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  • It’s early December 2014, and at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Rosemont, Illinois, an unusual gathering is taking place. It’s the final night of Midwest Furfest, the world’s largest convention for a subculture known as Furries.
    The party is in full swing when, just after midnight, attendees suddenly find themselves struggling to breathe. Something terrible has happened: poisonous levels of chlorine gas are sweeping through the hotel corridors.
    Nineteen people are hospitalized and hundreds are evacuated into the freezing cold, many still wearing their colorful anthropomorphic animal costumes, or fursuits. Hazmat teams trace the gas to a stairwell, where they find the remains of a chemical bomb. This was an intentional attack.
    But almost a decade later, the identity of the perpetrator remains a mystery. In Fur and Loathing, investigative reporter Nicky Woolf takes on the unsolved case, working closely with Furries to find answers. It’s a journey that will bring him face-to-face with the challenges this vibrant, often misunderstood subculture faces – including the far-right extremists looking to wreck the community from within.
    Fur and Loathing, coming soon from Brazen.

  • Blackstone is a murder mystery podcast about a girl named Emma Thompson, who is murdered at her own party. Main protagonist, Tara and her group of friends are prime suspects in the case. Secrets begin to unravel in the quiet small town of Blackstone, Ohio.

  • Brandon returns home to Derlin county to solve a mystery surrounding a girl who went missing from his high school. After figuring it out, he soon realizes Derlin County has a lot more going on than meets the eye.
    With the help of his best friend Kyle, they open Investi-Gators, a private investigating practice and try to help Derlin by sinking their teeth into one case at a time.
    Join Kyle and Brandon as they solve a multitude of mysterious crimes and cases from missing persons, to ghosts, and E.B.E. Just to name a few. This show is stupid for the sake of stupid and contains strong language, listener discretion is advised!

  • This is WHALE HUNTING, a weekly podcast that pulls back the curtain on the hidden worlds of money and power, hosted by investigative journalists Tom Wright and Bradley Hope. Previously long-time reporters for the Wall Street Journal, Tom and Bradley now run Project Brazen, a journalism studio that’s published stories on everything from US Navy corruption to spycraft in Silicon Valley and embezzlement at the heart of Spain’s royal family. 
    Now, on the Whale Hunting podcast, you can join them as they share what’s got them talking this week, from the headlines to underworld gossip. Each episode will offer something different, but you can expect obscene tales of corruption, insights on the bizarre habits of billionaires, and conversations with reporters, spies, hostage negotiators, cops, authors, and the occasional criminal. Think of it as dropping in on the watercooler chat at Project Brazen’s office. 
    So join us. Subscribe to Whale Hunting, and find out how the world really works. 
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  • Murders shares the dark, and sometimes forgotten, stories that terrified entire communities. True crime tales of towns shaken while the lives of beloved friends, family, and coworkers are being taken away.

    Horror of a different kind, where neighbors become suspects and even daylight provides no safety.

    Find out more at MurdersPodcast.com or get more of our shows at Scary.fm

  • Dr. Ronald Dante is a talented hypnotist (and not an actual doctor) whose mind-bending schemes span decades. Dante worked the smoke-filled nightclubs of 1960s Hollywood and rode the self-help craze of the 1980s and 90s, hypnotizing women out of their fortunes, taking out hits on his rivals and opening up one of the biggest fake universities in history. Host Sam Mullins tracks Dante through yacht clubs, prison cells, trailer parks and theme parks to uncover the unbelievable true story of the greatest con man you’ve never heard of.

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  • Once upon a time, there were two titans of the crypto industry: Sam Bankman-Fried, the child of Stanford professors and founder of FTX, and Changpeng Zhao, the nomadic founder of Binance. The pair were the faces of crypto, generating billion-dollar fortunes comparable to the likes of Elon Musk and Bill Gates. That is, until their rivalry threatened to burn the entire industry to the ground.

    For years, the pair had waged a cold war as Sam fought to unseat Zhao, or CZ, and dominate the industry. Then, last year, CZ fired a warning shot: one that would send FTX into a downward spiral, and reveal what prosecutors describe as a staggering $8bn fraud at the heart of Samโ€™s empire. Now, as Sam potentially faces decades in prison, journalist Tom Wright has been investigating the hidden origins of his feud with CZ โ€“ starting with a key witness: CZ himself.

  • He was a trusted OB-GYN working inside one of the most prestigious universities in the world, an Ivy League school that is home to Nobel Prize winners and medical all-stars. Yet behind closed doors, Dr. Robert Hadden assaulted hundreds โ€” perhaps thousands โ€” of unsuspecting patients. When it looked like no one would be held accountable, the survivors engaged in a decade-long fight for justice.

    From the team behind the hit series Dr. Death, host and medical journalist Laura Beil unfurls the story of Dr. Haddenโ€™s horrific behavior and the ensuing cover-up. Itโ€™s a story of power: who has it, how they use it, and what it takes to get it back.

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  • Step inside the shadowy world of the 90s music industry with Casefile Presents.We go behind the velvet ropes to explore the dark side of the Hollywood club scene and the nightlife king and queen pins who ruled it. In this world, secrets trade hands like currency; among the most compelling is who murdered Brett Cantor.The tragic death of Brett Cantor sent shockwaves throughout the entertainment industry. At just 25, Cantor had built an impressive career as an A&R executive at Chrysalis Music Group and was instrumental in helping discover bands like Rage Against the Machine.Brett was at the top of his game, dating actress Rose McGowan and signing on as a partner in a popular Hollywood nightclub called Dragonfly. However, on July 30, 1993, his life in the fast lane took a tragic turn, and the music executive was murdered in his West Hollywood apartment. Today, nearly 30 years later, the case remains unsolved.Join us as we reveal the findings of our 3-year cold case investigation of Brettโ€™s final days, murder, and haunting aftermath documented by his family and friends. This is one rock 'n' roll true crime story you will never forget.

  • I need someone to talk to about true crime, will you join me? As a management consultant during the day and a true crime consultant at night, I want to go on a journey with you every week and discuss different cases. I am your new personal true crime consultant! New Episodes every Sunday.

  • Two Barbers and friends talk conspiracies, serial killers, horror movies, random murders, the paranormal and more. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/spookybarberbabes/support

  • Welcome to our podcast! Join us as we discuss stories from Radioactivity, Supernatural, Murder Mysteries, to any topics we find interesting.

  • A compelling true crime podcast featuring never-before-heard moments of real crimes told by the survivors and those who were called in to chase - and ultimately stop - evil. Host and creator, Emmy award-winning film and television producer Christopher Godsick, goes behind the scenes to share the untold stories of criminal cases including the infamous fraudster Bernie Madoff, notorious drug lord El Chapo, the recovery of missing children and much more.

  • People vanish every day. Hundreds of murders remain unsolved. This podcast has a mix of cases you know, along with those more obscure mysteries. We discuss the details of the case and theorize on what could have happened, all in an attempt to keep these cases from being forgotten.

  • true crime, facts, scary stories

    youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQroIFO1DAiZbkYXL9vkF_w

  • Your weekly dose of all things CRUEL and UNUSUAL: true crime, mysteries, horror, and conspiracies brought to you by best friends who love to heckle each other, Tori Ellis and Cady Verdiramo. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/cruel-and-unusual-podcast/support

  • Virtual Criminality combines two of host Ian Higton's greatest passions - video gaming and true crime - into one gruesome whole. Each episode of Virtual Criminality will focus on a different video game villain with their fictional stories presented as fact, in the style of a true crime series. That means, along with all the usual gory, serial killer stuff that youโ€™d expect from a real-world true crime series, thereโ€™ll also be times when we get to explore not only the fantastical but the supernatural too. If youโ€™re into true crime, video game theories and creepy pastas, you have come to the right place.

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  • Het geheim van Mallorca is de eerste true crime podcast van NU.nl. Daarin vertelt misdaadverslaggever Joris Peters het verhaal rond de dood van Carlo Heuvelman op Mallorca. Hij reist af naar Mallorca en zoekt uit waarom er na een jaar nog steeds zo veel onduidelijk is over wat er op het Spaanse eiland gebeurde. Wat klopt er van de geruchten rond de "jongens uit Het Gooi"? En waarom lijkt niemand iets te weten over wat er met Carlo is gebeurd of houden ze elkaar de hand boven het hoofd?

  • In 'One Minute Remaining' I speak with inmates serving lengthy prison sentences for a range of different crimes. From arson to robbery, attempted murder and even murder itself and everything in between.

    I'm not here to try and prove them innocent or guilty, what I am here to do is allow them the chance to tell their stories. We'll look at the case's against them and allow them to tell us their accounts of the events that lead up to their incarceration.

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