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  • Toni Acosta, nos trae una serie de entrevistas inspiradoras, donde poder conocer de cerca, a personas que después de su jubilación no han querido parar y han seguido emprendiendo proyectos increíbles, sin importarles la edad.
    ¿Se puede ser influencer de moda con 90 años? ¿emprender un proyecto sostenible y social con 72? ¿estudiar un doctorado de zooarqueología con 70? ¿pasar de comercial de barriles de fuel a cocinero con 65? Conoce todas las historias increíbles, porque hay mucha vida más allá de los 65.

  • This podcast is about three fathers in our most comfortable and fashionable socks getting together and sharing our journey in parenting and life. There will be relatable and candid discussions about real life issues that fathers face in parenting, and through marriage and singleness. Watch as we learn, laugh, and grow, with you as men, husbands, leaders and sons in this journey.

  • Lærerliv, en podkast fra lærerprofesjonens etiske rÃ¥d. I lærerliv tar vi opp viktige spørsmÃ¥l som gjelder barnehage, skole og høyere utdanning. Vi lytter til ulike stemmer og diskusjoner profesjonens etiske ansvar og verdier.

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  • A podcast with conversations about raising kids and households to know and love Jesus

  • A podcast about late diagnosed and self diagnosed autistics.Each episode we will cover a topic that looks at how an autistic person makes their way in the world after not being aware of their autism most of their life. Hosts Dan and Bianca bring a more personal and lived approach to the table and hope that their stories can help others along the way.

  • Transform Your birth Podcast will educate, entertain and support your ability to navigate pregnancy and prepare to give birth. We can't control birth, but Tracey helps us to see how we can influence it and how it helps us to become parents.

    Transform Parenting Founder Tracey Anderson Askew explores birth through stories and the lens of what birth can teach us. She prepares families for birth and parenting and views birth as the catalyst for the transformation necessary to go from woman to mother, and man to father. These podcasts will share that wisdom and change the current birth narrative from what happens in birth to how birth changes us.

  • Allie Long is a world class professional and Olympic soccer player who has won two National Women's Soccer League Championships, and a World Cup. She is now facing her biggest challenge, motherhood. Allie is mother of twins born in 2022. Mom Goals is the show for new moms who want an experienced mom friend to explore their experiences and ambitions with; physically, in their work, and in motherhood. Allie Long goes all in on all the ways becoming a mom turns your life upside-down; from your relationship to your body to identifying developmental milestones (without panicking) to staying competitive in your field–with the help of occasional experts along the way. 

  • A fun collection of audiobooks for 2-7 year olds. Read by Amelia, an experienced Speech and Language Therapist in the UK, passionate about spreading the joy of reading books.

    Each story is followed by simple conversation prompts for listeners, encouraging interactive story reading and learning.

    These conversations support language development, verbal reasoning and inferencing skills, all which facilitate wider reading and writing skills in young children.

  • Brought to you by Dyslexia Canada, Sharing Stories is a show where kids share their latest book reviews and discuss their reading adventures. Perfect for all ages and reading abilities, if you love books and want to know what to read next, you're in the right place! If you have dyslexia, you can become a member of CELA to get audiobooks and digital books for free. Head over to their website ( and register today.

  • Lindsey Sherman, otherwise known as La La Lindsey, is an Expressive Arts Therapist, as well as a Children's Musician & Storyteller. "Draw Along Stories" encourages the inner artist in all young ones! In each episode La La shares an original story or poem and invites kiddos to draw the images they see in their imagination while listening in. Recommended for children ages 3-7.

  • The Beast Mode Kids Podcast was created to bring parents and children together. My name is Patrick Davy and my co-host is my son, Bo Davy. Together, we will be discussing topics like going to a new school, bullying, how to make good food choices, and basically growing up. We will also be talking about the day to day issues that occur between parents and children. We will discuss ways to improve our communication by reviewing our experiences together. I hope to start closing the gap between parents and their children...and it all begins with talking.

  • Having a baby overseas can be scary. We're here to help!

    In the Having A Baby In China Podcast, Certified Breastfeeding Counselor Jacquelyn Carman (CBC, CBI) and Certified Birth Doula Ruth Greene (CD, CBI), share their hard-won wisdom and insights gained from personal experience and combined decades of coming alongside women and international couples during the pre- peri- and post-natal periods of their childbearing journeys while living in the People's Republic of China. Join Jacquelyn, Ruth, and their guests as they relate true, personal stories of birthing babies and raising kids while living abroad in the Middle Kingdom.

  • The Teachers Talking Teaching podcast. We aim to celebrate and elevate the work of teachers in our community - near and far. We hope you enjoy and please subscribe today!

  • 我們是圓圓的爸媽,叫我們圓圓爸媽就好。

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  • Es un espacio para conocer cómo podemos aplicar los avances de la neuroeducacion en el nivel preescolar.

  • El aprender a escuchar el sonido de los pájaros es un ejercicio de contemplación, nos ayudará a tomar conciencia del presente o de disfrutar del momento.

  • Laïcidade c'est la chaine audio en baladodiffusion de l'UFAL (Union des FAmilles Laïques). L’UFAL est une association familiale au sens de l’article L211-1 du Code de l’action sociale et des familles et l’un des sept mouvements à recrutement général de l’Union Nationale des Associations Familiales (UNAF). 
    L’UFAL est une association agréée :

    « Jeunesse et Éducation populaire » par le ministère de la Jeunesse, des Sports et de la Vie associative.
    pour la représentation des usagers du système de santé dans les instances hospitalières ou de santé publique par le ministère de la Santé.
    Certaines UFAL départementales possèdent l’agrément « Association de consommateurs ».

    Le rôle de l’UFAL est de :

    définir et de défendre les droits et les intérêts matériels et moraux des familles, de les représenter en toutes circonstances, d’agir en leur nom et d’intervenir, notamment auprès des pouvoirs publics, des organismes semi-publics, des collectivités et des institutions publiques.
    d’agir avec tous les partenaires constitutifs de la vie sociale, en vue de garantir les droits matériels et moraux des familles et de l’enfant, dans le respect de la laïcité, de l’État et de la société.

    Les principes défendus par l’UFAL :
    L’UFAL considère la famille comme une construction sociale qui regroupe des personnes en fonction de leurs désirs, de leur histoire et des contraintes de leur environnement économique et social. De ce fait, l’UFAL entend s’intéresser à toutes les familles et aider toutes celles qui en ont besoin, sans discrimination et dans la diversité des choix librement consentis.
    Pour l’UFAL, la laïcité est d’abord un cadre juridique, applicable à tous et garantissant la liberté de conscience. Elle assure le respect de la pluralité du paysage familial et de la réalité des modes de vie, assurant ainsi l’égalité en droit de tous les citoyens.
    Pour cela, l’UFAL défend les neuf principes républicains du XXIe siècle que sont la liberté, l’égalité, la fraternité, la laïcité, la démocratie, la solidarité, la sûreté, la souveraineté populaire et le développement écologique et social.

    #Laïcité #Familles #Egalité #ProtectionSociale #École #Logement #Féminisme #Écologie 

  • Las entrevistas de SER PADRES, un proyecto liderado por Marta Moreno donde podrás conocer las historias de personas expertas y en relación con la crianza.

    Un podcast de la Revista Ser Padres.

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