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  • Discouraged by loved ones who sever relationships over differences in beliefs? Saddened by our increasingly divided culture? Frustrated over the lack of connection with others?

    Join speaker and author Kathleen Peters each week as she encourages women from all walks of life to tell their messy, beautiful stories. With wit, humor, and compassion, Kathleen and her guests use their experiences as a starting place to help us engage with those unlike us.

    Whether you want to be a catalyst to rebuild connection in your community, increase your empathy, or learn how to love better, Kathleen and her guests can give you the roadmap by sharing What She Wishes You Knew.

  • bi design is for those who aspire to live life more intentionally, deliberately, and authentically; by their own design. After ending her engagement during the pandemic, host Whitney Young found herself single and starting over at 30. This unforeseen turn of events effectively forced her to throw away the societal blueprint and begin creating a new, more authentic and healthier life. It meant living by design vs. living on autopilot. The pivot entailed a grueling grieving process and healing journey that many millennials are accustomed to, especially those who are queer- identifying. A positive byproduct of this process is that Whitney was able to lean more fully into her identity as a bisexual woman, and found, through countless viral TikTok videos, that her experiences resonated with millions. Bi design will deep dive into topics and themes relating to Whitney’s experiences and observations, as well as the experiences and stories of influential guests who have, and continue to, live by design.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Nous sommes 3 étudiants en école de commerce. Nous avons pour objectif de réaliser une mini-série de podcasts afin de mettre en lumière différentes personnalités qui s’engagent activement pour un monde plus responsable.

  • Your ultimate (and accurate) guide to Italian culture! Italian, For Sure goes beyond the cliches and stereotypes to reveal the true Italian way of living.

    Catrin Skaperdas, an American living in Italy, hosts lively interviews with locals in an effort to give Italians the (befitting) stage to passionately share their wisdom, stories and insights about Italy.

    This podcast is perfect for listeners who desire to learn more about Italian culture, dream of moving to Italy, plan on visiting or studying abroad in Italy, or have Italian roots or heritage. It covers topics that help develop your cultural awareness, making it easier to navigate Italy, and equip you with fun facts to share.

    Get ready to embark on a culturally rich journey that will transport you to different corners of Italy through the voices of locals who make this country truly special. Italians will set the record straight, allowing you to know what’s truly Italian and what’s not by unveiling hidden gems about the Italian customs.

    (Italian, For Sure is created and hosted by Catrin Skaperdas and post-production is done by Adam Whalley. Show art was designed by Giulia Baroni.)

  • A Deutsche Welle és a Spirit FM közös podcastja a DW témáinak és történeteinek háttereiről, kulisszatitkairól. A műsor állandó vendége Diseri Dóra, a DW Magyar szerkesztőségvezetője.

  • Welcome to GRASP Confidence, the podcast that empowers you to tap into your inner strength and conquer life's challenges with unwavering confidence. Join us as we interview top guests from all over the world and learn dynamic strategies for building and sustaining self-assurance in all areas of your life.

    Hosted by Tara LaFon Gooch, a seasoned CEO, coach, and keynote speaker, this podcast delves deep into the core principles of confidence-building with authentic storytelling. Through engaging discussions, real-life anecdotes, and expert interviews, we'll guide you through the journey of self-discovery and self-improvement, helping you unlock the limitless potential within you.

    In each episode, you'll learn practical techniques to:

    - Overcome self-doubt and fear, paving the way for personal and professional success.
    - Cultivate a resilient mindset that bounces back from setbacks stronger than ever.
    - Embrace your authentic self, forging genuine connections and leaving a lasting impact.
    - Practice self-compassion, silencing your inner critic and embracing imperfections.
    - Harness the power of positivity to create a fulfilling, purpose-driven life.

    Whether you're striving to excel in your career, enhance your relationships, or simply boost your overall well-being, GRASP Confidence equips you with the tools you need to rise above challenges and step confidently into your future.

    Tune in every Sunday for inspiring episodes that will empower you to harness your true potential and lead a life marked by unshakable self-assurance. Remember, confidence is not just a trait; it's a skill that can be developed and nurtured. Get ready to GRASP the life you deserve!

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  • Ez a YouTube csatorna "Narcisztikus Mozaikok" néven működik. Célja, hogy segítsen megérteni a múltbeli toxikus kapcsolati tapasztalatokat, és elősegítse egy pozitív jövőkép kialakítását egy támogató közösségi környezetben. A csatorna hangsúlyt fektet a toxikus viselkedés jeleinek időben történő felismerésére és az egyéni határok meghúzására, hogy tudatosabb döntéseket hozhassunk a jövőben.
    Videóimban a saját történeteimet osztom meg.
    Remélem, hogy minden videóm új élményekkel és felismerésekkel gazdagít majd titeket.

  • A podcast about unconventional dating stories. Longtime digital nomads Elly Earls and Kayla Kurin guide you through the weird and wonderful world of remote dating, long distance love, cross cultural connections and 24-7 relationships.

  • A dating podcast that irreverently discusses all things relationship, friendship and the confusing in between. You’ll laugh until you want to cry.

  • Brno není jen vila, katedrála a hrad. Tvoří jej další budovy, adresy, ulice, městské části, lokality více i méně známé. Poslechněte si vyprávění různých lidí o místech, na kterých strávili kus života a které mají rádi.

  • المصحف الكامل للقارئ من موقع المكتبة الصوتية للقرآن الكريم Mp3 Quran
    Ahmad Deban - Rewayat Qalon A'n Nafi'

  • A műsorban női/női jogi témákról beszélgetünk vendégeinkkel és a hallgatókkal.

    A kiindulási pont alanyi, vagyis mindaz, amiről szó van minket is érint, legyünk akár műsorkészítők, akár hallgatók, nők vagy férfiak, vagy...

    Végtelen hála a korábbi műsorkészítőinknek, akiket azóta másfelé sodort az élet:

    Kispéter Erika, Tóth Györgyi

  • Leuchtturm

    Leuchtturm ist die deutschsprachige Sendung von Tilos Rádió. Als das Programm eines Zivilradios stehen wir für ideologische, politische und religiöse Unabhängigkeit. Uns sind Werte wie Freiheit, Solidarität mit gesellschaftlich ausgegrenzten Gruppen, Gleichberechtigung, Nachhaltigkeit, kulturelle, politische und ideologische Vielfältigkeit wichtig. Jeden zweiten Samstag-Nachmittag unterhalten wir uns mit Gästen aus Medien, Kultur, Naturwissenschaft usw. über aktuelle Themen und geben nebenbei kulturelle Programmempfehlungen. Eva, Györgyi, Frank, Sándor und Gerhard spielen in der Sendestunde auch - überwiegend - deutschsprachige Musik. Wie immer bei Tilos Rádió könnt ihr euch als ZuhörerInnen in der Sendung telefonisch zu Wort melden (06-1-2153773) und eure Meinung per Telefon zum Besten geben.

    Lighthouse (Leuchtturm)

    Leuchtturm is the German language programme of Tilos Rádió. As the programme of an independent community radio station, we stand for ideological, political, and religious independence. Values such as freedom, solidarity with socially excluded groups, equality, sustainability, cultural, political and ideological diversity are important to us. Every second Saturday afternoon we talk about current issues with guests from the media, culture, science and recommend cultural events as well. Furthermore, Éva, Györgyi, Frank, Sándor and Gerhard play some music – predominantly from the German speaking countries. As always with Tilos Rádió, listeners can call in (+36-1-2153773) and share their opinion.

  • Welcome to Roots & Routes, a podcast hosted and produced by Dorina de Jonge, as part of her capstone thesis project for her Human Rights Master's at Central European University. Roots & Route delves into the intersections of human rights, migration, and climate change, featuring conversations with experts and first-hand witnesses to uncover the complex dynamics at play.

    This limited series, with five episodes, introduces a different angle of the subject in each one. I hope you'll enjoy listening.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • A podcast about marine ecologies and labouring at sea hosted by Ian M. Cook and Alin Kadfak. Join us as we cast off into a sea of trash fish, worker precarity, racism, and labour campaigns to name but a few of the topics we’ll find stranded, floating, and calling out to have a podcast made about them.

  • Where I talk about God, current events, news, sales, marriage, family, investing and more.

  • Follow Simone, Jordan, and Elise as they take on their early 20s and navigate post-grad life!

  • This podcast is for the Pew babies gone Wild! who were raised to love Jesus but grew to question the Bible and everything religion. Taking God out the box (Bible) leaning more towards the Spiritual side for a more personal connection. Boldly asking questions that challenge those taboo topics that affect the way we live our everyday lives and the choices we make. Religion vs Relationship. This is NOT a church podcast.
    Talk About It Titi reflects the beliefs, ideas, dreams, visions, and perspectives SOLELY of TIAUNDRA LEATRICE WESLEY!! P.S. in advance.. I SAID WHAT I SAID!!🤞🏾