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  • Меня зовут Мирослав, и тут я рассказываю истории реальных людей из IT-индустрии. О страхах и проблемах айтишников, об инклюзии и взаимодействии с партнерами, руководителями и собственной менталкой. Всё это в живых и ироничных разговорах с людьми из IT без цензуры прямиком изнутри профессии.

    Я верю, что эти истории помогут многим людям из IT освободиться от стереотипов о самих себе, почувствовать себя менее одинокими и более уверенными в себе. А IT сообществу в целом - посмотреть на себя со стороны и стать более человечным.

  • Want to start a cybersecurity business, and want to limit mistakes and maximize opportunity? Welcome to ‘Cyber Starters,' the LIVE podcast at the intersection of cybersecurity and entrepreneurship.

    I'm your host, Dr. Gerald Auger, alongside Ryan Leirvik, we are going to share tools, strategies, and insider knowledge to demystify cybersecurity entrepreneurship and help you turn your ideas into action.

    Every week we will be joined by a successful cybersecurity industry entrepreneur to share their thoughts and experiences with you, and you’ll be part of the show too with LIVE audience QA.

    If you're serious about merging entrepreneurship with cybersecurity, you can't afford to miss Cyber Starters every Tuesday at 11:00 PM EST only on Simply Cyber.

  • 🐝 Hear the stories of top best consultants in AI, Design, Software Engineering, and Product.

    Peek into how the best technology consultants carve their own path, complete their side quests, and passions in life. Get actionable tips and strategies to improve your fractional lifestyle — we'll present you with the recipes, career paths, and new mental models to try out.

  • The most valuable commodity on earth today is data. How we make it, use it, move it & protect it. Join David McCall as he invites guests from all industries to talk about how they use data to drive their business & innovation in their market.

  • O Mobile App Talks é um podcast produzido pelo RankMyAPP, solução corporativa referência global em inteligência de marketing e aquisição para mobile apps, onde trazemos diversas histórias sobre inteligência de dados do mundo mobile para contar!

    Sempre trazemos dados e análises do RankMyAPP nas nossas conversas, que podem ser acessados pelo link

  • Welcome to “The Future of Electronics – Designed With Cadence” podcast, where we explore the cutting-edge technology and innovation happening at Cadence, a leading technology company.
    In each episode, we'll sit down with experts from across the organization to discuss everything from the latest advancements in semiconductor design to how Cadence is shaping the future of technology. So, whether you're a tech enthusiast, an industry professional, or just curious about what's happening in the world of technology, join us as we delve into the exciting world of Cadence.

  • Sustainable Society Cafe is a podcast for people interested in emerging technologies and how they fit into realizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In our inaugural series of seven episodes, we unpack the new book Tomorrow’s People and New Technology by Felix Dodds, Ranger Ruffins, and Carolina Duque to imagine what everyday life will look like in 2030. Our host Tanner Glenn speaks with each of the co-authors to explore how artificial intelligence, the blockchain, new energy sources, and other emerging technologies can help us achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

  • 🌐 Welcome to "Run Your Private Practice with AI" – the ultimate podcast for therapists seeking to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence in their practices. Hosted by Kym Tolson, a seasoned therapist, and AI aficionado. This series is your gateway to a world where technology and therapy converge.

    Each episode of "Run Your Private Practice with AI" is a treasure trove of insights, demystifying AI and bringing it into the realm of therapy with flair and finesse. Kym, with her unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm, guides therapists through the maze of AI applications, offering practical tips and innovative strategies to optimize practice management and client engagement.

    Are you tired of the endless administrative tasks overshadowing your passion for therapy? This podcast is your beacon of hope! Dive into discussions about AI-driven solutions that streamline private practice systems, enhance therapy techniques, and amplify your digital presence. Discover how AI can be your ally in creating more client-focused and efficient therapy practices.

    "Run Your Private Practice with AI" isn’t just another tech talk. It’s a vibrant journey into the future of therapy, packed with actionable advice, real-world examples, and Kym’s infectious energy. Perfect for both AI novices and tech-savvy therapists, this podcast promises to transform the way you view technology in private practice.

    Subscribe now and join Kym Tolson on this exhilarating journey. Prepare to be inspired, informed, and invigorated as you step into the new frontier of therapy practice management with AI!

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  • The retro video gaming podcasts where two friends from primary school discuss past games they loved and why.

  • We interview cybersecurity professionals for tips and advice on how to break into a cybersecurity career.
    Explore how to think and take action to be successful as an IT Security professional.
    Learn about roles in IT Audit, Risk Management, Pentesting, DevSecOps, Cloud Security and certifications.

  • Allowlist is a weekly podcast taking you behind the scenes with disruptive founders and the consumer companies they’re building, hosted by Stef Caldwell and Lauren Tierney,

  • Welcome to "The Sales Machine Podcast" with your host, John Rankins, a seasoned expert in transforming sales teams into powerhouses. Whether you're a CEO, a Head of Sales Operations, a Regional Sales Manager, or leading a direct sales team, this podcast is your sanctuary for building a successful sales dynasty.

    John, with his rich experience, has guided over 2000 businesses to generate substantial revenue by revitalizing their sales teams. He can help tackle the real challenges you face - from recruiting the right salespeople, handling underperformers, to creating a repeatable sales process.

    Join us weekly as we bring you a blend of solo episodes filled with actionable strategies and guest episodes featuring industry leaders who have mastered the art of sales leadership.

    Subscribe now and connect with us on our social media accounts to be a part of a community that transforms sales challenges into growth opportunities!


  • Bikes, the people that ride them and their stories. Cycling, Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Cyclocross, BMX, Commuting, Human Interest, Bicycle, Cycle, Podcast

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • It’s an insidious problem that can hamper progress, impede growth, and stifle innovation at even the most savvy and sophisticated of organizations. Technical debt is the accumulated toll of a company’s willingness to delay modernization efforts and accept the status quo in order to keep the business moving in the short term — but it can lead to huge hazards in the future.

  • I'm your host Mark, and I'm on a mission to uncover the secrets of design success by chatting with the industry's most ingenious minds. Join me as I sit down with design leaders from every corner of the creative universe to explore their grand ideas, captivating stories, and nuggets of wisdom.Don't forget to join the conversation at

  • Learn from history’s most influential product designers. Each episode, I will delve into the work of an impactful designer and share insights to inspire our work.Design is the fascinating intersection of productive function and emotional form. As thinking beings, we use products to get things done, but as feeling humans, we want to enjoy doing it. This podcast is about the designers who have come before us and wrangled form and function into something that is the essence of beauty.If you make things, this is for you. Even if you’re not a trained designer, you design something: a business, a service, an event, a message — something that can benefit from the accrued knowledge and experience of the history of design.As we embark on a new era in technology that will challenge our very notion of humanity, it is more important than ever to learn from the mistakes and mastery of previous designers.

  • Ever failed? Ever felt like you are back to square one? I have been in the same loop for past two years. Using this podcast as an anchor I want to turn my life around. I am documenting my life!

  • Welcome to Cribl: The Stream Life, a podcast for IT pros trying to take control of their observability data with a no-compromise approach. With each episode, our hosts will cover the latest insights, trends, and emerging technologies to help IT organizations achieve observability in their operations. We’ll also address specific challenges we’ve seen with hundreds of enterprises over the last several years and sketch out the fundamental capabilities required to overcome them.