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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • Dean Reed's Hollywood career was brief, but he became an international superstar during the height of the Cold War, living in Latin America and communist Europe. After going public about wanting to return home to the United States, Dean's life came to a mysterious end. Decades later, his daughter Ramona is determined to find out what really happened to him.

  • Inspired by the Eighth House in astrology, the place of mystery, death, depth and intensity, rationality, logical thinking, this True Crime podcast is made for those who want to understand and know a subject inside and out.

  • We're a mother-daughter podcasting duo bringing you true tales of murder and mystery from the Golden State. Got a question, comment, or suggestion for a future episode? Send us an email at [email protected]! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, @theccspod, where we’ll be posting some photos and letting you know about upcoming episodes. 

  • When 16-year-old Selena Not Afraid goes missing from a rest stop in rural Montana the community comes together to find her. Searches with helicopters, thermal drones, dogs, and hundreds of volunteers cover a 5 mile radius around the rest stop. Selena’s family and volunteer search party stay at the rest stop for weeks. When the search is eventually handed over to law enforcement and Selena’s family leaves the rest stop, Selena is found less than a mile away. Police say that Selena wandered off on the day she went missing and froze to death in the place she was found. Searchers who covered that area say that it would have been impossible to miss finding Selena in that spot. We may never know what happened to Selena but her death is not a mystery. Selena and so many other Native American people go missing and get murdered because the law allows it to happen.

  • A true crime podcast for all the true crime obsessed people out there. Covering serial killers, kidnappings, disappearances and more. Get your weekly dose of creepy with hosts Andy and Bridget.

  • Welcome to Hold my Flashlight where the stories come from you, the listeners.
    I’m Jasper, your host.
    So settle in, hold my flashlight, and listen as I tell your tales of crime, paranormal, and just simply the unexplainable…
    If you have a story you would like to share, you may do so by emailing [email protected] or posting in the sub-reddit reddit.com/r/holdmyflashlight

  • A Mexican-American journalist and a Cuban-Mexican investigative reporter walk into a recording studio with a bottle of tequila and reveal one of the most shocking true crime investigative stories you will ever hear.

    From Futuro Investigates and Latino USA โ€”in partnership with Lemonada Mediaโ€”โ€œUSA v. Garcรญa Lunaโ€ tells the story of the most powerful Mexican government official ever to face trial in the United States for his alleged ties to the infamous drug lord Joaquรญn โ€œEl Chapoโ€ Guzmรกn.

    His name is Genaro Garcรญa Luna. Maybe you've never heard about him, but in five episodes, Pulitzer Prize winner Maria Hinojosa and Emmy Award winner Peniley Ramรญrez will tell you why he matters and how his story connects to the U.S. government, the war on drugs and millions of dollars from U.S. taxpayers.

    This is not your regular narco series. Itโ€™s the result of a 10-year investigation and a shared journalistic obsession. We tackle corruption in the DEA, question how U.S. money funds the war on drugs and how Washington picks its allies. It gets deep, personal and absurd. Itโ€™s really like true crime meets telenovela.

  • Join us as we dive into a dark and disturbing world! If it will keep you up at night we will talk about it! Serial killers, cryptids, hauntings, conspiracies, aliens, ghosts, and more! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/bumpinthenightpodcast/support

  • Welcome to the society of Curious Creatures. I'm your host Chantel and here I dive deep into the unknown and explore urban legends, unsolved mysteries, and paranormal stories. On YouTube you can watch me as I design a new a page for my curious creatures book of shadows and explore the deep dark unknown. If you are interested in intriguing stories and soft-spoken ASMR then this may be the podcast for you. Want to connect with me?- Instagram Want to support the channel? -Check out my Psychological thriller: The Good Sister, written under the penname Bella Eve. _Patreon Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/intotheshadowswego/support

  • โ€‹Have you ever felt the spine tingling chills of a cold case? Perhaps a missing person's report made the hairs on your neck stand up? True crime is full of tales that heighten the senses and leave us with a healthy respect for the unknown.โ€‹ASMR, or Autonomous sensory meridian response, is that tingling sensation on your scalp when someone whispers in your ear or brushes past your shirt. Marry the feeling of ASMR with the chills of true crime, and you get a unique podcast experience like few before it. We dare you to listen...Come visit us on the web at www.murderpod.net Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/asmurder/support

  • This is a podcast dedicated to helping families with missing loved ones especially under-reported missing people of color. I look at cold cases and other curious things that people want to talk about. I do my best to get to the heart of the story and double-check my information to make sure it’s accurate. I also make contact with law enforcement for updates on cases and to submit tips!!! BE SAFE AND STAY TRUE!!!

  • Welcome friends! Join me as I talk about true crime with a rotating guest list. We will always be respectful of victims, believe survivors, and give our two cents. All opinions expressed are strictly that - personal opinions. Monsters Walk With Us is created, researched, hosted, and edited by Mary O. and Executive Produced by patron Mikey!Theme : Mada by Eugenio Mininni - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3kikg97VkI

  • Deep Dive True Crime series surrounding children. First series is about children who kill. Feedback to [email protected]

  • Crime Feast is a true crime podcast with stories served up weekly by your hosts, three friends (aka Feasters!) who are obsessed with all things crime.

  • Often, we want to believe we are far removed from the crime in our world, but crime is closer than we think. Listen to a deep dive into crimes past and present. Details on those committing these acts, the victims, their families, and the effects left behind. Bringing crime to a human level is the purpose. Let's bring crime to the family table.

  • A podcast following the tragic murders of four college students at the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho.

  • We are just moms that love talking about crime and spooky stuff! You may occasionally here the signs of children in the background. If you want to hear us rant about cases, that's cool. If you don't, that's fine too!


  • Join Host Hunter Strickland and cohost Jason Sparks as they dive into the minds and madness of serial killers.

  • Three Black b*tches who love True Crime come together to give you a fresh perspective on some unusual cases. The hosts, Carter (they/them), Kierra-Elewa (all pronouns), & Erin (she/her), discuss what’s Current in Crime and take a deep dive into a new case each week. Join our gender expansive, mostly queer, & all Black hosts as we laugh to keep from crying while delving deep into the creepy, weird, and wild!

  • Sway & Liz, a content couple who do fun challenges & are also true crime connoisseur, are diving into the podcast world and are bringing their true crime expertise into their long awaited podcast called The Scaredy Kats Podcast. So each week on Wednesday and Friday's at 3pm Mountain Time, we will dive into some chilling true crime stories, Mexican urban legends, The Illuminati and lots more, so come on join us Scaredy Kats we promise it'll be fun MUAHAHAAAA .....We love to be ourselves in these episodes but keep it spooky at the same time so give us a try, we also love interacting with our supporters so if you enjoyed add us to your favorites and join the Scaredy Kats Gang today.