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  • Welcome to Coast Files! A podcast where three best friends dive deep into the mysteries of the sea, unravel oceanic secrets, and delve into true crime stories lurking beneath the waves. Let's dive in!

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • We're two sisters who love history and are on a mission to help more people enjoy it. In each episode we take a historical event or experience, find some relevant source material and have a light-hearted chat about it from a sensory perspective. Each season we focus on a different theme or time period. Have a listen - you might like it! You can find us on Instagram and Twitter (X), or email us at [email protected].

  • 偉人たちのあまり知られていない生涯を紹介するチャンネルです。TikTokやYouTubeでは動画でも楽しめます😊





  • 不親切ポッドキャスト。気分でよく変わります。

  • Coming back from hiatus soon! Grab a beer and your notebook, and come hang out with me as I tell you about shipwrecks and submerged cities in conversations with the people who helped document them. We will talk about the science, the research, and address cultural implications of what these discoveries mean to the communities they may affect. Who knows? You might also hear a ghost story or two!

  • Are you planning a trip to Austria? Or are you a foreigner who lives in Austria who would like to connect on a deeper level with the country? THE AUSTRIAN WAY is a Podcast where we explore sights, culture and lifestyle, history, gastronomy and everything it takes for you to have an exciting and meaningful time in Austria. Make sure to subscribe so you won't miss an episode. Welcome to the heart of Europe. Grüß Gott and Servus!

  • 2024å¹´4月22日~5月2日まで全8回、ZIP-FM「BRUNCH STYLE」でお届けする東海道新幹線開業60周年を記念した特別コーナーをポッドキャストでもお届けします。東海道新幹線開業60周年を記念して、60年間のヒストリーをご紹介。リスナーからの新幹線の思い出エピソードもご紹介。時代とともに駆け抜けた東海道新幹線60年の歴史を振り返りつつ、これからの「新幹線の未来」について考えていきます! 






  • The Calm in Midlife podcast is where we will lift the lid on what it is to go through midlife as a woman in the 21st Century. I will be talking to women about how they define midlife. How old is midlife (certainly not within the confines of 40-65 years as society would believe)?

    Our conversations will unravel all that midlife can be including career changes, challenges, ageing and body image, the physical symptoms of menopause, how relationships with partners might be changing and preparing for an empty nest.
    With every episode, my mission is to support women on this midlife journey. To create a community where we can be honest and tell the world how “real” midlife can be, and how we can carve new paths for ourselves and celebrate how wonderful women are.
    Take off the armour piece by piece and find out who you are and who you want to be.

  • Eda Teruo is a super hyper ultimate final fantasy uni ikura toro kappamaki galácticos neko punch jockey.

  • 毎週日曜午前11時からRKBラジオで放送中「ゴリけんのぐるぐるマップ」内の人気コーナー。

  • 古代より日本の文化の中心的な役割を担っていた福岡。その福岡の歴史と文化を掘り下げて伝えていきます。
    出演:坂田周大(RKBアナウンサー) 中島理恵(リポーター)

  • FDR's Fireside Chats: A Nation United Over Radio Waves In the throes of the Great Depression and World War II, America faced its darkest chapters. Yet, amidst the despair, a singular voice resonated from living rooms across the nation: Franklin Delano Roosevelt. More than just a president, FDR became a trusted friend, delivering his famous "Fireside Chats" directly through the magic of radio. These weren't mere pronouncements from on high; they were intimate conversations, Roosevelt speaking candidly as both leader and confidante. With his calm, reassuring tone and flashes of humor, he reminded Americans of their "hopes and values," the resilience woven into the very fabric of their democracy. The impact of these broadcasts was unprecedented. Aired around 10 pm Eastern on nationwide networks, they drew millions of listeners who gathered around crackling radios, united by Roosevelt's words. He invited them to write, to share their anxieties and aspirations, turning the White House into a giant town hall. Millions responded, their letters a testament to the profound connection forged over the airwaves. Roosevelt's Fireside Chats transcended the limitations of mass media. They became a beacon of hope, a shared experience that stitched a nation together during its most trying times. From the depths of economic despair to the horrors of global conflict, FDR used the radio to unite Americans, reminding them of their inherent strength and the future they could build together. More than just a historical footnote, the Fireside Chats stand as a testament to the power of communication and empathy. They demonstrate how a leader, speaking frankly and authentically, can inspire a nation to rise above adversity and find common ground. In the face of hardship, Roosevelt didn't just inform; he connected, offering solace and forging a collective spirit that continues to echo through the annals of American history. Thanks for listening to Quiet Please. Remember to like and share wherever you get your podcasts.

  • Discussion of Roman fashion, style, and color and why it was important to Romans.

  • 水曜日のカンパネラ・詩羽がナビゲートする"愉快な歴史にバンザイ!森羅万象・カラフル歴史バラエティ!"

    歴史上の人物や出来事、現在注目される話題や人物など、この世界に存在する万物、事象には、驚くような、感動できる、バンザイしたくなるような物語でつくられています。詩羽の好奇心アンテナが向いた森羅万象をテーマに、知っているようで知らなかった愉快な歴史や情報、裏話をポッドキャストととしてお届け。さらに、詩羽らしいPOPなコーナー企画も毎週お届け。 / ã‚‚ちろん皆さんからのメッセージも募集しています。時間がゆるす限りお答えしていきます。

    このポッドキャストはFM ラジオJ-WAVE(81.3FM)にて放送中、水曜日のカンパネラ・詩羽ナビゲート『MASSIVE HISTORIA』のポットキャストverです。(J-WAVE では毎週土曜日 24 時00 分ON AIR)

  • Exploring the crimes & misdemenours committed in the West Country of England in bygone days, there causes, reasons and eventual outcomes., that affected families as well as communities for many years after the unspeakable events took place. These episodes cover murderous acts committed between 1900 and 1950.

  • The podcast delves into the intriguing story of Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, and her alleged involvement in an affair with Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. It explores the aristocratic background of Rose Hanbury, her connection to the British royal family, and the rumors that have surfaced regarding her supposed inappropriate closeness to Prince William. The article also touches on the potential implications of these rumors for the royal family and the public's fascination with royal scandals. Additionally, it highlights the lack of official statements from the parties involved and the media's role in perpetuating these speculations.

  • あの伝説の番組「シンクロのシティ」の人気コーナー「トウキョウハナコマチ」がAuDee限定で復活! 

  • 横浜にも日本の伝統文化である「芸者」の文化が、歴史を紡ぎ今もなお残っています。

  • 歴史の故地にまつわるストーリー、驚きの発掘秘話、仏像に関する目からウロコの知識などを各分野の専門家が分かりやすく解説。これを聴いて現地に行くと、当時を生きた人々の息吹を身近に感じられるはず。歩きながら歴史ロマンを楽しんでください!