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  • Caring Conversations features the voices of those who care. We share stories, perspectives, and insights about the caregiving experience. In our current season, weโ€™re following the journeys of those raising children with disabilities and complex needs, from childhood to adulthood. Your host Brenda Blais Nesbitt has navigated this road for over 28 years raising her daughter, Nikki who is severely disabled and medically complex. Brenda is an expert in caregiving and is very passionate about sharing the wisdom she has gained on her journey with her daughter.

  • Kindererziehung und Entwicklung - Diese Wort steht in Verbindung mit so vielen Herausforderungen und Abenteuern, die gelöst, vor allem jedoch erlebt werden wollen! Und genau darüber sprechen wir in unserem PodCast: “Kinder und Bücher”. Und auch das Thema Bücher kommt nicht zu kurz, da wir intensiv mit ihnen leben.

    “Mama, jetzt bin ich ausgezogen, wie halten wir denn nun unseren Kontakt so gut wie vorher?” - “Lass uns doch einen PodCast aufnehmen”. So oder so ähnlich haben wir in die Welt der PodCasts gefunden. Und genau darum geht es, wir laden uns regelmäßig spannende Gäste ein und reden mit ihnen über Erziehung, Werte und was uns halt momentan sehr beschäftigt rund um Erziehung und Bücher.

    Ich bin Lubina, Kinderbuchautorin aus der Lausitz, und ich freue mich wirklich sehr, dass Du unseren PodCast über Kinder, Bücher und Erziehung gefunden hast. Wir freuen uns auf euer Feedback, gerne via Instagram, Facebook (@lubinahajduk) oder auf meine Webseite:

  • El camino de la maternidad es muy complejo, es verdad que es el sentimiento de amor más puro e incondicional pero también está lleno de retos y conversaciones NO dichas sobre cómo nos sentimos en el andar de la crianza respecto de muchos temas que nos han pintado ‘color de rosa’ y que a veces resultan más tortuosos de lo que imaginamos...en este espacio deseo darle voz a todas las que nos hemos sentido una MALA MADRE el alguna ocasión o más!!

  • Stephen and Amanda Miller sit down in their brand new show "What's Up Beautiful People!" brought to you by FamilyMade Network to celebrate the beauty of diversity, adoption, & family. Each week, they’ll dive into a relatable family topic and share some of their insight on what it’s like to raise seven kids. With the help of a few guests on the show, the Millers will keep you entertained, informed & leave you feeling encouraged. 

  • Sharing Practical Inspirational Snippets, Strategies and Steps To Successfully Parent Teenagers. Adolescent Psychologist and Parenting Teenagers Expert Angela Karanja hosts these RAW & REAL conversations with expert guests discussing relevant parenting teenagers topics. Angela encourages parents of teenagers to take Action on the sound Information shared so they can experience Transformation."Thank You!! You have great inspiring and educative content" says Lydia, a parent of two adolescents

  • Join Dr. Janet Cutler to discuss and learn about the science behind dog behavior and training. As a dog trainer, behavior consultant, or pet professional, you'll learn evidence-based information so that you have confidence behind the information and methods you use in an effort to improve the welfare of the animals we work with. With over 20 years experience working with animals in a veterinary setting, as a behavior researcher, as a dog trainer and now as a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, Janet ties that in with her scientific background so that you can understand the science and apply it to your own work with animals. With topics ranging from ethology, animal welfare, body language, the treatment and management of behavior problems, training information, and more, you’ll learn something to improve your work with animals (and their people) every week.
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  • ¡Por fin los relatos de animales de Bella Bamba han llegado al formato podcast!
    Más de 3 millones y medio de personas siguen mis historias de animales en diferentes redes sociales.
    También soy la autora del libro "El ciervo que comía sopa de fideos" Treinta maravillosas historias en las que los animales son los protagonistas.
    Quiero relatar historias que nos enseñen a respetar y a cuidar a los animales.

  • Join Stephanie, wife, mother and blogger as she helps you incorporate simple living and self-sufficiency skills and knowledge into your busy life with the goal of refocusing your life towards what really matters, your family. Along the way you will boost your confidence so you can start being more self-reliant and decrease your dependance on stores and commercial products. Topics cover gardening, cooking from scratch, food preservation, making your own products, and other alternative ways of living. Come share an appreciation for creating a homemade and homegrown life through simple living.

  • Don't ever accept drugs from anyone. Always stand up for yourself and don't let drug dealers reel you in.

  • Hosted by Kate Ferdinand, this podcast is a celebration of blended families - exploring the stories of relationships bound by love, no matter what their circumstances are. Covering subjects such as second marriages, divorce, grief and life after loss, adoption, fostering and (not-so-wicked!) stepmothers, Kate will champion different voices and experiences by speaking with experts, everyday people and celebrities in the public eye.

  • Podcast de contes en català explicats (no llegits) que formen part del portal
    Històries adreçades a infants de 3 a 12 anys.

  • Espacio creado para trabajar con el consiente y subconsciente de nuestros pequeños, a través de cuentos y meditaciones guiadas.

  • Royal Canin Petcast es un espacio destinado a hablar sobre las mascotas y todo lo que podemos hacer para cuidar de ellas. Un espacio en el que, de la mano de Toni Acosta y los expertos invitados, conversaremos sobre diferentes temas relacionados con nuestros gatos y perros. No te pierdas todos los consejos y trucos que compartiremos sobre alimentación, bienestar, cuidados...

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  • Merry Christmas! Enjoy our collection of hundreds of Christmas Stories!

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  • Un podcast setmanal on el Jan, un nen de 4 anys, repassa juntament amb el seu pare tot el que ha fet durant la setmana a l'escola i també fora de l'aula.

  • Cuando inicio la cuarentena quise estar cerca de mis niños , así que un buen día solo empecé a grabar y soñaba con abrigar sus sueños en la distancia . Ahora son más de 100 maravillosos cuentos que quiero compartir contigo