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  • Welcome to The Newly Meds, a podcast geared for YOU! This podcast is brought to you from the perspective of a new paramedic, for new paramedics. The podcast will help expand your knowledge of medicine, for all paramedics, nurses, respiratory therapists, and other healthcare providers. This podcast was created by a new paramedic with the hope of providing information I wish I had known when I first hit the streets. Enjoy!

    TheNewlyMeds does not provide procedures or recommendations for live patient use. Please refer to local protocols and scope of practice for medical guidelines.

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  • These ain’t your Momma's divorce conversations.

    On The D Shift we explore a range of different topics of interest for women of all ages going through separation and divorce. Guest experts share insight and strategies to navigate the challenges of going from married to single with confidence, clarity, and conviction.

    Each episode provides inspiration, education, and motivation to help women take control and re-define their life through divorce and other transitions.

  • Self help podcast on my journey being diagnosed with PTSD Anxiety and Depression. I talk to people afflicted and Professionals for their guidence for true help, for a new tomorrow.

  • Caleb Matthews and Mary Hoofnagle discuss books read by the "What's My Therapist Reading" Therapist Book Club.

    This podcast discusses:
    Trigger Warnings
    General Vibes
    Benefits and Drawbacks
    Who the book is recommended for
    Who is the Intended Audience for the book
    Reading Recommendations

  • Abundance is your birthright!

    With meditation, a positive mental attitude, releasing blocks, trauma, and pain, and maintaining an attitude of gratitude, we can tap into infinite possibilities through the law of attraction. We can have deeper connections, more success, more passion, more excitement, and more joy. 

    This show is a mixture of knowledge on different healing modalities, tips & tricks, a reminder to do the work, and stories of others journey, so the listeners know they’re not alone.

    The goal is to promote mental and emotional health.


It’s designed to inspire, uplift, and also light a fire under someone’s ass who is ready to transform their situation to live an Abundant life.

  • В этом подкасте я, Кристина Гомзелева, журналист и будущая мама, говорю с экспертами о беременности, родах и жизни после. А еще рассказываю истории родителей, которые уже прошли этот путь и готовы поделиться своим опытом.

    Приглашаю вас исследовать вместе этот важный и нежный период!

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  • You cannot let the number of years you've been alive on this planet decide how you show up in your life. Aging is a privilege, and we can decide how to define our years left on this earth. Here, our podcast is designed specifically for women navigating the unique experiences and opportunities of being over 50. This is a time of tremendous growth, wisdom, and self-discovery, and we want to support and inspire you every step. We Get Candid, through interviews with experts, personal stories, and actionable tips, we aim to provide valuable information, tools, and inspiration making out of life.

  • Подкаст о женском здоровье. С помощью экспертов разбираемся в спорных вопросах лечения и профилактики заболеваний, обсуждаем методы оздоровления. Опираемся на современные знания и научные данные. Придерживаемся принципов доказательной медицины.

    «Здоровье» – один из трех подкастов аудиопроекта «Женский журнал». Также в него входят подкасты «Инструкция» для тех, кто хочет заботиться о себе безопасно, и «Библиотека» с бьюти-советами по уходу за лицом и телом.

    «Женский журнал» — первый аудиожурнал о том, как заботиться о себе.

    Обратная связь [email protected]

    Телеграм-канал Женский журнал

  • White Noise and Sleep Sounds (For Pets) is the Pet version of the world’s best and fastest-growing sleep sound podcast, ”White Noise and Sleep Sounds (12 Hours)” where we’ve helped millions of listeners find it easier to achieve deep sleep, study, relax, focus, meditate, mask unwanted noise, and overcome anxiety. Great for all ages, soothing babies, and pet anxiety too!

    Our White Noise, Pink Noise, Brown Noise, Nature Sounds, Sleep Stories, Meditations, Binaural Beats, and many other custom Sleep Sounds offer 3 hours of continuous calm to help you sleep 💤 and find your inner peace 🙏

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    Your listenership is valued! If these Sleep Sounds have been helpful for you, I’d be so grateful if you’d rate the show on either Spotify or Apple Podcasts 🙏


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  • Sara Mercier, Registered Dental Hygienist and Certified Myofunctional Airway Specialist, shares her thoughts and educational tips about oral health, airway health, overall health, sleep hygiene, and sometimes just life in general.
    This content is for entertainment and educational purposes only. Please consult your health care provider(s) before using any information shared in this show.

  • Šis ir labākais fitnesa podkasts Latvijā - tikai patiesība par tēmām, par kurām, citi izvairās runāt.
    Labākie uztura bagātinātaji Latvijā pieejami pie manis -

    Ja vēlies, lai kāda no podkastiem parunāju par Tevis izvēlētu tēmu, tad ieraksti to kāda podkasta komentāru sadaļā.

  • A Walk’n’Talk podcast about a man struggling with anxiety and depression, contemplating life and how to get better. Narrated by himself as a stream of consciousness, he walks every day letting his mind and mouth run free, talking about his journey back to happiness (hopefully).

  • This podcast is about, people, their passions and personal development.

    I am mildly obsessed with personal development, ever since I started working for Nokia circa 2006 as a product trainer, experiencing being trained, training others and learning about people development I have been fascinated with the idea of personal growth.

    This lead to training and coaching in the tech and CrossFit worlds, among these two pivotal parts of my own development, I have a TON of other hobbies and passions, from music, cars, sport and film, to name a few, this pod is my exploration into peoples passions, which I believe often lead to their own personal growth and development.

    Insta: adam.gilesy

  • Welcome to the Love, Sex, and Leadership Podcast, where insightful dialogues and transformative teachings await. Join Aaron Kleinerman on a journey to explore the intersections of love, sexuality, and leadership. Through candid conversations with experts and live audio teachings, Aaron creates a safe space for self-discovery and empowerment. Embrace your true power, awaken your soul's wisdom, and live an inspired life as a natural, intuitive, and heart-centered leader. Dive into the mysteries of the universe and unlock the secrets to mastering the human experience. Tune in and embark on a path of profound transformation.

  • В этом подкасте провизор Анастасия Биргер и диетолог Екатерина Черепанова разговаривают на популярные темы, развенчивают мифы и обсуждают последние новости в сфере здоровья.

  • A podcast by queer people, for queer people, about (you guessed it) queer health.

  • Welcome to our podcast, Dr. Kristine LaRocca shares invaluable insights on reshaping your thoughts about food and cultivating a healthier, more fulfilling life. Tune in regularly for a dose of inspiration and practical tips on staying on track with your wellness goals. Elevate your journey to well-being with our weekly podcast additions – your go-to resource for a happier, healthier you.

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  • Stop the Stigma is about breaking the wall of taboo topics and stopping the stigma.It is informative and supportive of everyone no matter color,gender,size, or issues.I hope to inform others of these topics and show them love.

  • Подкаст, который позволяет порассуждать и задуматься о разных сторонах роли женщины в современном обществе.

    Жизнь женщины это спектр, поэтому мы затрагиваем различные вопросы: от философских и экзистенциальных, то обсуждения дейтинга и бытовых проблем и принципов.