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  • From the Oregon Center on Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice, this series shines a light on partnerships that are moving the dial, leading to better solutions and outcomes for people who may become involved with the justice system due to experiencing behavioral health, intellectual/developmental disabilities, or neurocognitive concerns. We talk with guests representing prominent voices from government, the judicial system, public safety, healthcare, and the broader community throughout metropolitan and rural parts of Oregon.

  • Intimate and real conversations about rewilding, land ethics, regeneration, and conservation.

  • A podcast hosting wide-ranging interviews from across the recovery world. California is the recovery mecca of the world, we open up the script to those who have the stories, the knowledge, the experiences of what recovery is - we are here to share that.

  • The art therapy that will inspire you to start your own journey of Solitude towards Authenticity. It's the beginning of 2022. Pandemic still has its impact on our lives. Mental health is the topic number 1, loneliness is the biggest danger and Authenticity is the only remedy. In a time when artists are most likely to reach it, their biggest source of inspiration, the town of Paris, makes the place where a Balkan artist consciously takes her path of Solitude. Will she survive? Is she going to be completely alone on her healing path? 12 episodes, 12 sessions and 12 original songs! Subscribe to and discover it!

  • CEO Matters is about you, the CEO, President or Founder. The truth is, it really is lonely at the top. And more than ever before you serve as a role model to just about everyone. So you have to be on your A game all the time. This show will help you stay there.

    Unlike other shows about leadership and business, CEO Matters focuses on your well-being, performance and life satisfaction. Because no one else does. To do what’s best for your company, you have to first do what’s best for you.

    CEO Matters has two formats. The Magazine edition is a shorter “news you can use use” format bringing you bite-sized morsels of content to both inform and inspire you. The Masterclass edition is a longer format featuring interviews with successful CEOs, authors and thought-leaders, as well as, deeper dives into the best practices, routines and essential skills you need to “live and lead better.”

  • Ese podcast diferente, con la ciencia en una mano y el micrófono en la otra, que te acercará de forma desenfada cuestiones candentes sobre nutrición, alimentación, dietética y salud.

    Conducido por Juan Revenga (que como buen nutricionista se encargará de atormentarte) y Daniel Sanz (produccaster, que se encargará de atormentar a Juan). Entre los dos atormentarán a su vez a Teresa Castillo, mujer de Daniel y técnico de sonido.

    Aquí se desgranará la actualidad y los mitos clásicos sobre nutrición, los “secretos” del adelgazamiento (que no existen) ¿Conoces el blog de Juan Revenga? Pues lo mismo pero en podcast. Y además gratis total, solo para tu solaz y disfrute.

    Un podcast sin tapujos, con cierta mala leche, pero siempre desde el cariño. O no.

  • Este es el podcast de Nutrición Consciente, un espacio de divulgación sobre alimentación saludable conducido por Laura Ribes, periodista especializada en salud, y producido por Lastcrit.

    Cada martes traerán al programa a los mejores profesionales del país en el ámbito de la nutrición para desmontar los principales mitos en torno a la alimentación y explicar con rigor qué y cómo comer para vivir de una manera más consciente y saludable.

    ¿Os apuntáis a este viaje hacia el bienestar?

    Podéis seguir a Laura a diario en su web o en su instagram @nutricion_consciente_bcn

  • Подкаст для тех, кто хочет разобраться с феноменом "daddy issues" с точки зрения современной психологии и психотерапии. В каждом выпуске практикующий психолог Анастасия Забудская (это я) рассуждает о том, как влияют на наши жизни трудности в отношениях с отцами (и обязательно ли влияют?), можно ли вылезти из этого замкнутого круга и стать для себя самым заботливым родителем.

    Подписаться в инстаграме:
    Подписаться в тиктоке:

  • ‘Youvana The Ageless’ is an experiential ancient lifestyle online studio with focus on ageless living. This space has emerged from our innate desire to impart knowledge and experience on ageless living at body, mind and consciousness level. Youvana ecosystem is all about knowledge-sharing and living a traditional lifestyle driven from medley of worldly timeless wisdom of Yoga, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics, Qi Gong and Raw, Alkaline and Living Foods philosophy. At Youvana studio, we share this timeless wisdom in collaboration with global experts in ancient healing.

  • On this podcast we discuss all the latest evidence and research in the field of acupuncture and traditional east Asian medicine. We will be speaking to some of the worlds leading experts, talking about the latest studies and the most exciting new findings. Whether you’re an acupuncture practitioner, researcher or student, doctor or other type of healthcare practitioner or maybe even a curious patient, we will be discussing a wide range of fascinating topics; how does acupuncture work? What does it work best for? And just what is that placebo thing all about?

  • UROskolen sin podcast inneholder forskjellige episoder med ulikt innhold og temaer - laget av oss som er tilknyttet En av gründerens, Caspar Seip, bl.a kjent fra podcasten ”Guro og Guru” har podcasten ”Helt Sant!, og UROlærer Helge Zimmer, har podcasten ”Far & Sønn” sammen med sønnen sin Fridtjof.

    Denne skolen er laget for og av oss som er ferdige med å gå i terapi og vil lære oss noe helt nytt for å bli tilfreds i livet! Det spiller ingen rolle hva vi er plaget av, det som er viktig er at vi ikke har klart å skape det livet vi hadde håpet vi skulle klare å skape, og derfor erkjenner at vi må gjøre noe annet. Noe nytt, noe overraskende, noe totalt annerledes enn det vi har forsøkt hittil. Nærmest det motsatte av det vi er vant til! Det er dét vi gjør sammen på UROskolen. Det er spennende! Det er skummelt! Det er utfordrende! Det er annerledes og rart! Det er givende! Det gir en dypere tilfredshet med livet! Det er gøy! Kom og bli med oss på UROskolen i vår felles utforsking av UROEN i livet!

  • They're not doctors, they're no sex therapists. They are just two friends who are so well-experienced in dating, love and sex ... especially sex! Let's get introduced to the newest and hottest podcast to hit town, and the people behind it, Dusco and Clara.

    See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Listen in as we read questions and give advice for love, dating, and life in general. We've been married for over 9 years and we've seen some dramatic ups and downs in our relationship. We have a positive outlook on life and strive for personal growth together. We believe our unique views on dealing with problems can help others through tough times, and help you come out on top living a happy, productive, and FUN life. New episode every Wednesday!

  • I Min Litterære Pornosamling tager vært Jacob Nielsen den pornografiske, erotiske litteratur med under dynen og ud i radioen. I selskab med sine gæster, undersøger programmet hvad pornografiske romaner fortæller os om vores fantasier, kollektive tabuer, hemmelige subkulturer, politiske overbevisninger og skiftende smag i erotisk kunst.

  • ¿Cómo es la vida más allá de los 50? Un espacio para pensar, diseñar y construir la etapa más larga e interesante que vamos a transitar. Por Flora Proverbio y Diego Bernardini.

  • Welcome to Self™ - Caring for the Human in the Therapist Chair is a place where you can come and learn ways to elevate your own care and compassion.

    A place to rest and be soothed and at times maybe gently challenged to think about yourself and your practice.

    A place to remember that you are human first and choose the helping profession as just one of the roles in your life.

    I’m your host Dr Hayley D Quinn. Fellow Human, Clinical Psychologist, Supervisor and Trainer and my aim is that this is a place of soothing, comfort, nourishment, growth and nurture.

    A place where you can also welcome Your Self

  • Bienvenida! Mi nombre es Maca Paz y esto es Miss Herramientas un lugar donde voy a compartirte herramientas utiles para la vida. Vamos a hablar de todo eso, que me hubiese gustado aprender en el colegio.
    Bienestar, felicidad ,autoestima, vinculos sanos,y consciencia plena, son solo algunos de los temas que vamos a abordar a lo largo de este espacio
    Un espacio para crecer, en consciencia y en autoconocimiento con el fin de sentirnos verdaderamente libres, para asi poder lograr nuestros objetivos personales y profesionales

    Conoceme mas en instagram @macapazok y en mi canal de youtube!

  • Hola! Bienvenidos a By Ruby Lu.
    En este podcast iremos descubriendo por qué no todo es lo que parece cuando se trata de nuestra mente y, sobre todo, cómo la mayoría de las veces buscamos la felicidad justo en dirección contraria a donde se encuentra. Estoy segura de que terminarás cada episodio con herramientas para entenderte mejor, culparte menos, ser más amable contigo mismo y creerte cada vez un poco menos lo que piensas ;). Tanto si vienes desde mi Instagram como si lo acabas de descubrir, gracias por estar aquí.

  • Recorramos juntas tu camino curativo.

  • Hola a todxs! 🙋🏼‍♂️

    Bienvenides, bienvenidas y bienvenidos, si todxs!
    Mi nombre es Franco, y ademas de las E y las X, éste es un podcast🎙 para que todes nos sintamos parte 🥰 y también para aprender sobre sexualidad! 😏
    Sobre sexo? 🥵 En parte si, pero la sexualidad es mucho más abarcativa que el sexo como acción 😳 o deporte 🔥

    Te invito a que escuches los capítulos y aprendamos sobre sexualidad, cultura general y género 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈⚧
    Y también por qué no a (re)descubrirnos 😲🤯

    ➡️ Instagram: @instasexymente