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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • The Master Key was one of Baum’s earliest full length fantasy books for children, published in 1901 just one year after The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The protagonist, Rob, while experimenting in his workshop, accidentally summons up an electrical fairy who presents him with electrical devices so advanced as to seem magical. His gifts include a flying contraption, a stun gun, and something resembling an omniscient portable TV set. Rob travels the world, rendering assistance to European heads of state and narrowly escaping disaster at the hands of “primitive” cannibals, Turks and Tatars, pirates, and evil scientists who try to steal his inventions. It’s great fun, despite the occasional use of racial stereotypes that reflect the values of its time.

  • In this Odia audio series, Meena takes you through her adventures with her brother Raju and per parrot Mithu discussing the lives of children in South Asia - in the setting of their village and beyond.

    Meena: a spirited, nine-year old girl is an animated character from South Asia who tackles key issues affecting children, and promotes the protection and rights of girls.

    In each episode, Meena addresses a specific set of issues in an entertaining, informative, and a positive way.

    Thank you for listening to this podcast by SwasthyaPlus, the Odia digital health platform. The content in this podcast has been developed and produced by UNICEF. This podcast is an effort to digitally disseminate the Meena series for public awareness around public health, child rights, and various other social issues.

  • Do you want to have a close relationship with God?Do you want to stop comparing and walk in the purposes God has for YOU? Are you finding it hard to find time in your busy schedule to just sit with the Lord? Are you constantly questioning His purpose and plan for your life? If any of this resonated, I’m so glad you are here!!

    In this podcast you will find confidence in who you are in Jesus! You are His beautiful daughter my friend! You will learn to stop comparing and realize the amazing gifts and purposes God has specifically for you! You will be encouraged to find and grow in community and learn the importance of Christian friendship!

    As christian women we can get caught up in the world through chasing and achieving. This will separate us from God and rob us of true peace that only comes from Him. BUT when we are intentional about our relationship with Jesus, we can know who we are in Him and walk in victory and freedom!

    Hey! I’m your host, Angela Pitnikoff. I'm a pastor’s wife, mom to 3 crazy boys, and a worship leader. I love Jesus, my family, my church, my friends, tacos and pizza(vegan style!) Even though I have been a christian my whole life, I struggled with being close to Him and understanding His love for me. I was constantly striving to earn God’s love through works, busying myself with church related things and my family, instead of consistently seeking Him first. I finally realized I didn’t need to earn His love but was already loved as a His daughter! How amazing is that??

    I want to encourage YOU, with Holy Spirit led strategies, to stop achieving and start receiving God’s love so you can walk confidently in the purposes He has for you!

    My heart for you, beautiful daughter, is for you to feel seen, known and loved by God and to walk in your rightful place as heiress to God's kingdom!

    It's time for you to know your true worth through Jesus so you can have freedom, victory and purpose in your every day life! Let's do this!

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  • Taking a deep dive into Border Collies and other herding breeds. Helping you play to their strengths, minimise their weaknesses and understand their quirks. Listen in to learn for leading training and behaviour experts on how to set your dog up for success, understand your Urban Herder more and hit those training goals.Brought to you by Ellen Coop, Herding Breed Specialist.

  • Takiwatānga, Love Not Cure; Exploring autism one strength at a time.

    Takiwatānga is the Te Reo Māori word for autism. From 'tōku/tōna anō takiwā' - 'my/his/her own time and space'
    This is a New Zealand-based podcast about autism.
    Voice introduction from Temple Grandin and from other amazing speakers of Ted X presentations. No intention of any copyright infringement.

    Guy Shahar - The beautiful reality of autism
    Chris Varney - How my unstoppable mother proved the experts wrong
    Zachary Betz - The benefits of autism
    Temple Grandin - Speaking to an audience

  • The podcast for dads that lead. Not every leader is a dad — but all dads are called to lead. If you're a father wanting to lead well at work and home, this is the podcast for you.

  • Being a new mom or working-mom can be hard. At Pros&Babes, we believe you should never be alone with the overwhelm of figuring out work/life balance on your own! Did you know that women can lose up to a million dollars over a lifetime, compared to men, because caring for our loved ones shapes our career paths on a much larger scale - and with lasting effects? And that 40% of women feel so unsupported after maternity leave, they feel like quitting the career they worked so hard for? It’s called the “motherhood penalty.”We’re here to change that! Let’s make sure motherhood is our greatest advantage and source of joy! This is the place where YOU, successful moms with small kids working in competitive, corporate and STEM careers come to: Redefine your priorities and values after having children with absolute clarity so that you’re confident about your decisions in parenting, relationships, and career, create work/life balance on your terms so that you can hold space for what brings you joy and meaning - and expand your impact in your career and community, play on the same team with your spouse so that both of you can fulfil your personal goals while being present parents and intimate partners… and find belonging in an outstanding community of fellow moms, so that you create a clear path forward and are never alone with crushing overwhelm, isolation, or fears about balancing life and work after kids again.We bring you the best tips, guest experts, and interviews to engineer your personal and professional success, without compromising family happiness or health. It doesn’t matter if you are pregnant, on maternity leave, or a working mom...if you love your career and want to build a life that helps you build success on YOUR terms, you’re in the right place!

  • A weekly podcast where Teacher Ollie summarises his key takeaways from twitter, blogs, research papers, conversations, and his classroom.

  • Welcome to the Live. Learn. and Play Podcast. A podcast about the people, places, and programs of Arkansas Children's. Our mission at Arkansas Children's is to champion children by making them better today and healthier tomorrow. Throughout these podcasts we will hear the emotional stories of hope, hardship, and healing from the patients and families of Arkansas Children's. We will be releasing new stories from our families once a month so be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts.

  • Mama’s Daily Dose is the short, actionable podcast for moms of young kids. You devote yourself to your kids and now you don’t know who you are, what you want and who you want to be. You’re left asking yourself, “what do I want?”Everything looks great on the outside - you have the partner, kids, house, car…but something is still missing. This is your opportunity to discover that “something” through small actions each day. I’ve tried on all the “mom” hats - stay at home mom, working mom, mom entrepreneur; so you don’t have to. I’ve helped hundreds achieve their goals and love their life as “mom” AND an individual… and you can too! Get your Daily Dose and actionable step Monday - Friday. Press play and subscribe. Want more personalized help to figure your sh*t out? Book your Confident Mama Session at

  • With the help of experts from across the country and some very curious kids, we explore a wide range of important and timely topics in STEAM—science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

    STEAM Daydream is a children's podcast created by National Children’s Museum located in downtown Washington, DC. With a mission to inspire children to care about and change the world, the Museum sparks curiosity and ignites creativity for children under the age of twelve and their families through playful exhibits, programs, and virtual offerings. Learn more at

  • If your kiddo has a food allergy, then this is the podcast for you. Join board-certified allergist Dr. Alice Hoyt and food allergy mama Pam Lestage, MBA, as they dive into all things food allergy. Expect interviews with world-renown allergists as well as food allergy advocates and food allergy families, just like yours. This podcast will answer YOUR food allergy questions and provide YOU with strategies that you can then discuss with your allergist. Tune in to demystify this strange and often scary disease so that you and your family can do what all families want to do: enjoy life! And learn even more at, where you have access evidence-based information about navigating life with food allergies!

  • Hosted by two kids who love all sea creatures! Join your hosts Caiden and Dylan for a kids-eye view of the coolest sea creatures around. We'll share stories, fun facts, and introduce you to the amazing world under the sea.

  • Once upon a time, there were two little boys named Elliott and Oliver... This has been the start to nightly stories for two little boys for over six years. As the stories progressed, characters and themes emerged and the stories became more than just transitions into the realm of slumber; they became tools for learning and understanding the world around them. Elliott and Oliver are diagnosed ASD/OCD and ADHD, conditions that inevitably wrap into the plots and often provide comfort and explanation through abstract means.For parents seeking safe, colorful bedtime stories for their children (as well as the child inside the parent), enjoy with us the random and whimsical adventures with us! To continue the adventure in written and illustrated form, enjoy the boys' adventure in the Cloud Islands at:

  • Welcome to the Universe of short stories about nature. We will explore life of animals, plants, dinosaurs, planet Earth, space, human body, and many more.

    Author: Alexander Tolmachev, an educational show broadcaster, natural historian and children book author.

  • Edie's Fairytale Theatre presents... Storytime with Edie! Listen to our original versions of classic fairytales with fun & educational twists families are sure to love, read by co-writer, Edie Avioli.Written by Edie Avioli, Charlotte Dougherty, & Scott SearsRecorded & Edited by Charles Sears Support this podcast: