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  • In the bustling streets of Manila, amidst the vibrant tapestry of Filipino culture, lies a beacon of wisdom that transcends time and borders - Stoicism. Welcome to "The Pinoy Stoic" podcast, where we explore the profound teachings of Stoicism through the lens of Filipino resilience. In each episode, your host, Marco Viviezca, will guide you through the practical insights and steps to help you face life's challenges with courage and grace.

    If this podcast helped you, help someone else by spreading the word. In the face of adversity, the Filipino spirit endures!

    Intro Music by Mac Viviezca

  • Toni Talks about....whatever she wants! From random conversations to supporting Black-owned businesses, artists, and entrepreneurs, and sharing stories that uplift and inspire, Toni Talks is THAT GIRL!

    Join Toni Talks on this never-ending journey called life!

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  • Breathe If You Agree was born out of the hearts, minds, and late night kitchen convos of friends Nick Lehmann and Julian Burzynski, two fun loving gay men who have a lot to say, and will ask you to breathe if you agree! Every Tuesday, Nick and Julian bring you into their lives and cover everything from dating horror stories, to the audacity of people online, to monumental movies that shaped them growing up, and so much more. Make sure to follow along for brand new episodes with an incredible lineup of special guests!

  • Conversations With Men I Wish I Never Had is a podcast where former Master Mariner and Navy Lieutenant Commander Adena Grundy has candid, raw, cathartic, and often surprisingly funny conversations with women about their experiences in traditionally male-dominated fields, like the navy, Merchant Marines, and the police force.

  • Jason and David are on a journey to find the truth on the Paranormal. We are doing this by interviewing guest that are in the top of there field in categories such as these, paranormal, cryptids, aliens, conspiracy theories, forbidden history, Folklore, and more.
    Come join us on this journey of discovery. The journey starts with our conversations with leading investigators. We believe that with these conversations we can get closer to finding the truth. visit us on our website @

  • Annyeonghaseyo!  We are Grace and Sarah, Asian KDrama fans who love to ask, and hopefully find answers to, all of our (and your) Asian drama questions. We cover everything, from silly topics to sensitive and serious issues that come up as we binge.

    We'll also share some Korean and Chinese language tips, as well as our experiences as diaspora Asians living in the UK and US.

    Afternoona Asks ND:
    Quirky, partly queer and quite late diagnosed, we are the Afternoona Asks ND (neurodivergent) squad - Sarah, J and Fran.
    J is Canadian bringing up her ND family in Australia and is late diagnosed autistic.
    Fran hails from Germany and is ADHD/Autistic.
    Sarah is a British Chinese and part of a mixed NT/ND family.
    We're here for straight talk, standing up for representation, breaking down stereotypes and challenging ableist perceptions.
    If you've want to explore the Autistic and/or ADHD experience via Korean and other Asian dramas you've come to the right place.
    We're here to discuss all kinds of neurodivergencies with a dose of scientific research and our own lived experience sprinkled on top.

    Join us as we delve into the details and societal context of the dramas we all love!

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    Want to discuss Joy via fruit? Vist our sister podcast It's Bananas, the podcast where we build an appetite for juicy living with your host, Becky Onnesta. She explores how tasting new and diverse fruits can lead to self discovery, joy and connection.

  • Welcome to 2BottomsNoTop where we discuss all things gay: Dating, Relationships, Advice, Music, and lessons we wished learned sooner.

  • Hello! Welcome to Gising Na! My digital journey on self-improvement.

    Gising Na! (Wake Up in English) is a self-help podcast where I explore different avenues to better my overall well-being. Here I openly share my experiences and struggles in different areas of my life. I also talk to professionals ie. life coach, doctors, fitness instructors ect. to learn from them, and gain some insights on different topics. I also listen to stories of fellow seekers like myself that are in the same journey of self discovery. As I believe that we can all learn and grow from each other's experiences.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Hosted by Michael Harris Conlin, the 2019 Philippine National Barista Champion and dynamic CEO/Founder of Conlin's Coffee World, Henry & Sons, the Foundation for Sustainable Coffee Excellence. The Coffee Rockstars is a spirited variety podcast. Each episode dives into the vibrant world of coffee and explores the intersection of fun, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. Michael and his guests share insights and stories about transforming passions into sustainable businesses, offering both inspiration and practical advice.

  • Your midnight podcaster tells anything and everything under the moonlight. Let's go? Lezzgo!

    Comments and Stories? email us at [email protected] or on IG @midnighttalksph

  • Welcome to Medium Rare for Two, the podcast where the medium is our message, and we, your hosts, aim to bring you thoughtfully curated content.

    We are Ralph (the RA in RARE) and Rey (the RE in RARE). Together, we dive into everything under, in, and beyond the sun.

    From the latest in tech and pop culture to deep dives into history, science, and the mysteries of the universe, Medium Rare for Two serves up thought-provoking discussions, insightful interviews, and plenty of laughs.

    Tune in and get a taste of the rare, the random, and the remarkable.

  • Jump into the weekly adventures with Janice and Jessica as they tackle the wild ride of their 30s, swap hilarious stories, and dive into the joys and quirks of their friendship. With laughter as their compass and fun guests as their co-pilots, get ready for a joyride filled with honey jam fun!

  • Life explored through the lens' of two generations of LGBTQ+ couples. The Old Gays Dan (58) & Frank (60). The New Gays Nick (24) & Ant (25).

  • not sure what this is yet other than it's a podcast recorded in a house surrounded by birds

  • Hi! We are Liv and Tina and we talk about the joys and struggles of being 40-somethings while having our meryenda. ‘Meryenda’ means snack time to Filipinos and we’re pretty loyal to it. It’s a time to take a break from a busy day and catch up on life. Tara! Meryenda tayo!

    Please know that we are not licensed therapists. If you are experiencing serious emotional or mental issues, do seek professional help.

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    Music by Arrigo Martelli

  • The strategies global leaders use to negotiate impasses and bridge divides may seem complicated. But when you break them down, they can turn out to be quite simple. From giving gifts to encouraging play to creating space for collaboration, Northwestern University law professor Annelise Riles shares surprising stories of how seemingly small gestures can bring about big change. Follow Everyday Ambassador to hear how you can use these tools to shape your community and your world. Everyday Ambassador is produced by FP Studios with support from the Humboldt Foundation.

  • Welcome to 'The Loida Lewis Podcast'!

    Join host Loida Nicolas Lewis as she shares inspiring stories and insightful conversations on life, love, and learning.

    Explore the remarkable journey of Loida, widow of Reginald F. Lewis, the first African-American to build a billion-dollar company.

    With her diverse expertise and empowering perspective, each episode offers a unique blend of inspiration.

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    Let's live, love, and learn together!

  • "Pound the rock," the late human rights champion Chito Gascon used to say to changemakers. It was this belief in reform, and in the power of the youth to drive it, that carried him through frustration to victory. Now, listen to conversations across generations of activists and advocates, and be inspired to continue Chito's mission.

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  • The bisaya podcast where randomness meets relevance. Join us as we take you on a journey through a wide array of topics, sharing random stories, exploring the latest trends, and offering our thoughts and experiences on everything in between. From captivating anecdotes to insightful reflections, Kanang Kuan is your go-to destination for a mix of storytelling, trend-spotting, and personal musings. Tune in and join the conversation!