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  • Philiaは、クリスチャンとして生きて行く中で悩んだり、葛藤することについて、リスナーの皆さんと「共感」していくことを一つの大事なテーマとしています。自分だけで悩むのではなく、みんなで話すのを聞く中で気持ちが楽になってもらえれば嬉しいです。


    philia.message.siï¼ gmail .com

    Student Impact はプロテスタントの大学生クリスチャングループです。インカレ、インターナショナルで活動しており、日本全国7カ所に拠点があります。

  • 新約聖書って、ちょっと説教くさく感じませんか?
    AS ONE labo 公式サイト

  • TOUCH POINT MINISTRY is a class project in a seminary course that my husband thought we could turn into our personal ministry. We prayed about it and things just came out to be each step of the way. This ministry expresses our passion for biblical Christ-centered messages. We endeavor to bring out the understanding of the great plan of redemption in Jesus Christ in our Bible studies and reflections. With TOUCH POINT MINISTRY we are walking you through our personal spiritual journey, our conversion stories, and our joys in the ministry.

  • This improvised podcast is just Tada (and sometimes guests) going off the top of the dome about animism, somatics, culture, and other related subjects.

    NOTE: This is a kind space but it is also not a traditional 'safe space' in regards to subjects around issues such as race, gender, sexuality, and so on. Please expect ungrounding, triggering, not-knowing, and so on as a part of the process.

  • 本格的スピリチュアル講師養成機関 
    ☆ホールエナジーマネージメント®ï¸HP https://www.wenergym.com/
    ☆ゴールデンハートアカデミーHP https://www.goldenheart-a.com/
    ☆お問合せ [email protected]
    ☆ファウンダー(設立者)フィンチグレース史 https://www.finchfumi.com/
    ☆校長 パーソナリティー 佐藤かおり https://www.seraphimharmony.com/
    ☆ソニックヒーリング®ï¸ãƒ”アノ演奏 フィンチグレース史
    ☆カバーアート制作 三本木早苗Execファシリテーター https://www.healingforeststar.com/

  • Conversations inspiring a generation to pursue their “GodDream.”

  • 新約聖書~旧約聖書(新共同訳)の朗読
    Bible Readings in Japanese
    New Testament ~ Old Testament

  • The Breakfast Show is your positive start to the day!

    Join Lyle and Lawson for fun discussions of current news, deep Bible studies, and interviews with special guests.  What's more, you can call in to answer a quiz and win great prizes with our 1800 FAITH FM (1800 324 843) number.  Why not call in with a Bible question for Lyle and Lawson to answer? Or TXT us on 0491 064 669

    The Breakfast Show airs live from Newcastle NSW each weekday from 7-9 am ADST (check the schedule for local times).  So, make sure you tune in to be inspired, hear the Word, and listen to some great music.
    Breakfast Show Quiz T&C
    To limit confusion and/or disappointment, here's the details about how quizzes work on the Breakfast Show
    One winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entrants. 
    Employees and volunteers of the promoter are not eligible to enter. 
    Only one entry per household per quiz will be accepted (some shows have multiple quizzes, you may still have multiple entries if so).
    Prizes are non-negotiable, non-transferable and non-refundable. No cash alternative is available. Where a prize becomes unavailable for any reason, the promoter reserves the right to substitute that prize for a prize of equal or higher value.
    The name, address, email address and phone number of the winner must be provided to the promoter if requested and will be shared to enable fulfilment of the prize delivery and stored in the Faith FM database. 
    The promoter's decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into on the decision.
    If you have won a prize in the last 4 weeks, we reserve the right to exclude you from the quiz till that time has passed.
    You must hear and answer the quizzes correctly during the live show to go into the draw. We reserve the right to not repeat the question or correct your answers.

  • Pandora is a third generation psychic medium who shares channelled messages, wisdom and shares tools to help you to achieve balance in your life!

  • アイルランド在住の漫談系タロット占い師のまるお月美が、占い・スピリチュアル・海外生活や国際結婚などをテーマに話します。


    HP→ https://maruotsukimi.com/
    Twitter→ https://twitter.com/maruotsukimi LINE公式→ https://lin.ee/vAIiylo

  • The Ed Newton Ministries podcast features the preaching ministry of Pastor Ed Newton. Dr. Ed Newton is the lead pastor of Community Bible Church in San Antonio, Texas a 27,000-member multigenerational, multicultural congregation of disciple-makers who seek to initiate and celebrate life change in Jesus’ name. A pastor, speaker, and leader with an intentional burden to speak into the capital “C” church towards revival, leadership, evangelism, discipleship, missional living, and especially for the “next” generation to become a “now” generation. He is also the author of several books, the most recent being “Breathe Again,” a timely motivational resource for those seeking a renewal in their lives.

  • Thầy Thích Pháp Hoà Thuyết Pháp

    Nguồn: https://truclam.ca/

  • Evolutionary Spirituality with your host Donna DeVane!
    Donna is a certified spiritual healer, life coach, author and teacher of a New Evolutionary Spirituality!
    We are not divided beings, part one thing, part another. We are ONE. With All Creation.
    Everything is energy, thoughts, feelings, actions, words, politics, playing, fighting; it's All Energy!
    Let's discuss Life as we are living it. What are we creating? Are we loving it or do we need to shift our energy and create something different?
    Listen in for a new take on old thoughts.
    Please visit my website http://www.ConsciousnessPower.com
    Search For my books on Amazon, ITunes and Audible
    I'm on YouTube too!

  • Мухар сүсэг, Бурханы шашны сургаал номлол, шинжлэх ухаан, ёс заншил, ёс суртахуун

  • Catholic News Service podcast hosts Chaz Muth and Carol Zimmermann take a deep-dive into the topic of racism -- through the lens of the Catholic Church -- in each episode.

  • A podcast to help women dream bigger, pray bolder and live empowered because we believe that there is more. Hosted by Karen McAdams and Rachel Faulkner Brown.

  • 繊細さんとHSPのための 幸せの教科書📝



  • Co-hosted by Adam Blai and Debbie Georgianni, The Spirit World airs weekly on The Station of the Cross Catholic Media Network. We answer your questions about angels, demons, and how the spiritual and the physical worlds interact.

  • Devocional audio diario de In Touch Ministries de Charles Stanley.