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  • What makes you a heretic? Journalist Andrew Gold believes that, in an age of group-think and tribes, we need heretics - those who use unconventional wisdom to speak out against their own groups, from cancelled comedians and radical feminists to cult defectors and vigilantes hunting deviants.

    Learn from my guests how to rebel, think differently and resist social contagion. From Triggernometry's Francis Foster and the world's most cancelled man Graham Linehan to ex-Hasidic Jew Julia Haart and gender critical atheist Richard Dawkins. These are the people living with the weight of their own community's disappointment on their shoulders.

  • The Real Me follows the stories of young songwriters and performers with cancer who found hope, healing and connection through music.
    Presented by Teen Cancer America, the national non-profit founded by rock icons Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend of The Who, “The Real Me” highlights the moving experiences of cancer patients in TCA’s Play It Back program, which matches them with music professionals to write, perform and record fully produced studio versions of their original songs.
    A Pantheon Podcasts original.

  • Get the latest on special promotions, artist interviews, and select community happenings from 102.9 WWWW-FM, W4 Country in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

  • This is Cesme Radio, by Cesme Records. Immerse yourself in a relaxed atmosphere with a curated selection of fresh sounds and emerging artists, steering clear of aimless classics. Our monthly shows and exclusive premieres are crafted to engage and inspire discerning listeners. Accessible on all your devices, Cesme Radio offers a seamless experience with unique playlists and insightful shows. Subscribe today and embark on a sophisticated musical journey, discovering the forefront of contemporary, cutting-edge music.

  • “Producer Points” with Justin Gammella brings you inside the music industry. Hosted by Justin, a platinum-selling producer and songwriter, this podcast features in-depth conversations with industry-leading music professionals. Discover their journeys, creative processes, and the untold stories behind today’s biggest hits. A must for anyone passionate about music production and the art of making music.

    Listen to our playlist:


  • Welcome to SANITY LOUNGE, a rhythmic fusion of iconic movies, Baltimore's artistic tapestry, the pulsating world of drumming, and the pursuit of sanity! Join us as we dissect timeless films while tapping into Baltimore's vibrant art and music scene. From exploring the artistry of drumming to discussing what keeps us sane in a hectic world, we harmonize the beats of cinema with the eclectic creativity thriving in our city. Featuring interviews and performances with local drummers, artists, bands, and insightful discussions on the various elements that keep us grounded in a world of art, music, and movies.

    Uncover the vibrant artistic pulse of Baltimore through SANITY LOUNGE, an enthralling podcast in collaboration with Black Dog Audio

  • The Chase & Patrick Show: Possibly the two most unqualified guys to host a podcast bring you some of their daily antics along with conversations shared with friends, including some of the biggest names in country music and other amazing guests they conned into being on the show. Listen to new episodes every week. The Chase & Patrick Show is brought to you by One Country and the membership with the best prizes and content country has to offer. Sign up at to become a member and gain access to bonus episodes of the Chase & Patrick show only in the 1C app.

  • Broken Rules is a show about people making their own way in music and beyond.  We interview people working in and around the music business.   We bring you interesting stories from artists, songwriters, producers, engineers, touring/studio musicians and more from our home base in Nashville and around the world. 

  • Join host Frank Delo, clarinetist, teacher, and martial artist, as he talks with friends and colleagues from the world of clarinet and professional music! Support this podcast:

  • ๐ŸŽง Embark on a Musical Journey with The Long Island Sound Podcast, hosted by Steve Yusko! ๐ŸŒŸ

    Get ready to explore the captivating world of music across every genre imaginable. From the timeless melodies of rock and jazz to the rhythmic beats of hip-hop and the emotive compositions of the blues, this podcast is your gateway to an eclectic array of sounds. ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŒ

    Join us as we uncover the stories behind the songs, the artists, and the cultural influences that have shaped the musical landscape. With in-depth conversations, expert insights, and a genuine passion for all things musical, The Long Is

  • Podcast from an established veteran D&B DJ of 25 years. Deejay Quest brings you brand new tracks, classics and so much more.Focusing on the whole spectrum of drum & bass, this podcast is in high demand and listened to world-wide. Subscribe to stay up to date with the best in Drum & Bass!

  • Jon Chattmanโ€™s podcast celebrating the lure of 914 and moreโ€ฆ a companion piece to with exclusive interviews with county folk and beyond. Look for A-Sides music sessions a la the series that Jon created and ran for ten years on Huffington Post and elsewhere. Informal. Unscripted. Not the Same Broken Record.

  • Rock Disc Jockey Max Volume shares interviews with the great talents of the Rock N' Roll World.

  • Skip Clark is a dynamic and captivating podcast host and radio personality who has left an indelible mark on the world of broadcasting. With a voice that can command attention and a personality that oozes charm, Skip has become a beloved figure in the world of entertainment. His passion for storytelling and his ability to connect with his audience shine through in every episode of his podcast and every moment on the airwaves.

    Skipโ€™s journey in radio began decades ago, and he has since evolved into a seasoned professional who effortlessly navigates the waves of the media industry. His deep knowledge of music, pop culture, and current events keeps his listeners engaged and coming back for more. Skip Clark's enthusiasm and authenticity make him a trusted voice in the world of podcasting and radio. His dedication to his craft and his commitment to providing quality content continue to make him a standout in the world of broadcasting.

  • Born and raised Kauai, Red Eye is a radio VJ, community activist, and entrepreneur. Hear her interviews with local and Hawaiian artists, learn about her community plans and volunteering opportunities, and get a sneak peak into her businesses, including All Red Eye Hawaii, a motivational hat and clothing company that donates 10% of its proceeds towards healing Kauai's houseless. 

  • INSIDE THE MUSIC SCENE takes you behind the scenes of the music scene, bringing you interviews from industry professionals and local artists. With live acoustic sessions, games and words of advice along the way, INSIDE THE MUSIC SCENE is a community that you will definitely want to join and follow on our journey together.

  • Embark on an enthralling odyssey with four unwavering devotees of The Tragically Hip, each possessing an unswerving passion yet a blind spot for the mystique surrounding the band's charismatic frontman's solo ventures.Introducing 'Discovering Downie,' an eight-part exploration delving into the profound artistic legacy of the late Gord Downie. Journeying from the evocative 'Coke Machine Glow' to the mesmerizing 'Lustre Parfait,' our quartet, comprised of Craig Rogers, jD, Justin St. Louis, and Kirk Lane, meticulously dissects Downie's discography, unveiling a nuanced appreciation, one record at a time, week after week.Embark on this captivating expedition with us as we unearth hidden gems within Gord's eight solo albums and delve into the tapestry of his poetic works. Join the conversation, subscribe, share, and indulge in the auditory richness of the latest podcast from Dewvre podcasts & such.

  • If you play piano, organ, synths, pads, or any keys instrument for worship ministry or the music industry, you are in the right place! Nashville-based worship keys player, Carson Bruce, interviews a variety of different musicians every week. 

    Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this is the podcast for you to learn and feel inspired to enhance both your technical playing skills and to also gain spiritual encouragement while being in a local church congregation. 

    New episodes release every Wednesday! Reach out directly to Carson on Instagram or email: [email protected].