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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • The Members-Only Podcast, hosted by history buff and mob aficionado, Jacob Stoops. He tells the true-crime biographies of real-life mobsters and dives deep into the plots, sub-plots, and real facts behind the Mafia (aka Cosa Nostra), as well as popular mob films and television shows. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/the-members-only-podcast/support

  • In September 2014, 3-year-old Sarah and 2-year-old Jacob were last seen in the care of their mother, Catherine Hoggle, in Maryland. Sarah and Jacob have never been found. After disappearing for several days, Catherine was arrested and ultimately charged with the children’s murder. Catherine was declared not competent to stand trial shortly after and has been committed to a psychiatric facility until her competency can be restored.

    But plenty of people - including some of Catherine’s own family members - have suggested she’s faking incompetence, convinced it’s her path out of prison.

    Sarah and Jacob’s dad, Troy, and his wife, Stephanie, continue to search for the kids, desperate for both answers and justice. And now, the clock is ticking. Maryland law requires dismissal of murder charges against a defendant found incompetent to stand trial after the expiration of five years. This means that Catherine could be on the verge of release. Troy, Stephanie and their lawyer, Matt—along with police and prosecutors—are racing to stop that from happening.

    In addition to a compelling and tragic personal narrative, this case raises broader issues about mental health and the justice system and the unintended consequences of well-intentioned laws—including one key question: Can you really fake being incompetent and get away with murder?

  • "The Secrets of Scotland Yard" was a radio show that aired in the United States from 1949 to 1952. It was a dramatization of true crimes that were solved by Scotland Yard, the famous police force in London, England. Each episode featured a different case and provided an inside look into the investigative techniques used by the Yard to solve the crime.

    The show was popular for its attention to detail and accuracy in portraying the real-life cases. Many of the cases featured were high-profile and had captured the public's attention at the time they occurred. The program was hosted by Clive Brook, an English actor, who provided background information and commentary on the cases.

    Some of the cases featured on the show included the Green Bicycle Murder, the Houndsditch Murders, and the case of the Croydon Poisoner. "The Secrets of Scotland Yard" was one of the first radio shows to focus exclusively on true crime stories, and it paved the way for other popular shows in the genre, such as "Dragnet" and "The FBI in Peace and War."

    Despite its popularity, the show was criticized by some for glamorizing crime and for providing a sensationalized portrayal of the investigations. Nevertheless, "The Secrets of Scotland Yard" remains an important part of the history of true crime radio shows and helped to pave the way for the true crime genre's continued popularity in modern times.

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  • Just another true crime podcast, except we will be taking our listeners on a roadtrip across the US (and maybe international waters who knows). Join Troy and Shan every Sunday as they discuss true crime and the occasional spooks through each of the 50 United States. Make sure to buckle up, grab your iced coffee cause we are going on a murder roadtrip!

  • The Family Ties is a True Crime podcast that focuses on crimes committed against children in the United States. In each episode, Kelley tells a true-crime case about a child that has been abused, neglected, tortured, and often murdered. The goal is to educate the public on this national epidemic and encourage the show's viewers and listeners to take action in their communities and fight for law reform to better protect the most vulnerable among us.

  • True Crime + Comedy + Trashville Crew = Murder Schmurder

  • This is a program for the every day person who has an interest in all things aviation from the educational, accidents/incidents, airport highlights, stories of survival, the mysterious, strange, to the unusual.  We plan to highlight stories' in aviation weekly.  

    Who am I? As I don't claim to be an expert in everything aviation, I have worked in in the industry for 16 years old and I currently still work in the industry with 22 years in varying roles. 

    I hope you find interest in what we do here and decide to take flight with us!

    Feel free to drop as a email at [email protected]

  • Welcome to my special psychic edition of "The Missing," where we take a deep dive into various missing person case files. These would include those who have vanished without a trace, murders, serial killings, closed case files that still have lingering questions hanging over those tragic circumstances. Some famous, some known, some not so well-known.. those that my followers would like to see covered. Social media, true crime podcasts, authentic psychic profiling techniques, responsibly involved news media outlets - this is what will give movement, details, & discovery to "The Missing."

  • One July night in 1995, Deputy Sheriff William G. Hardy was shot behind the Crown Sterling Suites hotel in Birmingham, Alabama. At the same time as the murder, at least ten people saw Toforest Johnson four miles away, at a popular nightclub called Tee's Place. But detectives zeroed in on him as a main suspect in Deputy Hardy’s murder anyway, ultimately resulting in Toforest being tried, convicted, and sentenced to death. For over a quarter century, Toforest has been confined to a 5’ by 8’ cell on Alabama’s death row.

    In 2019, investigative journalist Beth Shelburne began covering the case, going down a disturbing rabbit hole revealing many unsettling facts that cast grave doubts about Toforest’s guilt. The facts she found tear at the very foundation of the American criminal justice system: No eyewitnesses or physical evidence tied Toforest to the murder; the state tried to convict a different man for the same crime; and perhaps most disturbing of all, Toforest’s conviction relied on an ‘earwitness’ – a woman who claimed to have eavesdropped on an incriminating phone call, a woman whom prosecutors paid for her testimony, in secret. That payment was not disclosed to the jury, Toforest, or his lawyers until after he had been on death row for 17 years.

    From the team behind the award-winning hit podcast Bone Valley, Lava for Good’s Earwitness is an 8-episode docuseries that asks the question, “How did an innocent man end up on death row — and why is the state still trying to execute him over the objection of the prosecutor who put him there?” Shelburne’s unprecedented access to key players—the lead detective, lead prosecutor, witnesses, jurors, and the earwitness herself— illuminate a story filled with disturbing twists, frustrating ambiguities, and shocking admissions. The story of Toforest Johnson and the state's enthusiasm for the death penalty in the face of such troubling evidentiary flaws brings to light the failings of a criminal justice system run amok.

  • A podcast about some of the most spectacular terrorist attacks in history. In this podcast I tell the stories of the terrorists, their victims and the consequences for the survivors and for society. About people who will sacrifice their own lives or the lives of others for a political, economic, religious or social goal. Who was behind it, who they wanted to hit and not least: Why.

  • I Swear To Drunk I Am Not God is a podcast that mixes true crime and all things spooky with killer cocktails. Get tipsy on drinks curated by your host, Britt Perkins, while she dives into some of the gnarliest true crime stories known to man or woman. Get ready for some debauchery because this will be inappropriate in all the right ways!

  • On June 6, 1996, two young boys were murdered. Less than two weeks later, their mother would be arrested for their murder. For over 25 years, she has claimed to be innocent. This podcast explores the crime, the trial, and the aftermath.

  • The Dark Oak is a weekly thrill inducing podcast for both true crime junkies and casual mystery fans.

  • What happens when a crime scene forensic investigator explores some of the most notorious crimes in Australian history?

  • Joe Henry was the glue that held his family together. Now, he is dead, and his wife and sons are coming together for one final journey to scatter his ashes. First, however, his loved ones have some things to work out.David, the older son, believes that any minute his life is going to fall apart and everyone he loves will leave him. His brother, Scott, can’t shake the belief that at heart, people are inherently rotten. Doris, their mother, just doesn’t believe in anything anymore.Wickedly funny & biting, it is an essential exploration of modern American grief, family violence, & redemption.

  • When a parent dies, they always leave something behind to their kids. For Alex Estrada it was a burning question: was his father involved in the 1973 murder of one of his business partners? The Estate is a true-crime documentary podcast series following Alex's search for the truth. A murder mystery, political conspiracy and family memoir, touching on race, the justice system and a pain that moves from one generation to the next. Produced by Sonoro in partnership with Tenderfoot TV.

  • Alabama is known for its southern hospitality family values, small towns and farms, from Montgomery to Millbrook from Pine Level to Prattville. For some of these families, something devastating connects them. Death, a murder, an unsolved mystery, it's these cases that caught our attention and led to the series. Interviewing investigators, meeting with family members, getting updates on cases, some that have turned cold. Join us every week as we do a deep dive. This is Case Files a WSFA 12 News Defenders podcast.

  • A woman reinvestigates the murders that defined her high school years in the 1980s, murders that appear to be happening all over again with a new round of unexplainable, bizarre, and violent deaths. Is it just a stroke of bad luck for this charming small town, or is it a dark curse that refuses to be buried? Inspired by a true story where the coming-of-age drama of John Hughes movies meets the nostalgia-laced chills of Stranger Things. This is THE MURDER YEARS.

  • Welcome to the " Tell No Tale True Crime Stories Podcast. Click On The Subscribe Button To Enjoy Horrorful Dreadful Insane Cold And Heartless "Free True Crime Stories"; featuring "The Best" And the most intriguing Real Life Crime Stories that Happened In The United States And Beyond. Listeners' discretion is advised. New episodes every week. Enjoy the show. _Nezpod Studios. ® 2023. 

  • Made for all lovers of "True Crime" the "Bloody Drown Valley" Show holds a vast storage of "over 5000+ episodes" of "True Crime Stories" from "missing persons to abduction murder" and trends of insane "serial killers" on the loss. Click on the "Subscribe button" and be availed of fresh new episodes every Tuesday and Friday "free". Join us as we dive into the most intriguing cases of "true crimes in America" and the world in general only on "Bloody Drown Valley" brought to you by KD. Listeners' Discretion is advised © Nez Podcast Studios