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  • The Go-to Podcast for desperately overwhelmed moms who want to enjoy life!

    Do you want to stop the cycle of constant stress and mom-guilt?
    Are you sick of feeling like nothing you try makes a difference?
    Do you wish your life could just be simple and enjoyable?

    There’s a way to make shift happen!

    Hey, I’m Brittni Clarkson, recovering people pleaser, boy-mom to 3, and mom-life coach!

    In this podcast, I will teach you how to:
    -> see blessings where you currently see burdens
    -> make home care easy and release the need for perfection
    -> drop the mom guilt, and get excited about life!

  • Danny Peña and Riana Manuel-Peña have lived and worked in the games industry for a combined 30+ years. What have they learned in that time? Life (like gaming) is better together!

    Join them on their journey through gaming conferences, red carpet events, baby milestones, marriage hurdles, and the occasional work update. Play along with game recommendations for busy parents and enjoy this seasoned couples’ sazón as they talk about their favorite memories, products, and experiences.

    Business Email: [email protected]

  • Hi! I'm Dom. I'm a hustler of chronic illness, being a mom, and all things health. ODH is about helping other women and a few brave men become hustlers and stop being victims! Real life stories of struggles and triumphs. Not just more health and wellness info, but real people with real stories.

  • "Sirds sarunas" ir Atbalsta centra "TILTS" un Latvijas Kristīgās alianses bāreņiem organizēts sarunu cikls ar uzņemošajām ģimenēm un ārpusģimenes nozares speciālistiem.
    Sarunas par aicinājumu un motivāciju, gandarījumu un izaicinājumiem, par to, ko nozīmē uzņemt ģimenē un savā dzīvē bez vecāku gādības palikušu bērnu un, kā vislabāk atbalstīt bērnu un pašiem sevi.

  • आपका सोचने का तरीका भी आपकी सफलता में एक बहुत ही बड़ी भूमिका निभाता है, Shiv Khera जी का  कहना है की अगर आप अपने Thought Process को एक determination के साथ Execute करें तो आप सभी काम आसानी से कर सकते हैं ।

    आप अपने Tough Times का  सामना करना सीखिए, अगर  आप Tough Situation से Deal करना  सीख जाएंगे तो आप ज़िंदगी के किसी भी मोड़ से आसानी से गुज़र सकते हैं ।

    Jagran Podcast लेकर आया है  आपके लिए एक खास Motivational Series जो प्रतुस्त है Motivational Speaker Shiv Khera के सहयोग से ।

    Stay Tuned to Jagran Podcast 


  • Welcome to I'd Rather be at the Beach, the podcast for school marketing managers that's *not* about school marketing management. Instead we talk about everything else that school marketing managers spend their time doing. Their families, their hobbies, the previous jobs they've had, the music they're into, the books they're reading and the holidays they've been on. This is the podcast for you if you're a school marketing manager who likes your job, you might even love your job. But you'd rather be at the beach.

  • Новая интерактивная программа с подростковым психологом Никитой Карповым. Свой вопрос можно задать при помощи специальной формы.

  • Me and my group talking about the pets we have, the pets we would want and more!

  • DayBreak is a news and opinion show for all ages. Hosted by two middle-schoolers, this show features interviews with experts and tips form listeners that put a new spin on the news. Infused with fun, this podcast comes out every week with new stories on current topics. Subscribe now!

  • Simplify and Enjoy is a podcast and community focused on helping families have less stress and more options by finding the right path and pace to financial freedom that fits them!

  • Life has so many unexpected curve balls. It’s filled with emotion, questions and surprises. How do we get through this thing called life? Being a mom isn’t for the weak and sometimes can drag us through the mud but if we anchor our hope to the source of life (Jesus) things become a little more bearable. This podcast gives a message of hope in a real way to a position in life that sometimes feels overlooked. Moms, we are valuable. We are needed. And even though life feels like a crazy jigsaw puzzle, as the pieces start to come together, it’s truly becomes a beautiful masterpiece!

  • Join us on ”The Extra Stitch,” a captivating podcast that delves into the inspiring stories of two remarkable women who seamlessly transitioned from their glamorous careers as models into the exhilarating world of motherhood. Meet Ginta Lapina and Maryna Linchuk, supermodels turned dedicated moms, as they share their transformative journeys and shed light on the beauty and challenges of their unique paths.

    In each episode, Ginta Lapina and Maryna Linchuk invite listeners into their lives, offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the extraordinary world of high fashion and runway glamour that once defined them. They recount the excitement of strutting down catwalks, working with renowned designers, and gracing the covers of prestigious magazines. Yet, the heart of their narrative lies in their subsequent transformation from supermodels to supermoms.

    With unfiltered honesty and vulnerability, these two dynamic women explore the profound shift in perspective they experienced when they embarked on the adventure of motherhood. They discuss the joys and struggles of balancing the demands of a modeling career with the responsibilities of raising children, offering practical insights and personal anecdotes along the way.

    Listeners will be captivated by the fascinating tales of navigating the fashion industry’s highs and lows while striving to create a nurturing environment for their families. From embracing their changing bodies and self-image to discovering new passions beyond the runway, Ginta Lapina and Maryna Linchuk share invaluable wisdom about self-acceptance, resilience, and finding fulfillment in unexpected places.

    ”The Extra Stitch” is more than just a podcast—it’s a celebration of the strength and resilience that come with embracing life’s transitions. Whether you’re a fan of fashion, a parent seeking relatable stories, or someone curious about personal growth, this podcast offers a wealth of inspiration and encouragement. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey with two incredible women who prove that motherhood is the greatest role of all.

    So, buckle up and tune in to ”The Extra Stitch” for an engaging, heartwarming, and empowering podcast experience that will leave you feeling inspired and ready to embrace your own unique path in life.

  • Podcast by James Maurer and Christine Festa

  • Сборник детских музыкальных сказок Михаила Векслера о волшебных приключениях принцессы Тарталетки и ее друзей.


    почта: [email protected]

    Михаил Векслер на фейсбук:

  • «Главное, что делает мать с ребёнком, не выражается словами. Это совершенно очевидно и именно это так легко упустить из виду». Дональд Вудс Винникотт

    Психоанализ никогда не скажет вам, что нужно делать, как поступать со своим ребёнком. Не будет советов, рекомендаций, наставлений или суждений «хорошо»/«плохо». Психоанализ даст вам глубокое понимание внутреннего мира вашего ребёнка.

    Меня зовут Любовь Лазуткина, я психоаналитический психотерапевт, и это мой подкаст о детском психоанализе «Игра и реальность».

  • Mama Needs A Moment is your place to hang with your mom friends, learn from top-notch experts, swap stories, and be surrounded by moms that get it. Hosts, Cindi Michaelson and Crissy Fishbane are the co-founders of HER Health Collective and your gal pals that will ‘tell it like it is.’ Each week we drop a new episode where you will discover answers to your burning mom questions, receive expert guidance from women's health experts, and find camaraderie. You'll love our special monthly MOM CHAT episodes where we capture casual conversations with Moms from our membership community, HER Circle. Support this podcast:

  • Практикующий врачи-тройняшки рассказывают реальные случаи из практики, частых заболеваниях у детей и правильном уходе за их здоровьем.

    Доктор Тройняшки - три ВРАЧА-БРАТА-БЛИЗНЕЦА, вылечили более 15 000 пациентов, авторы книги "Три в одном: Книжка для начинающих родителей", лечат детей и обучают их родителей медицинской грамотности.

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    Электронная почта: [email protected]

  • Join B.A.D. Moms, Bridgette, Amanda, and Danielle as they dive into the struggles and triumphs of the modern-day working Mom. Support this podcast:

  • How is YOUR family learning a second language going to change the world? We share the stories of families opening a world of possibilities to their kids through learning a language together.

    We get honest about struggles of not having kids speak back their second tongue. And we give you the tools as either a native or non-native speaker to help your kids grow over the long-haul.

    Join Adrienne Babbitt and Juan Mendoza, leading the way in the movement of the Family Language Exchange brought to you by Learn with Me Languages.