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  • Animals may not speak in our language, but that doesn’t mean they have nothing to say. In fact, they have tremendous wisdom and they have important messages for us. In Animals & Us, we explore intuitive interspecies communication and the incredible insights animals have for us all. Join your hosts Dr. Barbara Shor, veterinarian and animal communicator, and Avantika Mathur, public health professional and researcher, as they explore concepts of oneness, spirituality, telepathy, sentience and animal consciousness. Their hope is to inspire people to deepen their appreciation and reverence for animals, nature and all living beings.

  • We are dedicated to helping you improve your marriage, strengthen your family and encourage you to live your best life. We have conversations with other couples to find winning strategies and methods for your marriage and family, and also discuss books and resources that have helped us and many others.

  • Balado d'éducation à la sexualité pour les jeunes de 6 à 12 ans. Des professionnelles de la Fondation Marie Vincent échangent avec Lily Thibeault dans le but de répondre aux questions des enfants qui concernent l'anatomie, l'intimité, l'amitié, l'amour, le respect de soi et des autres, l'acceptation de la différence, la diversité, la gestion des émotions, les situations à risque et l'égalité.

  • The First-Time Dad Podcast chronicles my journey into the world of parenthood.

  • Cannelle, Pruneau et leurs amis sont les vedettes de petites histoires cocasses à l’ambiance sonore riche et amusante. Jeux, taquineries et moments plus calmes, où l’imaginaire est toujours mis de l’avant, se côtoient dans ces courts moments de la journée que connaissent bien les tout-petits.

    Crédits - Balado

    Cannelle : Rosemarie Houde

    Pruneau : Julie Beauchemin

    Kiwi : Anne Lalancette

    Mélodie : Line Boucher

    Ti-Brin : Sylvie Comtois

    Auteures : Sophie Legault, Annie Langlois, Melissa Veilleux, Marie-Luce Maupetit

    Conseillères pédagogiques : Solène Bourque, Sophie Legault

    Prise de son : Daniel Jacques Létourneau

    Conception sonore, bruitage, montage et mix audio : Marc-André Labonté (Ton Son)

    Conseillère à la réalisation : Mélissa Beaudet

    Réalisateur : Olivier Lamarre

    Coordonnatrice de production : Sandrine Rouleau

    Productrice au contenu : Sophie Legault

    Productrice : Joceline Genest

    Une production de Attraction

  • Most people don't realize it's possible to live a life without fear, a life where love removes anxiety and anger and shame from every conversation, every challenge, every decision. LOVE IS FEARLESS is on a mission to help create cultures of love instead of fear--in homes, schools, workplaces, communities, and churches. We believe that truth is essential, trust is crucial, and love is our great hope to build a world without fear. Join us for our podcast, where we’ll offer practical advice that will empower you to bravely choose love every day. Together, we can change the world--YOUR world.

  • We have no reservations and we proudly discuss the real and the raw, with sarcasm, heart, and thoughtful reflection. We cover parenting, autism, relationships, mental health & so much more.Our listeners love our honest, hopeful, often helpful andhumorous ways of saying it as we see it. Between us, we have 10 children ages 3 to 27, who live in 2 countries and four-time zones. We share our stories, tips, and tricks of parenting our autistic and neurotypical children. Come for a laugh or a cry. You can find both here. We are so glad you found the Table for Five.

  • a safe place to talk about the hardships of parenthood. because it's fucking hard and we are all surviving.


  • Hosts Anne-Marie and Amelia are two Certified Professional Dog Trainers from Ontario, Canada. Tune in to our discussions about all things dog!

  • Kuki and Danai are two Black-Canadian moms raising mixed-raced kids on opposite ends of the country. Each week they'll be joined by a guest mom to chat all things mixed parenting and to provide their take on topical parenting issues.

  • Welcome to the wonderful world of kindergarten.... kept simple! I’m Mariah, the creator of A Playful Purpose: Learning for Littles Inc. Kindergarten specialist turned curriculum writer. Mom, wannabe baker and lover of early 2000s Disney Channel (hello, Lizzie McGuire and HSM). Enthusiast of ponytails, pancakes and helping Canadian kindergarten teachers stress less by simplifying their planning and re-igniting their love of play-based learning. Here to help you take back your weekends and love teaching on week days.​If you are:🌈 A kindergarten educator🌈 Spending too much time planning🌈 Feeling a little (or a lot) burnt out🌈 Ready to feel excited about teaching againAnd you're looking for:🌈 French and English play-based resources🌈 Simple but engaging activities and ideas🌈 Support and real connection🌈 Systems and routines that really work....Then you're in the right place!Kindergarten Kept Simple is all about helping YOU re-ignite your love for early learning by removing the stress of searching for resources and planning for play-based learning. By implementing simple systems, reliable routines and not re-inventing the wheel, you can leave work at the bell and leave your prep to prep time. Sound too good to be true? I thought so too. But after years feeling burnt out and on the brink of stress leave, I finally realized that teaching didn't have to be like this. Now that you're here, I'll show you the way.Each episode will be an easy listen that will hopefully inspire you and brighten your day. From interviews with people who amaze me to learning about early years education, this podcast is perfect for anyone with littles in their life. And with that it’s time to dive right in! Let’s get this party started. Welcome to Kindergarten Kept Simple.

  • Le podcast Séparation Consciente, c'est un magnifique espace où on discute, à coeur ouvert, de tout ce qui a trait à la séparation familiale, à la coparentalité et à votre nouvelle vie de famille, de l'aspect légal à l'aspect émotionnel.

    Notre intention est de transformer le visage de la séparation familiale, une conversation à la fois, pour que plus de gens, petits et grands, soient impactés de façon favorable par ce grand changement.

    Bonne écoute!🧡

  • All women are worthy of care and attention that come from eating well and managing their health - and that includes mums! Join Life and Nutrition Coach, Unyime Oguta as she dives into the mindset, strategy, and skills to help you let go the of "shoulds" and "have-tos" in motherhood, feeding kids, body image and so much more. Go from overwhelmed and surviving to thriving in the beautiful chaos that is motherhood. Learn more at or come hang out with Unyime on Instagram or Facebook @oliveandblisswellness.

  • Balado fait par des élèves de l'école Crevier, à Marieville.
    Chroniqueurs-élèves, 1 invité par émission, et M. Mathieu à l'animation, tout ça dans un ton bon enfant.

  • This is Rescue Dog Love, a rescue community podcast for those who are passionate about rescue, - because dogs, they rescue us right back. Each week we bring on a member of the dog rescue community to talk about their passion for rescue dogs and how their life has never been the same. Rescue Dog Love is a project by Yamini Coen, inspired by her rescue Boss, who you can find on Instagram at @queenieandboss. To keep up with the Rescue Dog Love podcast, you can follow us at or on Instagram @rescuedoglovepod.

  • Quand on combine la passion à la féminité, c'est l'énergie et l'authenticité qui en dégage qui fait la différence dans le monde des chiens. Dans ce Podcast, il sera question d'aborder des sujets parfois tabou, méconnue en toute simplicité. Comme quoi ma passion du chien ça se partage.

  • Are you a parent looking to raise money-smart kids so that you can give them the best shot at taking control of their financial future? The MoneyDad Podcast is dedicated to helping you do just that. Join Justin Chung, as he interviews like-minded parents, successful entrepreneurs, personal finance experts, best-selling authors and educators to share their stories, strategies, tactics and mindset secrets so that you can help your kids build a strong financial foundation and learn good money skills and habits. You'll learn mistakes to avoid, creative ways to explore financial literacy concepts, tips on how to have more money conversations and wealth building and management strategies so that you can teach your kids to win the money game. Hit subscribe to join the conversation and get ready to change your life, and your kids' lives!

  • A podcast hosted by Canadian licensed Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychologists Drs. Jennifer Vriend, Laila Din Osmun, and Mary Simmering McDonald, C.Psych. Topics covered include a wide variety of subjects such as coping during COVID-19, dealing with child anxiety, sleep difficulties and parenting issues. Guest speakers include other Child Psychologists and developmental professionals.

  • Des hommes de tous les horizons discutent avec Louis-Simon Ferland des joies, des défis et des bouleversements de la paternité. Alors, que signifie être père aujourd’hui? Au fil des épisodes, vous entendrez ces pères raconter comment ils vivent ce rôle et comment ils se réinventent au quotidien. Des histoires uniques, touchantes, vraies.

  • We were never given a manual on how to parent. It is easy to get overwhelmed to know the right thing to do. There is so much contradictory information out there and everyone has their own advice. Parenting is a rewarding but messy, confusing, infuriating, guilt-inducing, and overwhelming journey. While it's easy to get lost, Andrew Stewart, a real dad, and Dr. Caroline Buzanko, a real mom, child psychologist, and parenting expert (who also happens to be married to Andrew) will help you get back on track. In each episode, Andrew and Caroline have open and honest chats about everything parenting. Join them in honesty, laughter, and tears (Caroline is a bit of a cry baby) as they help you navigate this journey of parenting. And, every so often, you may get some gems of expert advice. Our goal is to make your parenting journey less stressful, more forgiving, and more awesome. Please join us every Wednesday for new episodes of Parenting of the Year.