horn (Why Are People Into That?), OPERATOR is an eight-part series about big ambitions, Shakespearean-level corporate backstabbing, men and women at the cutting edge of a technological revolution...and on the front lines of a sexual one.

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  • Measuring the gap between Ireland's climate aspirations and climate actions.

  • First Thought invites you to discover new perspectives, people, and more. Tune into conversations on creativity and the issues of the day. 
    Based on Galway International Arts Festival's popular First Thought Talks series.

  • Eurovision winner Niamh Kavanagh and comedian Gearóid Farrelly have been friends for a very long time. In this new show they are widening their circle of friends to include you. 

    If you need unwavering, unconditional support, someone to champion you or to just get something off your chest; they are ready to listen, offer advise and if necessary start a brutal campaign of revenge on your behalf. 

    As a national treasure and mother of two Niamh is the calm, soothing voice of experience. Gearóid on the other hand has a cat and limited patience but is well-intentioned. 

    To get in touch email or follow Niamh (Niamhkavanagh93) or Gearoid (gearoidfarrelly) on instagram.