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  • Jerrod Griffiths (Wilbur Whitlock) and Mark Thomas talk Pro- Wrestling, WWE, AEW, Classic Pro Wrestling, And More.

  • Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:
    1. Choose a Tarot DeckThere are many tarot decks available, each with its own artwork and interpretation. The Rider-Waite deck is one of the most popular and is often recommended for beginners due to its clear symbolism.
    2. Familiarize Yourself with the CardsThere are 78 cards in a tarot deck:
    - Major Arcana (22 cards): These cards represent significant life events or spiritual lessons.- Minor Arcana (56 cards): These cards represent daily life events. They are divided into four suits: Cups, Wands, Swords, and Pentacles.
    Spend time with each card, studying its imagery and traditional meaning. Many people find it helpful to keep a tarot journal.
    3. Formulate a QuestionBefore drawing cards, have a clear and specific question in mind. This will help you interpret the cards in relation to your query.
    4. Shuffle the CardsWhile shuffling, focus on your question. Some people like to cut the deck into three piles and then reassemble it, while others prefer to shuffle until they feel it's time to stop.
    5. Choose a SpreadA spread is a particular arrangement of cards. Here are a few common spreads:
    - Three-Card Spread: Past, Present, Future.- Celtic Cross: A 10-card spread that provides a detailed look at a situation.- One-Card Draw: For a quick answer or daily guidance.
    6. Draw and Place the CardsDraw the cards from the top of the deck and place them in the spread's designated positions.
    7. Interpret the CardsBegin by interpreting each card individually, considering both its traditional meaning and the imagery in relation to your question. Then, look at the cards as a whole to see if there are any patterns or themes.
    For example, a lot of Swords might indicate conflict or mental challenges, while many Cups could point to emotional matters.
    8. Trust Your IntuitionWhile traditional meanings are important, your intuition plays a crucial role in reading tarot. If a particular symbol or detail stands out to you, or if you get a strong feeling from a card, trust that. Your personal connection to the cards will deepen with practice.
    9. Record Your ReadingWrite down the cards you drew, their positions, and your interpretations. This will help you track patterns over time and see how your readings evolve.
    10. Close the ReadingThank the cards and, if you like, cleanse them by knocking on the deck, using sage, or placing them in the moonlight. This is especially important if the reading was particularly heavy or emotional.
    11. Practice RegularlyLike any skill, reading tarot improves with practice. Read for yourself, offer readings to friends, or join a tarot study group.
    12. Continue LearningThere are many books, courses, and resources available on tarot. As you continue your journey, you might want to delve deeper into the symbolism, history, and various interpretations of the cards.
    Remember, tarot is a tool for guidance, reflection, and insight. It's not about predicting the future with certainty but rather about exploring possibilities and gaining clarity. Enjoy the journey!

  • What does creative play have to do with every day life? Just about everything amazing.

    InterAction Presents: This Is Where We Play is a weekly interview-style podcast hosted by Hilary Ladd, one of the teaching artists at the InterAction School of Performing Arts in Saint John, New Brunswick.

    Each week, Hilary will be hosting conversations with InterAction students past and present, parents, teaching artists, and community members, about the cultivation of their creative practices and what impact it has on their daily lives.

    Tune in to nurture your artist within!

  • シアトル在住25年舞踏家兼ITエンジニア薫。時には🐈‍⬛黒猫に頭突きされつつ…【フリー台本】『ChatGPTと作った朗読&声劇(カオルのAI工房)』
    🎭︎ #STFドラマ祭出たいぜ 一声でも喜んで❢🎭︎2022年シアトルで役者デビュー

    🍷【ヴァンパイアパーティー】小里xかおるん https://stand.fm/episodes/65210d3c88403dc472deb24e
    🍷【ヴァンパイアパーティー】璃斗♂✖︎薫♂ https://stand.fm/episodes/653b5066642ad9254756ea8d
    🐈‍⬛ライブ声劇🐈‍⬛『幽霊猫のうた』作:ChatGPT&薫。出演:Cocoさん、月嶋さん (17分) https://stand.fm/episodes/64fe9e7b1f016b9f1a1679dd

    『梟の夜』 (4’16”) https://stand.fm/episodes/650d2dd6d0c67b91a64ee794
    『夏の帰省』(3’48”) https://stand.fm/episodes/64fd1ba0aa46e6f95721e26f
    『何が戦後だというのだ』 (5’42”)あかえかふお https://stand.fm/episodes/6440c2d50a5b05a9db2bff7f
    『鬼火を追う武士』 (2’35”)田中貢太郎作 https://stand.fm/episodes/64cb35d18fbfb0f01f0bb82f
    『猿蟹合戦』(8’44”) 芥川龍之介 https://stand.fm/episodes/63c51bcb4bbaf2428bd37325

    ☆ テック ☆
    マイク比較【Yamaha🎙️AG01】vs【Blue🎙️Yeti】 https://stand.fm/episodes/63bbd0961e231185f9d12c90

    #AI #AI小説 #ChatGPT #フリー台本
    #声優 として関わりたい
    #海外在住 #アメリカ暮らし #舞踏 #Butoh
    Kaoru Okumura

  • 【渋谷悠のにっちでぼっちな勉強会とは?】





    映像・舞台制作の傍ら、ナレーション、トークイベントの出演、eigaworldcup 脚本部門審査員、東京フィルムセンター、tori studio、国際メディア映像専門学校、長岡造形大学にて特別講師を務めるなど、その活動の幅は広い。




  • ノラが日々の暮らしを遠吠えします。


  • 元宝塚の嘉月絵理がメインパーソナリティーになって、国内外のミュージカルや宝塚の話題、ミニミニミュージカル、これから作りたいミュージカルの一場面やミュージカルナンバーをお届けします。

  • 日本の苗字人口ランキングで現在4位の「田中」。

    【番組ハッシュタグ】 #たなかのカナタ

  • ▼お便り・メッセージはこちら▼ https://forms.gle/x7NYwTSsLKAnHY2Q9幸せは一日にしてならず――抜群のポジティブ思考で生きてきた谷と鳩川が、ハードモードなこの頃へシェアハピ精神をまきちらす無限肯定トーク番組。僕たち私たちの「うれしい」と「たのしい」を集めて煮詰めて語り合う。やがてゆるゆると蟻塚のように、そこにひとつの「論」ができるやも。舌の回ることが、銭ゴマが裸足で逃げる。ひょっと現れた隙間時間に嬉しい楽しい駄弁をどうぞ。▼お茶の差し入れはこちら▼ https://suzuri.jp/uretanoron?utm_source=others&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=shop_share

  • Houston Weather Daily is the daily podcast you need for the most up-to-date weather forecasts in Houston, Texas. Every morning, we provide a brief yet comprehensive overview of the weather, tailored to the unique climatic conditions of Houston. Known for its hot, humid summers and mild winters, Houston's weather can be as dynamic as the city itself. Our podcast covers everything from heat advisories to the potential for tropical storms, ensuring you're prepared for whatever the day may bring. Whether you’re planning outdoor activities, navigating the city's sprawling layout, or just deciding what to wear, our episodes offer insights into temperature trends, precipitation chances, and important weather warnings. We also discuss how the weather impacts local events and provide tips for staying comfortable in Houston's often challenging climate. With Houston Weather Daily, stay informed and ready to tackle your day in one of America's most vibrant and diverse cities.

    Subscribe and start your day with a forecast that's as dynamic as our city! Note: Every element of this Podcast is proudly powered by AI and a fun, dynamic experiment being evolved by AI Strategist Jim Carter III (jimcarter.me). For features/sponsorship opportunities email [email protected]!

  • 福岡市早良区の2世帯住宅に暮らす高取家。パパとママと娘と息子、そして、じいじとばあばの6人家族はごく普通に生きてきて、ごく普通に暮らしていました。 高取家の人々が大切な家族とともに繰り広げるちょっぴりドキドキ、そして思わず笑顔がこぼれるほのぼの系ラジオドラマです。

  • हम अपने साप्ताहिक टॉक शो में भगवान श्री हरि विष्णु के दस अवतारों के बारे में भगवद महापुराण और रामचरित्रमानस की कहानियों पर चर्चा साझा करते हैं। हम अपने साप्ताहिक टॉक शो में महादेव श्री शिव और जगद्गुरु श्री ब्रह्मा जी के बारे में भी चर्चा करते हैं।

    We discuss and share stories from Bhagwad Mahapuran and Ramcharitramanas about Bhagwan Shri Hari Vishnu an his ten incarnations (Avatar). We also discuss about Mahadev Shri Shiva and Jagadguru Shri Brahama Ji on our weekly talk show.

    Please connect and write us @ [email protected]

  • 一週間で最も楽しくて、また一週間で最も憂鬱な気分になる日曜日。『はぁ、あっという間の休日だったな・・・』 『また明日から仕事か・・・』とタメ息をつく前に、この番組で笑いましょう!番組のテーマは、ストレス解消性バラエティ!有吉弘行と、色とりどりのアシスタント芸人が生放送でお送りします。この番組でしか聴くことのできない、笑える“毒”で、明日への英気を養いましょう!

  • Prepare to embark on a heartfelt journey of love, growth, and self-discovery with Lucy Maud Montgomery's beloved novel, "Anne of the Island." In this enchanting installment of the Anne Shirley series, listeners accompany our spirited heroine as she ventures beyond the idyllic landscapes of Avonlea to pursue higher education. As Anne enters the vibrant world of college, she encounters new friendships, explores the complexities of romance, and faces the inevitable choices that shape her future. Montgomery's captivating storytelling paints a vivid picture of Anne's emotional and intellectual maturation, as she grapples with the yearning for independence while cherishing the deep bonds she has forged. "Anne of the Island" is a timeless tale that resonates with the universal experiences of youth, reminding us of the transformative power of love, the value of lifelong friendships, and the indomitable spirit that lies within each of us. So, open your heart to the magic of Anne's journey and discover a captivating world that will leave you inspired and longing for more.

    https://www.solgood.org - Check out our Streaming Service for our full collection of audiobooks, podcasts, short stories, & 10 hour sounds for sleep and relaxation at our website

    Anne Shirley, marriage, love, loss, resilience, friendship, coastal village, home, beloved characters, heartwarming, growth, literature, poignant, enchanting, Prince Edward Island, transformative, idyllic, solace, Canadian author

  • レインボーブリッジは2023å¹´8月26日に開通30周年を迎えます。 開通30周年を記念し、過去と未来、あなたとあなたをつなぐ、7つのラジオドラマ「RAINBOW RADIO」をON AIR! いつの時もレインボーブリッジを渡ると、ここが東京だと思った。渡った先には、いつかの、そしてこれからのあなたがいる。 これは、レインボーブリッジがつなぐ、あなたの物語です。 レインボーブリッジ30周年特設サイトはコチラ https://www.shutoko.jp/ss/rainbowbridge30/

  • A full-cast dark fiction anthology of stories featuring characters driven by obsession, love, rage, and revenge clashing in the murky worlds of the supernatural and paranormal. Each episode is a new story created in stunning 3D spatial audio. Listen on headphones or earbuds for the best experience.
    Created by the acclaimed sound designer and director Jeff Schmidt, the creative force behind the vivid sounds of fiction-podcast thrillers Blood Ties and Aftershock and true-crime phenomena Dr. Death.
    Learn more at https://ominousthrill.com/

  • Hey people,do u?yes u! I mean u! Do you love animals, well this is their zone, welcome, anything at all you wish to find out about them,which ever species, welcome.

  • Kid-KAT (Kimia dengan KATALIS) merupakan podcast yang akan membahas mengenai lifestyle