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  • Метаполитика в теории и на практике. Критика современности сквозь призму консервативного мировоззрения. Беседы о глубинных истоках кризиса современного мира и путях его преодоления на доступном языке.

  • Какое место на Земле не отличить от Луны? Где встречаются сегодня и завтра? Почему аборигены съели Кука? Ответы на эти и другие вопросы – в подкасте «Открывая острова» радио "Monte Carlo".

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  • Based on its location Belgorod is an excellent barometer for what's really happening in Russia during its losing war against Ukraine. Join Sarah Ashton-Cirillo as she relays news from the failed Russian border city of Belgorod.


  • The International Network on Explosive Weapons is an international network of NGOs that calls for immediate action to prevent human suffering from the use of explosive weapons in populated areas through implementation of the 2022 political declaration on the use of explosive weapons in populated areas. This podcast communicates the work of INEW, from documenting the human impact of explosive weapons in populated areas to sharing efforts on universalisation and implementation of the document.

  • In this show we speak with people from all levels of WA’s juvenile justice system from incarcerated youth to law makers to gain a deeper understanding of the work being done to make positive change.

  • This podcast series has been developed by the Physiotherapy Council of NSW (the Council). It features special guests who are experts in their field.
    The information provided by this podcast series is aimed at sharing views and expert advice in relation to regulation, health and wellbeing and other issues physiotherapists are facing in their professional and personal lives. For more about the work of the Council, visit www.physiotherapycouncil.nsw.gov.au.

  • Kevin Hylton of LexisNexis® Interviews industry leading attorneys on cutting edge Labor & Employment issues in the law.Producer/Host: Kevin Hylton, Esq. is an attorney admitted in New York and Connecticut. Hylton has worked as a writer and interviewer for companies including Sony Pictures, Disney, and Playbill. He is the author of, Fine... I'll Talk With You, a collection of interviews with Pulitzer, Oscar, and Tony winning writers.For more information on Lexis' Practical Guidance visit: https://www.lexisnexis.com/en-us/products/practical-guidance/labor-and-employment.page

  • Interview guests share from-the-trenches examples of implementing a clear discipleship pathway in their churches. A stages of faith approach to discipleship, with practical tips for church leaders to ensure that their people don't get stuck, but continue growing deeper in love with Jesus and to more selflessly love others.

  • Über Berlin - der Simulations Podcast der liberalen. Wechselnde Persönlichkeiten aus der FLP und externe unterhalten sich hier über aktuelle und allgemein interessante Fragen. Ganz nachdem was in der Bundesrepublik aktuell so los ist.

  • This podcast brings perspectives and voices from South Asia and from Europe to build a conversation and connections on what it means to build a liberal world. Speakers from the two world discuss issues and exchange ideas around rights, business, politics, democracy with aim of building a liberal future

  • Greetings from the KSE Institute, one of the foremost Ukrainian think tanks! KSE Talks is a new series, in which we shed light on sanctions, economic policies, and reconstruction efforts with our esteemed guests. Together, we strive to enhance understanding and champion evidence-based policy solutions for Ukraine's economic recovery and long-term regional stability.

  • "Сенсаций.Нет" - это СМИ, на котором команда профессиональных журналистов тщательно изучает новости, которыми наши коллеги "кормят" своих наивных читателей (слушателей или зрителей) и рассказывает всю подноготную информационной повестки дня.

    Еженедельно выходит две программы "Новости, которых не было" - о фейковой повестке в СМИ и "Дайджест бесполезных новостей".

    Ведущий подкастов - журналист и учредитель издания "Сенсаций.Нет" Александр Фролов

  • Erscheint Dir Politik oft als undurchsichtig, komplex und schwer nachvollziehbar? Damit ist jetzt Schluss! Der Podcast bringt Licht in die „Black Box“, den Berliner Politikbetrieb. Im Interviewformat wird Politik verständlich, interessant und praxisnah erklärt. „Black Box Berlin“ ist eine Podcast-Reihe der Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung - für alle, die verstehen wollen, wie Politik in der Hauptstadt funktioniert.

  • How well does the American presidency serve the principles of American democracy? Is our democracy a beacon of hope, or a candle in the wind? For Season 2 we go ‘Behind the Vote’, looking in detail at presidential elections, big money in politics, the electoral college, third parties and polling among other important topics. Launching exactly one year ahead of election day 2024. Lawyers, politicians, pollsters and government officials join Professor Peter Shane of Ohio State and NYU and co-host, veteran Washington Post journalist and best selling writer Dale Russakoff.


    Producer and writer for Wine Cellar Entertainment.
    Participates with the local Sex Worker's Rights Organization.
    Produces five pieces of media critique a week.
    Has previously contributed content to be published for the Anarres Project.
    Educated a college class on Sex Worker's Rights.
    Hand Knits Winter garments for the homeless.
    Hand delivered supplies to Ferguson during the 2014 uprising.
    Interviewed residents and volunteers in Ferguson for Wine Cellar News.

  • UPDATED JANUARY 2021 | This series features interviews with the Chartered Trading Standards Institute's (CTSI's) Lead Officers in specialist areas heavily affected by the UK's exit from the EU. It has been designed to accompany CTSI’s EU Exit online training modules and is aimed at trading standards professionals, other public sector workers or interested individuals.

    More content is available from the CTSI's dedicated web section: https://www.tradingstandards.uk/euexit

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • POLITLAB - образовательный и аналитический проект о мировой политике и международных отношениях.

    Авторы подкаста - Илия Куса и Алина Гриценко, эксперты-международники.

    Каждую неделю мы делаем не только обзор наиболее важных и актуальных новостей, но и тематические выпуски, где обсуждаем политическую ситуацию в той или иной конкретной стране.

    Наша цель - помочь разобраться в сложных перипетиях международной политики в различных форматах и создать крупную цифровую подкаст-библиотеку, которая бы включала большой каталог различных тем по международным отношениям.

  • As the world continues to accelerate in complexity and ambiguity, leaders cannot afford to settle for mediocrity. You need to be at your best, your team does, as well as your organization. Thus, you need to be peak performers. The Peak Performance Leadership Podcast is here for you to achieve just that.

    This weekly podcast will help you find new ways to become the best leader than you can be. I take the lessons learned from my 20+ years of leadership experience coupled with the world's best guests in all areas of leadership to give you a leading edge.

    This show focuses on the three domains of leadership:

    Leading Yourself - learn how to perform at your peak, to ensure that you have the mindset of a leader, set and crush your goals.Leading Your Team - learn how to inspire and motivate your team. Build a cohesive team through trust and mutual goals.Leading Your organization - efficiency and effectiveness are what drives bottom line. You as the leader must harness these aspects along with culture and so much more!

    In the end you'll become a LEADER and not "BOSS". Are you ready for more? Access all of our resources at: https://leaddontboss.com

  • Regulatory remediation programs are confusing at best. With the help of experienced internal practitioners at Factor, Code Reg humanizes regulatory remediation with practical insights. This season is all about Schrems II and GDPR.