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  • Shri Ganesh Leela is a set of 12 stories from the lives and childhood of Lord Ganesh that are very popular in the Hindu religion. Created by Goddess Parvati, Ganesh is considered the younger son of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati and his elder sibling is Kartikeyan. Since childhood, Ganesh was full of courage and valor and had defeated many powerful gods and demons in order to perform his duties. 

    These stories start from Lord Ganesh’s birth to the point where he starts to perform miracles with his divine powers. This podcast is a great way to introduce anyone, including children, to Hindu mythology and familiarize themselves with various gods and goddesses.

    Disclaimer: Any mythological story is bound to have many versions as these stories are passed verbally from one generation to another. Hence, even for Ganesh stories, there are multiple versions available. This podcast is based on the book of Ganesh Puran and we have tried our best to keep the story true to the official narrative. But we do appreciate that people may have different opinions and beliefs and our intention is never to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments.

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  • We all want to be the best parents in the world and to become so, as parents we do look out for being the better version of ourselves. In this era of technology, while Google is available at the touch of a button to solve most of our queries but we are better off not to take everything suggested on the internet at it’s face value. So for matters related to parenting, who else can be better person to guide than a "been there, done that" mother.

    Chimes Radio, is pleased to bring to you an exclusive and special podcast series "Chiming with Super Mom Bloggers", where we get in conversation with those Indian supermoms who embraced blogging after starting their motherhood journeys and took their passion for the written word to another level. For years, these India’s top parenting bloggers have been providing guidance and parenting tips to their followers on various subjects ranging from general topics like art and crafts ideas for kids to very niche and sensitive topics like emotional well being in kids.

    Episodes are hosted by our very own RJ Manika, a mother of two, every Sunday from 12:00 Noon to 1:00 P.M on Parent's Club on Chimes Radio. In each episode, we cover a sensitive topic which as parents we may be facing in our day to day life and try to understand child’s psychology and emotional states better. Taking into consideration the current scenario of Covid-19, we all are under tremendous pressure. From doing daily chores to looking after the kids, to managing work from home- things can get out of control and get all messy very quickly. So in this series, the expert Supermoms share some parenting tips and tricks to wisely bringing up kids, proper work management and the answers to your how-tos'. So whether you are raising a toddler or raising a teenager, you will find great value in these podcasts.

    Parenting is solely about a beautiful experience through thick and thins after which all you conquer is the innocent smile of your kid. In this journey of parenting, we will never have answers to all the questions that life throws at us, so realize when to seek advice and be comfortable about it.

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  • อยู่ยังไงให้มีสุข

  • I’m Samantha! I’m 22 and a mom of two kids. Daughter who is 2 and my son just turned 9 months. I’m here to talk about everything, anything and all things. Stick with me because I don’t know what I’m doing podcast wise and probably in life too. Not that any of us really know what we are doing but maybe I can help some! Have any questions or podcast episode ideas DM or contact me on Instagram @morningbrew.podcast Use #morningbrewquestion Support this podcast:

  • Gauri and Anjali are two young girls who happen to visit their cousin Pooja during summer break. Since the kids have nothing much to do during hot afternoons, they devise a game to listen to a Hindi Varnmala story each day and note down all the words which come from that Hindi Varnmala letter. Hence start this journey of easy-to-follow stories which will bring a smile to the audience's face while also teaching young ones a few new words.

    Want to plan a game? Listen to the entire story and note down all the words that come with the word in the story title and compare it with Anjali and Gauri at the end of the story. Can you get all of them right?

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  • Dipping into the amazing world of moral tales written by Vishnu Sharma back in the 2nd Century, these are popularly known as Panchtantra Stories. Pandit Vishnu Sharma has used these as a medium to impart worldly wisdom to three princes, whom he has taken as his disciples in order to get them ready to be the future king of their land.

    Each story is narrated with animals as protagonists and teaches an important moral lesson to the listeners. Perfectly suited for bedtime tales or anytime during the day, these stories have been part of Indian culture for ages and transformed into various books, shows, and translated into other languages over centuries.

    So join RJ Peeyush (leading voice of Delhi FM radio stations) as he takes us through this journey in his deep gravitating voice.

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  • ಮುದ್ದು ಮನಸುಗಳು... This is a Kannada kids program . Enjoy your childhood by listening our channel..

  • This podcast brings you to an atmosphere where I talk about the thought processes and realities of life that are introduced to kids in their teenage.

    Happy Listening!

  • In the World of Movies Music Youtube Instagram .. where everything is going around you ... here comes the beautiful World of Podcasting

    Welcome my friend on ADT Podcast, here you will find stories and infotainment at one click

    So keep tuned to ADT Podcast

  • Looking for a better night’s sleep? There’s nothing better to take you off to the land of nod than a story. So, dive into a 5-minute rhyming tale, aimed at children. Accompanied by music, it’ll help them switch off and drift into their dreams.

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  • Simply vetti during Corona lockdown so i am gonna record and publish as many stories as i can during this time. Have been meaning to do this for a long time. Finally the lockdown has been the much needed push :) hope you guys enjoy this and please let me know your thoughts/suggestions. Good day :)

  • Hi Everyone ,
    My name is Priyanshi . I am a story teller .
    This is my podcast where I am telling my original self written story .

    Lots Of Love
    Hindi Stories By Priyanshi

  • Narrating and interacting with kids from around the Telugu community in the world with stories from our mythology, festivals and some interesting facts about our culture and customs

  • Vikram Betal is an ancient Indian story collection of a king and a ghost. These popular stories from ancient India were originally written in Sanskrit and have been translated into various languages including Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, English, and Marathi. Every narrative contains a moral lesson for the listeners.

    According to folklore, the King of Ujjain, Vikramaditya or Vikram, is said to have promised to bring a ghost named Betal to a sage to help him complete his prayers. Following Vikram’s encounter with Betal, the ghost agrees to accompany him on one condition. During the journey, Betal will tell King Vikram a story and will ask him a question in the end. If Vikram gave the right answer, then Betal will fly back to his tree. If Vikram knowingly decided to stay quiet, then he will end up losing his life, and only if Vikram really doesn't know the answer to Betal's question, he can take Betal to the sage. And thus began the journey of Vikram and Betal.

    Chimes Radio has brought the finest stories from this collection which can be listened to and enjoyed by kids and families.

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  • Story upload cycle - One new story added every Thursday

    I sometimes wonder, if it is the twinkle in there eye or the story, that fills the air with so much of Joy. These little souls, still so clean and pure, their smile so genuine and their laughters so free.

    It is their belief, that what the story says is possible, that actually feeds the story with a soul and an aura which dances around, and reverberate in their chuckles.

    - Stand up-They all jump up
    - He laughed Ha Ha Ha-They all go Ha Ha Ha
    - With a bow and arrow-They say nah, it was a machine gun and it went - and the sounds of the machine gun fills the room again
    - The lake was full of nectar-Nah, strawberry milk, chocolate milk etc
    - In the cave there were-Muffin, ladoos, and on they go mentioning the yummiest of treats.

    Suddenly, you see the ones who were sitting a bit behind, gradually moving up and forward, to get a closer look at your expression, as if to jump up, when the story directs.

    They are totally unconditioned, they still believe in miracles and that if it can be thought of, it can certainly happen. Telling a Story to the little ones is actually the best experience, there is no resistance of any kinds, as the word ‘impossible’ has still not been itched in their tender minds. They are like this soft clay, waiting to be shaped by the potter.

    The adventure starts with the little ones, every action enacted, every statement of anger, shouted out, every movement of the hands depicted and every character acted.
    - The pitch of the voice sometimes so loud, that hands cover their ears.
    - The descriptions sometimes a bit scary, that they cover their eyes
    - The voice sometimes so soft, that the room becomes totally silent.

    There have been times, when dressed up like a character, have narrated the whole story, sometimes jumped up myself to eat the Sun. As if the story-teller fades away and only the story remains, the children are transported to the land of possibilities.

    Then a sudden stop, to ask the morals, and the depth of the answers prove that, it does not have to be all serious for them to soak in the essence. The Scriptures are not beyond their understanding and no knowledge too deep for them to comprehend.

    When they get immersed in the story they would never forget neither the story nor the moral and values. Somewhere in their hearts, I am sure that message of love has been carved, which will re-surface, when others least expect it. Their spark of kindness, will someday light the whole world.

    The knowledge of the divine scriptures, wrapped in this absurd, fun and dramatic story-telling will live in their hearts forever.

  • Horror stories available in hindi , English and Gujarati.
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  • Amra Circle is an attempt to bring weekly conversations and discussions about all things parenting and child development brought to you by Amra.

    This is a platform that brings parents, educators, experts and members of the village to shed light on different issues, questions and topics relevant to the early parenting community for we all know it takes a village to raise a child.

    Amra is a Parent and Child Care brand focussed on creating an environment that will help children achieve their full potential and parents find their support system.