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  • Mike Sims, Jr is the founder of Mikee Ray Music, a network of artists, musicians, singers, songwriters, and producers creating a sound that crosses over all barriers. Mike is also an International Songwriting Competition finalist and has successfully released his debut album, The Mike Sims Project and EP entitled Better Days. Deconstructing Music is a podcast where Mike shares stories behind the music, getting to the core of its true meaning. He offers songwriting and production tips, and explores ways to harness the power of music that can be applied to your everyday life. This podcast is not just about music though. There are life lessons, tips on how to stay creative and strategies on how to build your own business. Mike also shares his personal blueprint to success with some surprises along the way. Music has played a huge part in his life, and this podcast will explore just how powerful music can be for you in your life too.

  • Join Bruce Adolphe, The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center's Resident Lecturer, for investigations and insights into chamber music masterworks. Beloved by regulars and a revelation to first-timers for their depth, accessibility, and brilliance, we dig into the ICM lecture recording archive to share our favorite lectures with you.

  • A podcast series celebrating the sparks that ignite, the events that inspire, and the songwriters that create. Have you ever wondered about the genesis of a particular song? Many incredible tunes come from the heart, from pain,yearning, love, anxiety, joy or sorrow, and often the writer is channeling feelings of someone else. But there are songs sparked by personal experiences that could be incidental or profound, hilarious or heart aching. We’ll focus on the songs that are inspired by real life with those who simply could not resist creating musical imagery to bring the listener into their world. Each interview with the song’s creator will delve into the spark of the idea, through the development of the composition, to a final work of art.

  • Interviews with musicians performing at the Local Band Local Beer concert series conducted by WKNC 88.1 FM.

  • הפודקאסט "אור על המזרח"
    אור בן שבת מארח על מוסיקה, תרבות ואנשים.

  • Playtronica is a platform that bridges entertainment, education and art through interactive musical experiences. It is an international collective of musicians, educators, designers and engineers.

    Seeing Sound podcast is created to support Orbita: a playful music device that lets you access creativity through sound and colors.

  • פודקאסט על שירים ישראליים עליהם גדלנו. בכל פרק ישוחח המוסיקאי טל שגב עם מוסיקאי או מוסיקאית ממיטב אמני ישראל ויחד הם ייקחו אותנו למסע בעקבות הסיפורים אשר מאחורי המילים והמנגינות האהובות על כולנו.

    מגיש: טל שגב
    מנהל תוכן ודיגיטל: דודו כהן
    עורכת ומפיקה: רותם שחר ליאון
    הפקת סאונד: רז חסון, KeyPod

  • XXXTentacion, whose real name was Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, was born on January 23, 1998, in Plantation, Florida, and was tragically murdered on June 18, 2018, in Deerfield Beach, Florida, at the age of 20​1​​2​. His career began to take off on the platform SoundCloud around 2013, where he was known for his raw and daring style of music, which often challenged the conventional styles and techniques of the time​3​​2​. Influenced by artists like Tupac Shakur and bands like Papa Roach from an early age, XXXTentacion's music explored a range of genres including emo, trap, trap metal, nu metal, indie rock, lo-fi, hip hop, R&B, and punk rock. He was a leading figure in the establishment of the emo rap and SoundCloud rap genres, which gained mainstream attention during the mid-to-late 2010s​3​​2​.His career milestones include the release of his debut album "17" in 2017, which was certified triple-platinum in the US and peaked at number two on the Billboard 200. His second album "?" debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 in 2018, with its lead single "Sad!" posthumously reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100. The song "Sad!" amassed over 1.3 billion views on YouTube and 1.7 billion streams on Spotify by November 2021, also being certified Diamond by the RIAA in August 2021​2​. XXXTentacion's music often touched on themes of depression and alienation, which resonated with a young fanbase, earning him a cult following despite a short-lived career marred by legal controversies.Legal troubles were a constant in XXXTentacion's life, with the most notable being battery charges levied against him in 2016. The media and public opinion were divided on his legacy, with some seeing him as a troubled individual while others believed he was on a path of redemption before his life was cut short​2​. His murder in 2018 was a high-profile case; four men were arrested and charged with first-degree murder among other charges. The trial for his murder began on February 7, 2023, and concluded with all three defendants being found guilty on all counts on March 20, 2023. They were sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole on April 6, 2023​2​.Additionally, XXXTentacion's acting credits include roles in "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" (2018), "Exit" (2019), and "We Are Who We Are" (2020)​4​. His music and acting careers, alongside his controversial personal life, continue to contribute to his complex legacy.

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  • סיפורן של הלהקות הצבאיות, שודר ב1985

  • The Drone Pilots....never seen, only heard

    With a style harking back to the lost art of mixing, The Drone Pilots have been exploring atmospheric, deep, and classic progressive genres for more than a decade.
    Both producer and DJ, The Drone Pilots' brand of cinematic sounds offers the opening soundtrack for late night parties and downtempo after-hours.
    Layering textures of floating aural atmospheres and subtle beats on up to 6 decks, this immersive electronic experience spans time, from the genre's classics to the latest progressive sounds.

    A refined mix with a uniquely Cinematic Progressive vibe, as heard on their popular monthly mixtapes.
    The Drone Pilots mixtrap drops monthly.

    Here's what some other artists are saying:

    “The Drone Pilots are a fantastic and fresh take on the mix show. An amazing auditory experience” - BT

    "This artist is unique" - Bynomic

    "Beautiful work" - Galestian

  • The love it or hate it musical podcast!

    Join resident Accidental musical theatre aficionado’s Gillian & Emma as they talk about the shows they love, love to hate and hate to love!

    There will be twists and turns and best of all lots of obscure musical theatre references.

    Recorded at Accidental, become a Member to support our theatre!

  • פודקאסט (או הֶסְכֵּת) בעברית על מוסיקת פופ ששווה לצלול אליה.
    בכל פרק נשוחח עם הנשים והאנשים הבולטים ביותר בתעשיית המוסיקה והתרבות בישראל, על אמן או אמנית מעניינים ששווה לדבר עליהם.

    (הפודקאסט נעשה במסגרת לימודי רדיו במחלקה לתקשורת, מכללת ספיר)

  • בסוכות נהוג לארח אושפיזין בסוכה, כשהאורחים והאורחות הכי שווים, הם אנשי ונשות המוזיקה שבאו לשתף פעולה. בכל פרק נחבר באולפן גלי צה"ל צמד כזה לשיחה טובה על מוזיקה, ועל החיים ואפילו לביצוע או שניים!

  • גלי צה"ל זוכרת את אמני ישראל שהלכו לעולמם השנה במיטב תכניות העבר בהן התארחו. סדרה מיוחדת לכבוד ראש השנה תשפ"ד

  • אחרי שקפץ על הבמות ברחבי הארץ באינספור הופעות, שי צברי קופץ לבקר חברים אצלם בבית. בכל פרק הוא ילמד משהו חדש, גם על עצמו, וידבר איתם על החיים, בישולים ומוזיקה.