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  • In 1911, just three decades after the sport of football came to India, a group of Bengali men sent shockwaves across the entire British Empire. The Amor Ekadosh, or “Immortal Eleven,” competing in one of the oldest football tournaments in the world, did so without boots on their feet. Unafraid to go toe-to-toe with their colonisers, they showed a country what freedom felt like–long before its citizens were free. Konkona Sen Sharma brings the remarkable story, once erased from history, to life.

  • Gestalt is an idea that posits the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. History, too, is like that; the sum of all human endeavour creates a grand narrative, larger in scope and scale than any single event. Each episode, we will explore a concept that forms a part of this grand narrative by examining some of the events; spread across time and region, that let it flourish. The ultimate goal is to place our present in the context of the past and in preparation for the future

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  • Listen to Junior Vikatan Pa. Thirumavelan's Periyorkale Thaimarkalae, a series about politics! Podcast Channel Manager-Prabhu Venkat.

  • Vantharai valzha veikum madras oda History ah pathi therium ah ?
    Madras Nalla Madras podcast ah kelunga !

    Story & Narration - தமிழ்மகன்
    Podcast channel manager- Prabhu Venkat.

  • மாபெரும் சபைதனில்... புதிய நம்பிக்கையை, புதிய சிந்தனையை, புதிய வெளிச்சத்தை பாய்ச்சும் தொடர்! எழுத்து & குரல் - உதயச்சந்திரன் | Podcast channel manager- பிரபு வெங்கட்

  • ஆப்பிரிக்கா யானை முதல் ADOLF HITLER வரை விகடன் வழங்கும்
    சொல்லப்படாத கதைகள்!

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  • "Unravel Studio" will bring you unknown and astonishing historical facts about india

  • There aren’t very many original Beatniks left on planet earth and as of this writing, Wavy Gravy is one of the last original Beatnik poets standing. But Wavy isn’t just an original Beatnik poet - he's also a improv comedy trailblazer and international comedic activist who’s antics included running a pig for president. This series travels from Wavy’s childhood to the Gaslight Café Beatnik years to San Francisco where the convergence of psychedelic and comedy history collided, steering Wavy to Hollywood where his comedy career soared, propelling him to the famed Acid Tests and the birth of his Hog Farm commune, bringing Wavy to the Woodstock Peace and Music Festival’s stage enshrining him as a global symbol for peace, love and Rock’n’Roll.
    Wavy’s historic and hilarious adventures include his involvement in countless cultural watershed moments in American history… like the fabrication of snapping for applause, the introduction of granola to hippies and in fact, the actual creation of the ethos of the hippie.
    American Prankster is a chronological deep dive with Wavy, unfolding never-before-heard stories about his life that even he had forgotten until interviews with Rainbow Valentine from Disorganized Crime: Smuggler’s Daughter, retrieved them.
    Stories about Wavy’s psychedelic shenanigans with countless icons like: Lenny Bruce, Groucho Marx, BB King, Janis Joplin, Tiny Tim, Del Close, Ken Kesey, Neal Cassady, Margo St. James, Thelonius Monk, Bob Dylan, Ram Dass, Albert Einstein, Peter, Paul & Mary, Marlene Dietrich, Severin Darden, Joan Baez, Martha Graham, Alice Cooper, David Crosby, Jackson Brown, Abbie Hoffman, Bob Weir, Mama Cass, John Coltrane, Grace Slick, Jerry Garcia, Paul Krassner, Bill Graham, Tim Harden, Robin Williams, Viola Spolin, Pink Floyd and many more.
    Guests on this series include members of the Hog Farm, the Merry Pranksters, Grateful Dead Family, KMPX, The Committee, the Family Dog, the Medicine Ball Caravan, the Yippies and other counter culture institutions.
    Produced by Rainbow Valentine Studios, American Prankster is a proud part of Pantheon Podcasts

  • Hosted by former double agent and Newsweek Editor-at-Large Naveed Jamali, Declassified is an exploration of what it means to be secure — and of the people all over the world who are quietly working to keep us safe.

  • From Texas Monthly comes a story of the Wild West, the first American superheroes, the legendary riders in white hats, Los Diablos Tejanos—the Texas Rangers. “White Hats” tells the true history of these larger-than-life rangers, who have become one of the defining symbols of the state. Join host Jack Herrera as we explore the fantastical tales of Ranger legends like Jack Coffee Hays, who rode into battle with the Lipan Apache chief Flacco, and Frank Hamer, who hunted down the outlaws Bonnie and Clyde. For many Texans, the white hats became synonymous with justice and protection. But many other Texans grew up hearing haunting memories of “los Rinches,” and the violence they visited upon Mexicans and Mexican Americans a century ago. On the eve of the Rangers’ 200th anniversary, "White Hats" explores the Rangers’ true place in Texas history.

  • Podcast Description: Searching through the pages of History and retelling the stories that have formed the land in which we live. This podcast in Malayalam tries to trace the story of ancient Kerala by analysing History texts and folklore tales.

    Podcast Producer and Presenter: Sruthin Lal

  • Kisse, Khaniyon, kitabon, aur google ke database main khoya hua treasure

  • The objective of this podcast channel is to make history interesting for all. Through this channel I will be uploading podcasts on various topics from Indian history, Indian values, Indian culture heritage and science. Through these podcasts you can explore various dimensions of unparalleled continuity of Indian history its wisdom, values and culture that enable India to survive for so long. You can share your feedback via voice notes/messages or mail me on the topics you will like to hear the podcast on. Wish you a happy journey through glorious facts of Indian history.

    Happy learning !

  • This podcast takes you into the darkest and most remote corners of India, where Chandrima Das (bestselling author of Young Blood and Twisted) uncovers how real events and people from history have transformed into magical myths, strange superstitions, and haunting lores. A ghost soldier guarding the Indo-China border; a ‘black magic’ village in Assam; an imprisoned tree in Kerala; a witch-hunt that still goes on. We will make you rethink your realities, question your beliefs, and face your deepest, darkest fears. Can you handle the truth? Tune in every Friday to find out!

  • This is a new show from Ananda Vikatan Sol Vazhi Payanam, a storytelling series by Writer Bava Chelladurai. This show is Now available on all podcast streaming platforms.

  • Do you ever walk down the street and see a weird logo on a light pole and suddenly find yourself researching light poles for the next hour? What about theatrical rigging systems, or how do you design a theme park, what about the Ikea instruction manual man, or why my does my dog look at me with resentment? I think about these things a lot, and now I’m here to share the answers to the questions you didn’t know to ask. This is Fun Facts with Chase, and that’s a fact. Support this podcast: