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  • Join music obsessives Maxton Stenstrom (Infinitefreefall, Hugh Knows) and Trevor Ikrath (Hallelujah Monkeyz, Wordle With Friends) as they venture through musical history and explore collective consciousness to unearth legacies of the most under-appreciated culture cultivators – the one hit wonders of the world! Find us on the web at and email us at [email protected]!

  • Підкаст-роздум про музику та її новинки

  • I’m telling you to believe in yourself with understanding that greatness.

  • Ділюся історіями цікавих людей, розказаними через їх музичні смаки.

  • Welcome to Groove Parliament channel. Here we aim to bring you nothing but the best in terms of goodAmapiano music, it's all about the true representation of the Amapiano culture. We will bring you the dopiest live recordings for international and local artists.
    For enquiries and requests to have your mix uploaded under Groove Parliament.

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    Email: [email protected]

  • Volna Podcast by Russian-language radio in the UAE

  • Досліджуємо музичні смаки представників української андеграундної сцени та тих, хто допомагає її формувати

  • Here Comes Trubble is a love letter to a time long past. A time of fluorescent vests, whistles, horns and pharmaceutical experimentation. The '90s was arguably a definitive time for music - but against the more mainstream Britpop raged a scene that hasn't died, as was widely predicted. Hardcore and Jungle thrived on and this podcast is a living statue to the sounds that bounced a generation. If you love the hardcore, if you feel the vibes, if you can still touch the lasers, then you've come to the right place. Here Comes Trubble - look busy...

  • Жива музика та щирі емоції. Щоп’ятниці на спокійній хвилі насолоджуємося живим звучанням улюбленої релакс-музики

    The Beat, the Scene, the Sound: A DJ's Journey through the Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of House Music in New York City.
    by DJ Disciple, and Henry Kronk. Foreward by Louie Vega.

    A thrilling and tumultuous, behind-the-scenes account of house music in NYC. The Beat, the Scene, the Sound follows DJ Disciple and his behind-the-scenes account of how DJs, promoters, fans, and others transformed house music from a DIY project into an international sensation—dive into the glitzy clubs, underground parties, and the diverse communities who made up the scene amidst the tumult of 1980s/90s-era NYC—between the fall of disco and the rise of EDM. The book unearths many untold stories of the era. When house first rose to prominence in the 1980s, it brought people together—Palladium, Paradise Garage, Tunnel, Zanzibar, Studio 54, and other clubs were going strong. But as DJ Disciple established himself in the scene, he witnessed it shatter. During the crack-cocaine epidemic, he literally dodged bullets bringing his records to and from clubs at night. HIV/AIDS and homophobia threw up fear-based partitions. Then, mayors worked to close the clubs. House music was pushed underground and then abroad to the UK and Europe. Disciple and many other DJs sought to regain a footing in the United States, but that only became possible with the rise of commercialized EDM. With dozens of interviews and historic photographs, The Beat, the Scene, the Sound shows what is possible when you bring people together and what can unravel when you split them apart.
    Whether he’s dropping beats or dropping jaws, DJ Disciple is changing the game of modern music forever. David Banks, aka DJ Disciple, is an internationally-touring artist, DJ, radio host, and producer based in Brooklyn, New York. He is most famous for his success on the music charts, including his hit single, "On the Dancefloor," which peaked at #67 in the UK Singles Chart in 1994, and his Grammy-nominated track “Caught Up,” which earned the number one spot on the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart in 2002 and was later featured on the Showtime series “Queer as Folk” in 2006. Disciple has also earned his way to the top in the world of remixes, and won an ARIA music award in Australia for his remix of producer Steven Allkins, aka Love Tattoo’s hit, “The Bass Has Got Me Movin.”

    Disciple grew up with music in his genes. His father played piano with Miles Davis and his brother slapped bass for George Benson. Disciple got his start as a gospel DJ and, staying true to his religious roots, coined his name as a constant reminder that “only what you do for Christ shall last”. He started his professional career in 1987 when he worked as a radio host and mixer for WNYE FM, and quickly gained a loyal following of listeners. In the 90’s, he hosted “The Best Kept Secret”, a mix show also on WNYE (FM), where he spun the hottest new underground tracks from rising artists. From there, he moved on to touring as a DJ in 1992 with his eyes set on global success.

    Disciple started out strong, and his first professional DJ gig was at the famous Studio 54 in New York. After that, Discple moved onto playing in the UK. As he traveled, his fan base quickly grew in size and diversity. By the time he debuted his first single on Muzik Pushers in 1993, his career was well on its way to the top. Since then, he has toured internationally and led the way for a modern era of DJs.

    DJ Disciple is just as much an entrepreneur as he is a musician, and has had great success through starting his own record label, Catch 22 Recordings. The label is consistently putting out quality tracks, but one of the most noteworthy releases on this label was Disciple’s hit single, "Work It Out" featuring Dawn Tallman, which debuted in 2006. This track was also re-released on House Trained Records in the UK and made appearances on MTV and BBC Radio 1.

    More recently, Disciple collaborated with Collette Mclaffery on “Birdseye View”. Their track is due out June 2017. Disciple is currently finishing his untitled book. Its publication is set for 2018. In 2017 Disciple’s label, Catch 22, celebrated its 20th year of releasing music. Here’s to the future, and to 20 more years of revolutionizing the music industry.

  • Музичний подкаст, в якому лідер гурту «Хамерман знищує віруси» Альберт Цукренко запрошує до розмови сучасних українських музикантів.

  • The Best in House Music for 2023 - Underground / tech house and Progressive house - Featuring CamelPhat / Space motion / Soul Avengerz / Dave lee & Huxley

    Heard It All Before (Wayne Soul Avengerz & Odyssey Inc. Rogers Surgery Mix)
    Dave Lee Must Be The Music_Crazibiza Remix
    Junior Jack - My Feelings (Wh0 Remix)
    Huxley x Wouter S ft Chicago Hustle - Since (Original Mix)
    Galo - Ritmo (Extended Mix) [Uprise Music]
    Frisky (Original Mix) · Nicola Zucchi
    Andy Galea (Sol Brothers) Follow Me-unreleased
    Jacq (UK) & Laura Davie - Just Live it (Extended Mix)
    Mz Worthy - Heat The Club (Extended Mix)
    Space Motion - Ibiza Feat. Ella Loponte (Original Mix) [Space Motion Records]
    akabular & Aerofeel5 - Argonauts (Extended Mix) [Hollystone Records]
    CamelPhat & Mathame - Believe (Extended Mix)

  • Як часто ми чуємо кіно? Як часто музика змушує нас більше переживати герою? Як часто змушує злякатися? Як часто дає нам надію? Як часто хочеться, надихнувшись, пошити собі костюм супергероя і стрибати з дахів (недовго)?

    У новому подкасті від студії "Стоп! Знято!" Паша Коваленко та Анастасія Шупранова говорять про кінокомпозиторів! Про людей, які створюють не тільки чудову музику, але й настрій всього фільму!

    Ми - Ваші провідники у світ кіно та музики. Тож, закривайте очі, вмикайте звук і слухайте! Час чути кіно!

  • Подкаст від команди агенції Go West, кожен епізод якого присвячено певному жанру світової музики, історії його становлення та розвитку. А також — субкультурним явищам, моді, візуальній естетиці та історичному контексту, що тісно пов'язані з ним. Жодних професійних дискусій про менеджмент, піар чи дистрибуцію, тільки меломанські розмови, тільки хардкор.

  • WorldArts is proud to present Transmissions, hosted by music influential tastemakers. Our new series will showcase diverse on the WorldArts Stage. Each episode features three exclusive & live performance videos and concludes with an in depth interview. Catch the new season coming soon At, it’s all about the music! 

    Be sure to subscribe to the show, and you can find more about Transmissions and other shows we are working on at

  • The project "MAXIMUM" was created in order to unite the musical directions, which promote joy, romance, positive and MAXIMUM good mood. To bring to the listener the achievements of world and European labels, musicians, producers and DJs - this is the task of Dreamer and his project MAXIMUM. The sweetest novelties from the world of Progressive, House and Deep House music in the monthly release of MAXIMUM radioshow. The project "MAXIMUM" - new trends, tendencies of the modern club scene and electronic dance music. "MAXIMUM" - the maximum pleasure!
    This podcast is hosted and broadcast on Musical Decadence Radio

  • 0UT is an independent record label 🌑
    Release music & arts of underground artists worldwide
    The mind escape of art control...
    Send your demo to: [email protected]
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    #electronic #alternative #techno
    #idm #house #dubstep #ambient
    ⁖ Founded by d3bAU4

    ©℗ 0UTRecords

  • It is so cool how this song went allot and I like it

  • Інколи у редакції СЛУХ ( розходяться думки — тому ми запустили подкаст під (не)загадковою назвою «ХУЛС», де щиро та з максимумом інсайдів обговорюємо наболілі питання зі світу музики та всього, що навколо неї.