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  • Understanding China and how China impacts the world. Hosted by Andrew Sharp and Bill Bishop.

  • Efficient Plant draws upon the knowledge of industry experts and other professionals to provide in-depth coverage of technologies, techniques, and applications. Host Gary Parr and guests discuss the topics that help enterprises advance manufacturing efficiency, uptime, and safety.

  • The FinTech Byte aims at bridging the gap between undergraduates and the FinTech sector. Every episode revolves around topical subjects or ideas, explained by industry experts, leading academia or invested students. Our podcasts are easy to understand, and are created with the objective of demystifying the industry. Stay tuned!

  • Here on what apps, we rambles about phone apps that you use on a daily basis and how it can bring you joy.

  • Making television easy again. By Phillip Swann Support this podcast:

  • Disruptive innovations in automotive industries such as electric cars are changing the face of technology.

    Capgemini’s Techipedia Series is a technology based podcast that will explore these innovations being made in the field of agriculture, fintech, retail and so much more. It will focus on creating technology that will pave a way for a more sustainable and inclusive future.

    Hosted by Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya, a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and accomplished technology professional. Capgemini’s Techipedia Series will take the audience on a journey to explore the futuristic changes being made by technology which will pave a path for a more sustainable future.

  • Interesting News of Technology & Gadgets in Telugu

  • The Startup & Career Show on Bakstage is a talk show where we talk to entrepreneurs & c-suite executives about their journey, success stories & experiences.

  • Discussing how AI will affect the world and what we can do to make the best of it

  • In the Keep Coding Podcast Nick Chapsas is having casual chats with notable individuals in the C# and .NET ecosystem. The podcast is initially livestreamed on YouTube.

  • Le rapport de l’individu au collectif, du particulier à l’universel, des communautés à la société, bref, le lien social, est bouleversé par les réseaux sociaux. Vecteurs de connexions, d’ouverture, créateurs de ponts, libérateurs de connaissance, multiplicateurs d’empathie, les algorithmes sont aussi oppresseurs, manipulateurs de nos égos, de nos fragilités, de nos rancœurs…

    Du déboulonnage de statues à l’assaut du Capitole, de la cancel culture au “grand remplacement”, les identités s’entrechoquent par images choc et tweets acérés. Dans une mondialisation numérique polarisée, on tend à se replier sur ses bulles et ses communautés.

    Comment vivre ensemble en paix, et forts de nos différences ? Après « la fin de l’Histoire » prophétisée par Fukuyama, assistons-nous à l’enterrement de l’humanisme, sous les coups de pelle des GAFAM et d’entrepreneurs identitaires sachant jouer des intérêts politiques pour creuser la tombe du projet de paix perpétuelle kantien ? Internet est-il promoteur des énergies positives et agent d’émancipation, ou se fait-il artisan du chaos et menace sur nos libertés ?

    𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗮𝗰𝘁 part à la rencontre des identités et désirs de vivre-ensemble de Français de toutes origines, tous niveaux sociaux, toutes sensibilités. Pour parler ensemble de ce qui nous éloigne et nous rassemble, de projets singuliers et de rêves communs, fuyant les clichés médiatiques et autres biais cognitifs, pour mieux appréhender nos réalités. Plurielles, entremêlées.

    Musique : Diabi,

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  • Join Amit, Luis and Marcus on the Piston Rings & Car Things podcast as they discuss all things automotive. From new and old cars to content creators and influencers, brands, or even the aftermarket scene. Kick back and listen as our 3 brain cells fight for fourth place with our unfiltered and mostly unbiased opinions towards anything on today's roads and tracks.

  • We are living through the 4th industrial revolution. Change is coming.

    Nowadays, buzzwords like blockchain, machine learning, and cellular agriculture are all we hear about.

    We want to give curious minds the inspiration, knowledge, and resources they need to learn more about STEM.

    At the TechnoGypsie podcast we want to teach people about new technologies, and highlight how busy people fit everything into their schedules.

    Our world is changing, and we want to lead that change.

  • Welcome to Techxpert Techniques. This is Akash Ramaswamy, a tech enthusiast and a Web Developer. Here in Techxpert Techniques, i speak a lot about technology, their relation with our lifestyle, gadgets, etc. Never miss a episode. Come on, let me shower some techtastic words into your ears in tamil.

  • Through this podcast, we aim to raise awareness about the fraud vectors in the Indian market, and their impact on individuals, families, and society. We also explain why protecting digital identities has become an important and pressing issue. Additionally, we will discuss the role of various players in the ecosystem and what they can do to combat digital identity fraud

  • TechInformed’s new podcast series is an opportunity to get to know technology leaders and to find out what really motivates them. Split into four sections (each around 4-5 minutes long), the podcast will last around 20-30 minutes overall and will look at the person themselves, what drives them daily, what inspires them both in life and in business, the key aspects and issues impacting their business at the moment, and the role technology plays in both their lives and their operations.

  • The Thought Bistro is a podcast that offers listeners light, thought-provoking commentary on hot topics from diverse perspectives. On each episode, Vishrut and Akhil explore a different topic in depth and use the latest research and data to help listeners make sense of the issues in the headlines. Each episode is delivered with a liberal perspective that may be at odds with your own views. Listening to different viewpoints is an excellent way to expand your own world view. No matter what's happening in the world, topics like politics, tech, economics and more are always relevant. This is your chance to broaden your horizons with new perspectives on old problems!

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  • A podcast that dives into health technology; shaping the way we perceive health and exploring the future of how we manage our health and our lives.

    Health As We Know, presented by Abbott, is a series of conversations with doctors, patients, industry leaders and tech innovators bringing new ideas and ingenuity to various fields of Healthcare and Medicine - opening up a window into the future of Health-Tech.

    Tune in to Health As We Know It with Divyam Tripathi on IVM Podcasts and all audio streaming platforms.