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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • Prestonwood is a dynamic congregation, with people from all over the North Texas region who have come together for a common purposeto study God’s Word, to worship Him, to do His work, and to reach the world with the Gospel message.

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  • Everyone likes a good story. All of us have benefited from Christian biographies. Hopefully we are the faithful Christians about whom future generations will talk. Reconstructionists have at times been called bookish, pugnacious, cold, arrogant. After all, knowledge does puff up! But nothing humbles and bring us back to the foot of the cross like sharing the story of the depths from which God has delivered us. And nothing should renew our ardor like fixing our eyes on our high calling in Christ Jesus, and what lies ahead. In addition, being familiar with the story of our brothers and sisters will assist and spur us on to pray for them in love. This is a production of Reconstructionist Radio.

  • This is a podcast for both Spirit-filled parents and children’s ministry leaders who are interested in raising a generation of boys and girls to walk in the supernatural power of God.

  • Evelyn Johnson Minton is a child of God, Mother, Grandmother, Wife, Nurse, and Author.. The Lord has filled her with great wisdom to share with family, friends, and anyone in need. She is of Christian faith, and seeks answers through prayer. Evelyn shares many life experiences through stories, in which she shares during podcast episodes, with her daughter, Dr. Billie J. Minton, as the interviewer. Evelyn Johnson Minton is a Mother to five girls; Linda, Brenda, Phyllis, Billie, and Libby. She is the wife of Philip F. Minton, Jr. (P.F.). Evelyn has many special grandchildren, and several precious great-grandchildren. She has been a nurse for many years, and is the Director of Nursing at Medication Management Center, LLC. in Kingsport, Tennessee, with her daughter, Dr. Billie J. Minton. Evelyn relies on God as her source of faith, Love, and strength. Evelyn enjoys her family, patients, feeding birds, and music. She is filled with Love, laughter, intelligence, compassion, and has lots of energy. Some of Evelyn's most enjoyable hobbies are birds, music, cooking, and decorating for holidays, especially Christmas. Evelyn's Christmas lights are so stunning that people all over Kingsport, TN tell us that they look forward to seeing them each year. Evelyn has won many awards for her Christmas light decorations. She enjoys feeding the birds at work, and home. One of Evelyn's personal quotes, "You can Love all animals even if you do not own one yourself." Evelyn Minton and her daughter, Dr. Billie J. Minton are the authors of the Blue Ridge Tenderpup children's series. These books may be found at the author's website and

  • Have you experienced an emotionally or religiously destructive relationship? This community encourages you to Living Brighter 1% at a time. I’m Tara, Christian Life Coach and two times psych ward attendee from a destructive relationship.

  • Stories change lives. Being part of this collective evolution experience means a willingness to share our stories, and the courage to talk about our challenges and wins. In this, we find growth and connection. I grew up in a religiously abusive home. I wasn't looking for a spontaneous spiritual awakening, but it found me, transforming my life overnight. I am a certified Human Design reader passionate about authentic expression, creative liberation, astrology, spirituality, and community connection. My name is Cassandra DeAnn and this is my podcast Things I Talk About.

  • Every church has a message, and every church has a moment. At City Life, you will find our message to be encapsulated in one word, life! In 1 John 5:11 we read that God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. We want everyone in our city to have the eternal life He promises, the hope of heaven to come but also a life now that can only be described as heaven on earth! We hope to see you this Saturday as we worship together, and when you come, you will also discover our moment, the word we use to express what every visitor first encounters, welcomed! In Acts, there is one word that describes the world’s reaction to the Church, awe. We want to awe the world still today, with a message of life and a moment that welcomes all!

    Rearranging the Weekend...Reawakening Life!

  • Appropriating The Culture evaluates the culture from a Christian perspective, and provides tools, insights, and means for Christians to better impact the culture to be more receptive to the Gospel. ATC demonstrates the need for Christian engagement in the culture with a mix of philosophy, film study, apologetics, and wry humor.

  • I want to have easy access to good stuff for good people, and so I bring you some simple yet deep insights here for people on the fly. I'm always open to requests for topics, so give me a holler!

  • The Live Well with Josie Podcast is a space for women to gather weekly and listen to conversations about mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health topics. Conversations about living your best life full of intention.

  • In Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion, philosopher David Hume examines whether belief in God can be rational. The work takes the form of a debate between three characters: Cleanthes, who argues that the existence and nature of God can be empirically verified; Demea, who argues that God is completely beyond human knowledge; and Philo, a philosophical skeptic widely thought to represent Hume’s own beliefs. Much of the debate centers around Cleanthes’ presentation of the analogical argument from design. According to this argument, the complexity and beauty of the universe can only be explained by inferring an intelligent designer, in the same way that one would infer a designer if one came across an intricately complicated machine. Philo presents several objections to this argument, with rejoinders by Cleanthes and occasional interjections by Demea.

  • Welcome to the Partners in Marriage Podcast!

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  • True stories of God working in real people's lives showing that not only is God real, he is good. All brought to you by two sisters.

  • Your host Jim Calhoun has lived off of the grid for many years. Throughout these shows, his goal is to help you prepare for a future if/when the grid fails.

  • The Pourover podcast is a podcast by Marcus Pointe Baptist Church. Grab your Bible, a coffee, and listen in to learn more about how to practically live out your faith! You can always expect to laugh and learn each episode with Pastor Jacob and Pastor Preston. — For more information about Marcus Pointe Baptist Church check out or follow us on social media @pensacolachurch

  • Tom Facchine is a remarkable scholar and intellectual who has consistently dedicated himself to the pursuit of knowledge and the dissemination of truth. His journey is an inspiring tale of how passion and commitment can shape a life dedicated to the betterment of society.

    Born with an innate curiosity and a thirst for understanding, Tom’s early years were marked by a deep fascination with the intricacies of the world around him. This curiosity eventually led him to embark on an academic journey that would set the foundation for his future endeavors.

    Throughout his educational path, Tom’s thirst for knowledge remained unquenchable. He tirelessly pursued various disciplines, from philosophy to theology, and from history to contemporary social issues. This multidisciplinary approach not only enriched his understanding of the world but also equipped him with a unique perspective that transcends the boundaries of conventional scholarship.

    Tom’s intellectual prowess became evident as he delved into complex topics, always seeking to unravel the hidden truths that lay beneath the surface. His ability to critically analyze intricate subjects earned him the admiration of peers and mentors alike. His rigorous research methodologies and thought-provoking insights quickly established him as a thought leader in his chosen fields of study.

    As a devoted scholar, Tom Facchine’s contributions extend beyond the confines of academia. He is a firm believer in the power of knowledge to ignite positive change in society. His involvement in various research initiatives and community-based projects underscores his commitment to applying his scholarly insights to real-world issues. Whether it’s addressing socio-economic disparities or fostering interfaith dialogue, Tom’s work consistently exemplifies his dedication to the betterment of humanity.

    One of the notable aspects of Tom’s journey is his affiliation with the Yaqeen Institute. As an integral part of the institute’s team, Tom’s role goes beyond being a mere scholar. He is a beacon of intellectual honesty and a source of reliable information. Through his meticulously researched articles and thought-provoking presentations, he strives to instill a sense of critical thinking and a quest for truth in his audience.

    Tom Facchine’s biography is a testament to the transformative power of knowledge. His unwavering dedication to uncovering truth and his passion for sharing that truth with the world have not only enriched his own life but have also left an indelible mark on the lives of those he interacts with. In a world often clouded by misinformation, Tom stands as a beacon of intellectual integrity, inspiring others to seek knowledge, question assumptions, and contribute to a more informed and enlightened global community.

  • Fertility Support- Trying to Conceive- Hormone Balance - Fertility Nutrition- Fertility Coaching- PCOS- Natural Fertility

    Do you want to skip all the googling and guessing and get pregnant sooner?
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    Hi! I’m Tori Black your new ttc bff and fertility guide. I’m about to take your fertility journey from hopeless and overwhelming to streamlined and empowered!

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