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  • The Listening Skills Podcast brings you the first podcast that is completely focused on making you a better listener. Each mini-episode covers one listening skill that will help you powerfully connect with others. The skills taught in this podcast are the most powerful way to connect with others.

  • Life doesn't come with an instruction manual. It challenges us everyday to lace up our boots and get busy. Whether it's homeschooling, life prepping or growing as a family, you've got to show up and be on top of your game, every single day! It can be a battle some days. We have to fight against laziness and selfishness, greed and discontent. We struggle not only against the things we can see but those powers that are not of flesh and bone. We have to be willing to pick up our shield and sword every day to meet the challenges it will offer, because it will offer them. Learn with me as we grow together, encourage each other and find a community of others who are walking this road side by side. A boots on the ground life means hands-on living - one day, one project at a time. It means helping others where you can and being present and intentional about your life. Are you ready? Let's learn how to live a full life and get ready to go...lace up, soldier, the battle is on! You've got this!

  • Here in the axolotl podcast we talk about all things axolotl

  • Benjamin Wong, 14 year old entrepreneur and visionary, talks to kids who are building their own legacy on this world. Get inspired by the amazing stories of kid entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and more, who are showing the world what kids can really do!

  • Women Who Work is a non-profit organisation aiming to support and encourage women returning to work in professional services from maternity leave. On our podcast we speak to women about their experiences - tips, pitfalls, highs and lows! We hope that by sharing experiences and talking openly we can give other women some support, community and hopefully inspiration. We do hope you enjoy listening.

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  • BIT PODCAST - ะถัƒั€ะฝะฐะปั–ัั‚ะธ ั– ะตะบัะฟะตั€ั‚ะธ ั€ะพะทะฑะธั€ะฐัŽั‚ัŒัั ัƒ ัะบะปะฐะดะฝะธั… ะฟะธั‚ะฐะฝะฝัั….

  • The Too Dad to Quit podcast is hosted by Ben & Yoel, two dads on the other side of divorce, with five kids each. Yoel is a lawyer, entrepreneur, YouTuber, and author. Ben is an author, YouTuber, and sales engineer. The goal of the Too Dad to Quit podcast is to share the stories of dads on the other side of divorce to inspire and give strength dads going through it and encouraging dads to stay involved in their kids' lives. Share Your Story US: the Too Dad To Quit Community:https://toodadtoquit.locals.comBen & Yoel

  • Pam of Down 4 Paws, based out of Norwood, MA, dives into conversations to help Dog owners learn different aspects of working with their Puppies, and adult dogs.

    Pam is a science based positive reinforcement dog trainer, and she loves diving into conversations about all topics related to dogs.

  • How often do you say to yourself, “I love my mom life?” A lot, hopefully! If, on the other hand, you sometimes feel like motherhood is one never-ending ride on the Hot Mess Express, you’re not alone, girlfriend. Being a mom is hard. And being a mom with goals and dreams is even harder. Harmonizing what you want to do as a woman with everything you have to do as a mom is a challenge every mother faces. But the truth is, with some intention, planning and a whole lot of grace, you can create what you want to experience in life, love and motherhood. Tune in to the Love Your Mom Life podcast every Wednesday with Nikki Oden, a working mother of 2 (and recovering Hot Mess Express passenger), as we explore ways to take back your time, crush your goals and create a mom life you absolutely love. And be sure to connect on FB ( and Insta (@NikkiOden) and visit us at

  • If it lacks a backbone, we're interested. In this podcast, we're exploring the world of invertebrates, discovering the amazing lives they lead, and thinking carefully about our relationhips with these much-maligned creatures. With the help of experts, we are lifting stones, peering into the water and grubbing in the filth.

  • This podcast is a deeper dive and behind the scenes look at Rob Kenney, content creator and host of the hit YouTube series "Dad, How Do I?". These episodes are hosted by him and his nephew, Travis Kenney, and provide additional information and topics about Rob's personal life, helpful insights, and will even answer listener's questions. Thank you for listening and please subscribe!

  • Cincinnati Children’s Young & Healthy features thoughts and perspectives from kids health experts, patients, families – and even kids! – on all things pediatric health. Join us for lively conversations about current health topics and issues that affect children today.

    This podcast is for informational and educational purposes only.

  • Welcome to Bottles & Bottles. The Un-Cut, Un-Filtered, Un-Prepared Podcast where we talk a little bit about whiskey, and a lot about becoming a first time dad.As a new dad-to-be, I have a lot of questions. From the point where you find out you will become a father and beyond, we source parents, medical professionals, and gear nerds to discuss interesting topics that will provide information on how to be the BEST dad and partner in the process.

  • Parenting at the intersections of politics, sports, pop-culture and academia.

  • In this podcast series, Nate and Matt interview the leading figures in field herping, research, zoo work and captive husbandry. Join us as we explore and learn from the best in the world!

  • Sprinting parents how kids feel when you do something for them don't like madhappy frustrating and just completely bored and that's what my eyeglasses this way telling all the parents what are kids doing.

  • Once upon a time, Ireland was home to many legends of the land. Celebrating the history of this ancient isle, ล KODAโ€™s childrenโ€™s audiobook series will tell the stories of some important female legends, so their legacies will continue to live on. ล KODA Ireland is proud to serve the next generation of little legends on their own journeys through life.

    Aimed at kids aged five years and over, this audiobook series is ideal for helping to keep kids entertained during car journeys, or when it's time to wind down. With five amazing stories written by children's author E.R Murray, each episode brings five warrior women to life - Queen Maeve, Grace O'Malley, Macha, The Morrรญgan and Brigid.

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