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  • The Yeshiva of Newark /The Yeshiva at IDT is a Yeshiva and a College. The first half of the day is dedicated to Shiurim and one-on-one Torah study while the second half students study towards a degree in cyber secutity..Located on the 2nd floor of IDT’s worldwide headquarters in Newark, NJ the Yeshiva is sandwiched among floors of corporate hustle and bustle. But one visit will have you know that this international, multi-billion dollars telecommunications and entertainment corporation – one of the largest in the world – is firmly rooted in Torah.Our Yeshiva is unique in that as diverse as our student body is, our Roshei Yeshiva and general staff maintain a friendly and open relationship with the students. The staff is approachable for advice, encouragement, or just a good shmooze. See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • A podcast where I interview people who have interesting research, theories, and ideas about anything in Mormonism.

  • Become a Paid Subscriber and learn how to start your podcast, I give it ALL away for $150.00 a month! All content is binge'able (no drips) if you can get it in a month good for you, pay only $150.00 for content that others have paid $1,000's for, if you need longer, pay another 150.00 for another month, it goes as fast as you do! Don't delay! Podcasting is BOOMING : is Love

  • Playing the guitar is a wonderful way to express how the Lord is moving in our lives. Whether we play for worship, songwriting, or just the enjoyment of music, there is much to talk about when it comes to enriching and enhancing our guitar journeys. Whether philosophical or practical, this is a place where we'll discuss ideas, stories and insights that can equip and inspire you. Welcome to Guitar Serious Fun.

  • Hi my name is Sam Evan's and on the after life podcast we talk to guests about their wort or perhaps best experience with spirits. We also talk about Spirts in general and their history.

  • AM i WORTHY? is a weekly podcast dedicated to helping you know your worth. The goal is to help you start organizing your next career move, plan your next best financial decision, and live a Godly lifestyle.

    From successfully learning how to manage your finances on a low- middle income salary and live abstinent as a single woman,  you will wonder how you didn’t start applying Gabby’s guides, resources, and tutorials sooner.

    Your host, Gabby Thorne, knows that planning and organizing our lives under God’s plan while working in a small, college town is not easy. After years of spiritual consciousness, bad relationships, and college parties, Gabby often discusses the transformation from spirituality to Christianity while in college. Waiting until marriage to have sex (again), Gabby knows that consistency and perseverance in reading daily scripture is the only way to keep going. Stay up to date with Gabby’s life by watching her vegetarian cooking videos on Instagram and monthly faith- based videos on Youtube.

  • If you are a leader, be it a leader of self or a leader of many, who strives to be a force for good in the world, or if you are someone who is simply uncertain about what you really want and why it matters, then this podcast is for you!
    The Joyful Journey Podcast is about finding clarity about who we choose to be and the life we want to live. It’s about tapping into our inner wisdom and accessing our highest selves so we make choices that are aligned with who we are and what matters most to us. By accessing our highest selves we also make choices that are best for our families, our communities and the organizations we represent.
    Perhaps most important of all, by learning to tap into inner wisdom and access our highest self, we raise our vibration, unleash a great joy and heighten the collective consciousness.
    That, my friends, is world changing and it all starts with you and me!
    Welcome to the Joyful Journey Podcast.

  • She’s Fearless podcast is designed to help and empower women to step out of their comfort, to live fearless and to be all God has called them to be. No matter what their insecurities are, mistakes, people’s opinions, their past. ethnicity, if they have a degree or not, God can and will use them to accomplish what He wants them no matter the circumstances.

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  • Puntate su aspetti ed argomenti di carattere esoterico, misterico, religioso.

  • Hello this is about leading souls to the grace of God where there will only be positive encouraging uplifting influences life changing experiences through Jesus Christ God will be reaching ur heart and changing your thought process this is a place that the word and joy of the Lord will be spoken about and to fill ur life up with his love so just allow yourself to be open so that God can enter into your heart this is also a place for prayers support love and so much more if we will allow the lord to use us so many souls can and will be saved

  • Join hosts Jordan Wosnick and Rabbi Gavin Michal for a Kotzk-inspired look at some of the lesser-known events, books, and people in Jewish history. New episodes every three to four weeks, based on articles from the Kotzk Blog,

  • BIBLICAL TRUTH IN A DAILY CONTEXT. No matter who you are, there is always room in our lives for more of the Bible. Join Justin Gerry as we study God's Word together in a way that brings greater understanding, deeper insight, and practical application that can benefit any listener.

    Justin grew up on Maui before venturing onto the mission field. He planted and pastored a Calvary Chapel church in Slovenia for 14 years. Justin and his wife Erin currently live in Oklahoma where Justin teaches in the public schools, leads small groups, mentors individuals, and guest speaks at churches and retreats.

  • (نخست باید انجیل به همه قومها موعظه شود)

    مرقس ۱۳: ۱۰

    ما گروهی از ایمانداران مسیحی افغانستانی معتقد به الهیات اصلاحات (پروتستان)هستیم ،که بنابرفراخواندگی مان مفتخر به اعلام وتعلیم انجیل می باشیم.هدف ما اعلام کلام خداوند است درمیان افغانستانی زبانها و فارسی زبان عزیز .

  • The Queen’s Mentality, from Fem Entity, is a self-enlightenment podcast that will be discussing the many ways to honour your divine being. We break through the limits of patriarchal society and encourage the process of getting into your higher self.

    This podcast will talk about ancient techniques of meditation and mindfulness and intertwine them with modern self-care routines, bringing on guest speakers through our Fem Entity Community to talk about their own journey of self-discovery and lots more!

    Sit back, relax and let's get inspired.

  • Come with me
    Back to this forgotten land
    Don’t be afraid
    Take my hand
    I am offering you
    Trust and love
    Strength and clarity
    So we can embark on
    This spiritual journey
    “What is the destination?”
    You ask
    I smile and reply
    “Back home to yourself
    All paths lead home.”

  • Ein Podcast über Yoga und alles was zum Yoga dazu gehört (Meditation, bewusstes Denken, mentale bewusste Ausrichtung, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, Asanapraxis, Pâtanjala-Yoga, Bhakti, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga) und das Reisen in andere Länder.
    In diesem Podcast möchte ich dich anhand meiner persönlichen Lebensgeschichte dafür sensibilisieren, dass du alleine für dein Leben und alles was in deinem Leben passiert verantwortlich bist. Du bist die Schöpferin/ der Schöpfer deines Lebens. Wenn du auf dein Herz hörst und den Zeichen deines Herzens folgst, kannst du deine Herzenswünsche erfüllen und das Leben erschaffen von dem du schon immer geträumt hast. Wie das funktioniert und wie ich Tag für Tag daran arbeite, erfährst du hier in meinen Podcast - Episoden. Ich möchte dir Tools (Werkzeuge) und Möglichkeiten anbieten, wie man sich Schritt für Schritt auf den Weg zu seinem Herzen begeben kann. Ein Podcast über gelebtes Yoga und gelebte Spiritualität durch authentische Erzählungen über mich und meine täglichen Herausforderungen.

  • Welcome to the weekly audio podcast for Garden City Church in Pittsburgh, PA. You can find and listen to messages from our weekend worship gatherings here. It's our hope that these messages encourage you to know and love God more, and to live out your faith well in your local communities.