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  • No Wristbands! We Drink For Free is a podcast for Chicago music scene fanatics BY Chicago music scene fanatics. With over 40 years of music memories and experiences we are here to champion all things Chicago music - from local bands, to touring bands passing through Chicago, to radio stations, to music venues, to the background players - concert promoters, record pressers, engineers, producers. Each episode runs about 1 hour, and features an in depth interview with someone associated with the Chicago Music Scene. We will be releasing podcasts monthly. If you care about Chicago music, you will love our Podcast.

  • En podcastserie, hvor skribent og foredragsholder Jens Rasmussen og musiker, komponist og orkesterleder Fredrik Lundin præsenterer væsentlige jazzalbums. I samtale og klingende musik deler de deres kærlighed til og indsigt i jazzen og dens historie.

  • Discussing music with artist from the 80's and 90's, in the Heavy Metal and Rock world.

  • On #MostRequestedLive, YOU ask your favorite artists all the questions!

  • Thank you very much for listening.
    Let's spend a laid back time, listening to my 1-hour music journey. I think music has the power that heals us.

  • Här pratar vi metal, har intervjuer, auktionerar ut olika saker som går till välgörande ändamål.

  • Din totala guide till Melodifestivalen med analyser, nyheter och intervjuer av glittriga supertrion Tobbe Ek, Jenny Ågren och Markus Larsson.

  • Bli smartare i musikbranschen! I Din Musikbusiness Podcast diskuterar Ametist Azordegan och Adam Taal musikkarriären med fokus på hur du som independent bäst kan manövrera dig fram i musikbranschen. Du får höra deras erfarenheter av och reflektioner kring saker som hur du vaktar dina rättigheter, musikbranschens infrastruktur och taktiska fallgropar. 

    Din Musikbusiness är en plattform som drivs av SKAP och finns på @dinmusikbusiness på sociala medier. SKAP arbetar för att stärka upphovsrätten och genom den förbättra musikskapares inkomstmöjligheter och även artistiska yttrandefrihet.

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  • Great. Just what the world needs - another KISS podcast! Though we are unabashedly KISS nerds, we are also AWOL from the KISS Army. Objectivity is a rare quality in the KISS fan base, but join us as we retrace the history of the band, album by album, year by year. Along the way we hope to differentiate the fact from the fiction and the good from the bad. So hang on tight, it's gonna be a wild ride.

    Whoa my god, no time to turn!

  • Join Nashville bassist and recording artist Adam Nitti as he shares insights and stories with celebrated professionals from the music industry.

  • Kända svenskar väljer sånger som alla borde kunna!
    Ansvarig utgivare: Anna-Karin Larsson

  • En podcast av Jens och Kristoffer om the Beatles, deras album och låtar. Kolla in vårt Spotify-konto där varje avsnitt släpps som en spellista med musik och snack, låt för låt. Kom och mys med oss och världens bästa band!

  • Welcome to The High Way with Kyle Shutt, a podcast series where I interview the best and brightest names in music, art, literature and more. Every artist has a unique story to tell, and the combined insight of these conversations will be a treasure trove of advice in making a name for yourself in the entertainment industry. By supporting this program's Patreon, you'll get early access to the following week's episode, a featured shoutout on an episode, and more as the podcast grows. The more support we receive the more the show will be able to improve by allowing for better equipment, slick merchandise, and more unique reward tiers. So pull up a chair, spread the word, and get ready to do things my way... The High Way.

  • Om det viktigaste som finns. Musik. Vilken är väldens bästa poplåt och vad är det som gör den bäst? Varje avsnitt behandlar en poplåt som på sitt sätt är världens bästa. Ingen genre är för smal eller för bred för att kunna ha resulterat i världens bästa poplåt. Här möts filosofi och populärmusikhistoria. Som de stora filosoferna och konstnärerna Simmons och Stanley en gång sa: I wanna rock and roll all nite. And party every day.

    Vi förenas i kärleken till musiken och lägger allt annat åt sidan en stund. För musik är trots allt det bästa.

    Musik kostar pengar, donera och bli en gladare människa

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  • Interviews, Music, Entertainment talk at Defiant Studio

    Richmond, VA

  • Pop: The History Makers presents regular two-part interviews with icons of popular culture who have made history with their work. These can be pop stars, video directors, producers, remixers, writers, series or film directors, or even album cover designers. Most of them I have so far chose started their careers in the 70s, 80s, or 90s and have since created popular culture history.

    Part 1 of each podcast interview looks at how the star became successful, where their drive originated, and what they felt success would bring them, and what it actually did.

    Part 2 focuses on the period after their first commercial success, where they are in their creative life today, how they now look back at their careers, and what is now important to them.

    Pop: The History Makers is not just an insight into some of our favorite pop stars, video directors, producers, remixers, writers, series or film directors, or even album cover designers who came to prominence during the 70s, 80s, and 90s. This is an opportunity for me to revisit the many stars I'd interviewed during my time as News Managing Editor and Presenter at MTV Europe in the late 80s and early 90s. I hope the interviews provide an insight into how we all change, what it takes to create popular cultural history, and reveals what we have been able to learn along the way.

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  • Musik & Dernulf är något för dig som älskar elektronisk musik. Här är det intervjuer och specialer med människorna som skapade scenen och rörde om i det musikaliska landskapet.  

    Det var i mitten av 90talet som Calle Dernulf tog onsdagkvällarna i besittning för radiolyssnare runtom i landet. P3 Dans och senare P3 Klubb fostrade en generation av musikälskare som suktade efter ett forum för house, techno, drum & bass, electronica och beats och alla subgenrer som passerat. Genom att ge den elektroniska musiken ett rum och hem lyftes scenen upp och fick en legitimitet den tidigare saknat. Musik & Dernulf är en fortsättning på så vis att programledaren är densamma men här får samtalet och intervjuerna än större plats och fokus. Välkommen!

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  • Each Friday, My First Band features a long-form interview with a different notable musician about all of the projects that preceded what you know them for. We discuss their musical origins, and we trace a few of their embarrassing high school bands and other associated bands that happened before they broke out. This show digs deeper than any Wikipedia page or band bio would ever dare to go. And, sometimes, the guests will even share some of their old songs. You can expect to hear a lot of interesting, informative and hopefully entertaining anecdotes about all of the bands along the way.

    My First Band is sponsored by Boulevard Brewing. It is hosted by Tyler Maas, of Milwaukee Record, and edited by Jared Blohm.