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  • "3 Techies Banter #3TB" is a podcast by the "Creators of unblox." It's a series in which we delve into Tech, Finance, and Economics, making it simple and surprising as we share its immense potential to influence all our futures. Join our Banter every week to discover fun and interesting insights.

  • Life in the new Cyberia. A software engineering web site from Bill Ahern and Michael Szul that looks at the intersection of programming, technology, and the digital lifestyle.

  • Seasoned, Nerdy Technologists and Developers discuss a wide range of topics in front-end application development, taking cues from their own experiences. Think upbeat experience technology conversations.

  • These unprecedented times have changed the way businesses operate. Technology adoption is no longer just an experiment, but a crucial strategic imperative to shape the future. A testament to this is the exponential digital transformation we are witnessing today.
    In this series on ‘Inside the heart of change’, Meher Acharia Dar, in conversation with Accenture’s thought leaders and industry experts, explores perspectives on the changing business environment, the rise of new technologies that are enabling a massive transformation and the skills it takes to drive the change.

  • Moonshot profiles innovative entrepreneurs from India and Southeast Asia who dare to dream big, make an impact and accelerate change. This podcast shares actionable insights on how to start and scale enduring companies from founders and thought leaders who are helping shape the region’s startup ecosystem.

  • Welcome to Tevora Talks Cybersecurity

    Hosted by Kash Izadseta and Matt Mosley from the Incident Response team at Tevora. Tevora Talks bings you the latest news in cyber security, giving updates on the newest threats, vulnerabilities and software tools to help keep you up to date on the war against cybercrime. We also do a segment on hacker history from time to time showcasing big events and hackers behind them.

    Each week we cover a new topic to discuss and will also have special guests joining them from different specialties all across the information security world! Enjoy the podcast and stay classy.

  • As breaches abound and cybercriminals up the ante, it’s more critical than ever that you stay plugged in to how the threat landscape is evolving. At Cybersecurity Unplugged we dive deep into the issues that matter. Guided by CyberTheory’s director, Steve King, we have candid conversations with experts on the frontlines of the cyber battlefield.

  • Tune in to discover and demystify the latest and upcoming innovations in science and technology that will shape our future and transform the world as we know.

  • How are business leaders finding creative ways to confront some of today’s biggest challenges?
    Join Fast Company Senior Editor Amy Farley to dive into how companies are pointing the way forward for both their industries—and society at large. We’ll talk to business leaders about using cutting-edge AI technology to measure how forests are capturing carbon; we’ll discover how blockchain technology is transforming the gaming industry; and explore how Gen Z is using social networking to shop online. 

  • This podcast is hosted by Insight, the student media body of IIT Bombay. We aim to bring to our audience, a series of conversations with fascinating people who have been part of IITB in a significant way.

  • Stuff is South Africa's premier consumer technology magazine, and the home of this tech news podcast, hosted by Brett Venter, Marce and Toby Shapshak. Bringing you everything you want to know about everything you want.

  • This podcast channel is for informative and knowledgeable podcasts . In this podcast we will try to explain difficult topics in a much easier way and in full detail. We will bring more informative and interesting podcasts in frequent intervals.
    To get latest updates regarding this podcast channel please do follow and share as much as possible, so that others can also get to know informative podcasts.

  • Comedian Olga Koch and journalist Hussein Kesvani present a weekly comedy/technology podcast. Warning: contains robots. A Daddy’s SuperYacht Production for BBC Sounds.

  • Cloud adoption increases by the day, while 94% of enterprises use the cloud. Increased adoption has led to businesses struggling to bridge the gap between cloud service capabilities and securing them. The X-Force Cloud Security Podcast will be a place to discuss and explore that gap and security solutions, tools, and practices to bridge it. Brandon Jeanmarie, your host, will be joined with cyber security and cloud experts to discuss different cloud security topics and best practices.

  • The Java Easily Podcast is a podcast for beginning and intermediate Java developers where we share news, tutorials, tips and advice on the world of professional Java development!

  • The Accenture AI Leaders Podcast series takes a closer look at industry trends, opportunities, and challenges related to AI, analytics, and data that are top of mind for CDOs, CAOs, and CIOs from leading organizations across the world. Listen in as these leaders talk one-on-one about their experiences driving AI-powered initiatives across their organizations.

  • The field of cryptocurrency can seem extremely daunting and volatile if you're not well versed in it. What really is a Bitcoin? What's a blockchain? What's proof-of-work and proof-of-stake? How are they all related? How does Elon Musk fit in all of this?

    You've probably heard some or all of these terms over the last few months, but maybe, like us, you don't fully understand what it all means, and whether it's a good place to invest in.
    Welcome to 'A Show About Crypto with Rohan Joshi' - a show where comedian Rohan sits down with an expert to explain, in the simplest of ways, what cryptocurrency is and how it all works.
    Each week, Rohan embarks on a mission to understand for himself what the different aspects of cryptocurrencies are, and how they all come together. Join him in this journey if you have similar questions on your mind as well.

    Tune into A Show About Crypto on the IVM Podcasts app, website, or wherever else you get your podcasts from.
    This show is sponsored by CoinSwitch Kuber - The Global Digital Community.

  • First this series gives you the tools you need to troubleshoot Microsoft Azure yourself. Next, common issues will be presented and solved. If you are unable to solve the issue on your own, you'll have all the necessary data to expedite the troubleshooting process when you contact Microsoft support. This series builds on the different series which present the architecture of the different Microsoft Azure features such as Cloud Services and Web Sites. Finally, you can use this information to find common configuration errors and security issues.

  • नमस्कार दोस्तों, आपका बहुत बहुत स्वागत है हमारे चैनल "Technical Guruji" में, मैंने यह चैनल मेरे उन सभी दोस्तों के लिए बनाया है जो टेक्नोलॉजी के बारे में अपनी भाषा में जानना चाहते है, "Technical Guruji" चैनल में आपको रोज़ाना एक नयी वीडियो मिलेगी जहा मैं कोशिश करूँगा आपको मोबाइल और कंप्यूटर की दुनिया के बारे में कुछ जरुरी बातें बताने की|
    Hello friends, Welcome to "Technical Guruji", I created this channel on 18th October 2015, my motive behind creating this channel is to make easy to understand, Tech Videos in Hindi, and I want each and every individual whoever is interested in technology to be