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  • Chinese Short Stories for Kids - Adventures with Ollie is a free podcast with original audio stories and books in Mandarin Chinese, for families with kids between 2-8, bedtime, and daytime! Come here for the world of fairies, princesses, knights, dragons, rockets, and more! You can create a personalized story for your kids with their names and a theme that they fancy at Let us know what kind of stories you and your kids want to hear at

    If you want to listen to the English version, visit our website -

  • Welcome to Brainstorm - a podcast for kids, made by kids! Here we introduce you to inspiring people, books and movies. Do you know that Maria Sharapova ripped her toe nail before practice but refused to quit the session? What are best podcasts for kids? Want to learn about the latest MARS mission by NASA and many more interesting topics then dive into our episodes. We also welcome our young listeners to contribute their messages, ideas and creations.

  • 郭葉珍是加拿大McGill University 社工學院與教育心理諮商學系跨領域博士,也是國立台北教育大學幼兒與家庭教育學系的專任副教授。

    她擁有全球職涯發展師(GCDF)國際證照,並接受過多種正念訓練,取得英國學校正念計畫(Mindfulness in school project)教授7-11歲(Paw B)與11-18歲(Dot B)兒童正念資格,並且在牛津正念中心 (Oxford Mindfulness Center)第四階師資訓練中取得結業證書。



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  • 喵喵喵,各位大朋友小朋友大家好,歡迎來到貓咪媽咪故事窩,貓咪媽咪的故事結合了108課綱—閩南語小教室,非全閩語小朋友一定聽得懂,生動故事+童謠+互動猜謎+知識+俚語+烏克麗麗,導入簡單單詞,融入生活,連小小孩也適合,創意閩語互動就在這裡! 讓道地的本土文化也能在小樹苗心中萌芽

    *知名配音員教你打造聲音的魅力-聲音表達入門班 (王瑞芹老師)
    *二崙故事屋線上講座: 人才培育父母成長及親子共讀


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  • Unplug and Plug In is for parents--we'll explore your relationship with technology as well as how to help your child develop a healthy relationship with tech, screen time and most importantly with you.

    Lisa Honold, the host, is a parenting coach devoted to keeping kids safe online. She is founder and director of the Center for Online Safety and national public speaker on digital wellness, cyber safety and peaceful parenting.

    In bi-weekly episodes, parents will hear Lisa's thoughts as well as interviews with scientists, experts, educators, doctors, therapists, specialists and Moms in a search to find a healthy balance with technology.

    Join us to discover how you can unplug from distractions and plug into what matters!

  • Once upon a time is how the magic begins. The magic of stories. The stories of magic. Tales to catch the imagination of your little ones, as they head to bed. Let them dream of faraway lands and dragons and rainbows and fairies and dreams.

  • Hello! I’m Madeline you can call me Madz!
    (She/they) (10 yrs old)
    (pronounced mad-i-lin), this podcast is a safe place! Be sure to follow, and listen to my episodes! I support lgbtq+ community, and Black Lives Matter ✊🏿 ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏼! Love you all! #SAVETHEPODCASTERS ❤️🌈🍄🌸💧🍂🍁🐢🌻🧃🌙💫✏️

    A few of my role models on Spotify podcasts
    — “ashe ASMR angel” “ginger pear ASMR” “artify” “raspberry rose ASMR” “Ella’s awesome book review”

  • Join me as I talk to parents who are technology leaders, founders and investors on work-life integration and balancing career ambitions with family aspirations.

    My name is Qin En, your host. When I started my first company at the age of 20, I struggled with over-work. I believed that my 20s and 30s should have been a relentless pursuit of career achievement, regardless of costs.

    A few years later, I met my wife, Gladys. She helped me realize that an unbalanced life is an unhappy one. I began on a journey of change, that accelerated when welcomed our daughter, Gabrielle, into the world, in October 2020. Parenthood over the past year has been a roller coaster, and I know I am not alone.

    Parents in Tech is where we share stories about parenting, entrepreneurship and technology. Each and every one of you is welcome.

  • Eine gute Geschichte kann dich überall mit hinnehmen. Jede Woche gibt es nun “ Große Geschichten für kleine Entdecker”. Du kannst du hier tolle neue und alte, spannende und fantastische Geschichten für Kinder hören und viele Abenteuer erleben. Erzählt werden sie dir von Lukas Wurm und Verena Rendtorff.

  • Greek Mythology made easy!

    You'd think the original family in existence would be somewhat fine...But just like any other family, they're chaotic and dysfunctional.

    Ellis Parsley takes you through the ancient myths of old, giving them a modern twist. From a chaotic recipe about how to create the world to a greek god dating show. Lets hope you can keep up with these Olympians!

    A new episode every week! So stay tuned!

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  • 星期一至五(2:40pm, 7:40pm & 11:30pm)激励故事分享,就在UFM100.3!

  • Hi there, let's listen to stories of long ago and beyond. Let us laugh, learn and savour life through stories for children!

  • You are preparing your children for independence their entire life. Make sure you are intentional to help them avoid being derailed.

  • Geek Dads talk about life as a geek, a father, and living in todays wild world.
    Join us every week as we explore a plethora of Geeky topics: nostalgia, the MCU, Star Wars and Mandalorian, Star Trek, comics, tv, movies, and other hobbies. We also discuss parenting, relationships, navigating life's odd moment.

  • 《最爱粉tastic ~ FEN-tastic Show》 由Love972DJ Violet 粉樱主持。

    星期二,《健康粉tastic》 :关注健康,保持健康!
    星期天,《最爱粉tastic Talkshow》:Violet 粉樱与名人嘉宾好友,风趣分享精彩的人生经历与心得,让你的心情~粉tastic! (第二系列)


  • Join ADHD wife, Summer and non-ADHD husband, Jon as they talk about how ADHD plays a role in their lives. He is a doctor and she is an ADHD life coach and together they find ways to address challenges and live a successful life.

  • Teddy Time Stories is a fantastical re telling of favourite stories. Based on the original Teddy Time Stories live show created as a magical introduction to theatre for children. Each episode a new book is read.