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  • We help young men improve their dating/game, business and social life.How to talk to girls. How to get a girlfriend. How to start a business. How to build a social circle. How to use social media.A no-BS approach to being a man in your 20s.

  • We discuss Kdramas in depth to bring a real life perspective on the themes of each show. This gives the viewers another level of enjoyment and relatability to the dramas they love to watch.

  • Isolée, la petite ville de Roseford Creek se dérobe du monde et s'abrite sous un manteau de normalité. Pourtant, là-bas, rien n'est ordinaire... Le merveilleux et le cauchemardesque s'entremêlent et les habitants se retrouvent très souvent au cœur d'histoires surnaturelles et effrayantes. Ils se télescopent et croisent leurs destins. Mais si leur réalité bien souvent se disloque, ils peuvent être pourtant certains d'une seule chose: tous n'en ressortiront pas vivants. Alors installez-vous confortablement, baissez la lumière, et laissez-moi vous raconter les histoires terrifiantes des habitants de Roseford Creek qui glaceront votre sang et vos nuits...

  • Phénomènes inexpliqués, étranges, mystérieux. Des enquêtes de fond, des témoignages exclusifs. Des conclusions surprenantes. Bienvenue dans l'univers paranormal de Christian Page.

  • Stoked /stōkt/ adj. slang 1 being in a euphoric or elated state aka. Surfer‘s high. Perma-stoked /ˈpərmə, stōkt/ adj. slang 1 permanently stoked. The stoke is your birthright. It cannot be bought, sold, or bartered with. It is a right of passage for all who surf or embrace life. It is the vision at the end of the quest. Once ignited, it can never be extinguished.

    Tune into the Permastoked podcast as Co-Founder & CEO of Freshwater Surf Goods, Derik Hyatt, interviews your favourite surfers and stand up paddleboarders from across the Great Lakes, Canada, the United States and beyond! Take a peak into their lives and find out what keeps them stoked. Other Permastoked guests include: activists, artists, ecologists, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, filmmakers, healers, musicians, philanthropists, photographers, seekers, yogis and much more! Learn from these field experts and enthusiasts while also being inspired by their undying passion, insights and rad tales.

  • A show where Tabletop Roleplaying Game enthusiasts Speak Dicely together! Our host, Teni Brant, loves hearing roleplaying stories, debating rules, and discussing how to write better stories for our games. This podcast has an emphasis on Dungeons and Dragons, and is a branch of the Dicely DnD YouTube channel

  • Ton podcast de vulgarisation neuroscientifique 🤯🧠 coanimé par Catherine Raymond (Ph.D) & l’humoriste PB Rivard. Chaque épisode explore un thème en santé mentale à l'aide d'une personnalité invitée. Supporté par les fonds de recherche du québec

  • The world can be a loud, chaotic, overwhelming place. Sometimes we just need a little help calming down and finding the present moment again. Whether you want to relax, meditate, focus, or fall asleep, The "Hey Friend" Podcast is here to help facilitate that process through ASMR methods. Ozley is your host, and she welcomes you to this cozy corner with the promise to keep her voice down and to use only the most relaxing, tingly triggers. (Weekly uploads on Monday & Thursday) Support this podcast:

  • The Your Mind Matters podcast is a weekly show where we chat all things mental wellness, lifestyle, and I share my stories while answering listener questions. Hosted by Natalie Bally, a health and fitness content creator who has been sharing her journey since 2018 on both Instagram and YouTube. My favorite thing to do is talk about all the random *and sometimes insightful* thoughts in my head so join me weekly to hear what’s going on up there 🙃

  • Vous aimez écouter un balado avant de dormir, mais vous ratez toujours la fin? Problème résolu! Risque de somnolence aborde des sujets juste assez intéressants pour vous changer les idées, mais juste assez insignifiants pour que vous trouviez le sommeil, sans rien manquer.Pas d'exercices de respiration, pas de voix sulfureuse, ni de bruits d'océan : juste des monologues pour insomniaques sur des sujets tout aussi imagés que banals.Bonne nuit!

  • TOUGO: le balado fait la lumière avec des experts sur les rumeurs qui courent au sujet des tendances santé. Le but? Vous aider à faire des choix éclairés et à découvrir des habitudes santé qui vous conviennent et que vous aimerez. Animé par Marie-Christine Proulx.

  • A mature, unofficial issue-by-issue retrospective podcast on Nintendo Power Magazine. Join the Power Boys, a gaggle of guys in their 30s comparing childhood experiences to how the coverage and games hold up today. The banter and asides contain some off-color jokes and adult content, which mostly consist of the hosts making fun of each other. Come for the content, stay for the banter!

  • You deserve to thrive in your creative journey and you don't have to settle and be another clueless creative doing this all alone. And that’s what the Clueless Creatives is all about. It’s a community - banding together, eager to learn, to listen, and to live out their creative dream. Together we'll pull back the curtain on my personal creative journey, we chat business, mindset and motivation, have some laughs, and together, well... we'll figure this whole thing out.

  • Hey ya lovely degenerates, a reminder is that this WILL NOT BE CHRONOLOGICAL. And if your audio cuts off, let me know and I will get it fixed! Have a wonderful day and stay foxy. Also, join the fan Discord! As well as that, I also have a GoFundMe to get me on YouTube! Check it out at

  • Sudbury's Real Estate Podcast! Lake City wants you to be the most educated buyer, seller and investor in the Sudbury Real Estate Market. Follow us for weekly market updates, trends and transactions so that you can make sure you are in the best position to buy and sell.David Kurt, host, founder and Broker of Record at Lake City Realty has built this boutique brokerage around challenging the role and Public's Image of Realtors®, one client at a time.Have a listen & hit that bell for all things Sudbury Real Estate.Lake City Realty Ltd., 677-5272

  • Join us as we take you into the creative world of UpCycling, small business development and personal growth. Perfect podcast for makers, side hustlers, dreamers and do it yourself entrepreneurs! Dave and Jennifer will share practical tips, tricks and tested ideas to help you in your journey. Our goal is to the best eco-friendly podcast in your favourites! Let's keep this conversation going!

  • The 2022 edition of crypto’s most popular year-end report, now available in podcast format. Written by Messari CEO and Co-founder Ryan Selkis, this recording explores key trends, people, companies, and projects to watch across the crypto landscape, with predictions for 2022. Learn more and view the full 165-page report at

    We’ve got you covered… WAGMI.

  • I attempt to have deep conversations with people regarding their interests and passions.

    My ultimate goal is to provide a platform for humans to come closer to each other through shared experiences.

    This is especially important in a world where we appear to be tearing each other apart.

    We are all humans. Let's celebrate each other by sharing our stories, together.

  • An e-bike podcast covering the ebike industry and other non-automobile electrified transportation

  • Net Zero. Repurpose. Quilt work. Scraps. Leaders. Visionaries. Disruptors. Gender-barrier busters. Bringing disparate pieces into efficient building- science harmony. Trailblazing industry authority Shawna Henderson has deep conversations about the building science world with a range of on-the-ground experts. Walk away with a little more housing energy conservation knowledge you never knew you needed. We are here to disrupt the status quo and change the culture for the betterment of all.