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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • From August 30th, 1971 through the summer of 1977 Pro Wrestling Historian and Author John Arezzi attended EVERY show at the famed arena, Madison Square Garden, often called the Mecca of pro wrestling.
    From his beginnings as a 14 year old wrestling fan, shooting photos and 8mm film footage at the matches, He then became the President of the Fred Blassie Fan Club. John eventually evolved to one of the very few credentialed photographers allowed backstage and given ringside press access.
    On this podcast (which will be released 50 years to the day of each Madison Sq. Garden wrestling show he attended), Arezzi shares his Mat Memories of that event. From the matches, to the backstage atmosphere, John looks back in time in this truly unique show. The show is co-hosted by John's longtime friend and radio producer Tim Puttre, and written by another long time friend and associate, Ritchie Garcia.
    Hosts: John Arezzi & Tim Puttre
    Co-Producer and Show Editor: Tim Puttre
    Co-Producer, researcher and writer: Ritchie Garcia
    Copyright 2021: Mat Memories, LLC
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  • The Museum of Communist Terror aims to keep alive knowledge and understanding of the deaths, terror and economic failure that took place under Communist regimes, primarily in the 20th century. The strategy is to do this through social media, videos, podcasts, the website, talks and films for schools and universities, events and the creation of a full-size museum in London. We are recording video interviews with people who have experienced Communist rule and acquiring exhibits for the proposed museum.

  • Nic Phillips hosts different guests for each episode and discusses different strands of Spirituality as they intersect at Glastonbury Abbey.

  • History is under our feet and on our doorstep; local historian, Dr Fiona-Jane Brown delves into Aberdeen's forgotten and lost past with material from her Evening Express column "The History Quine".

  • An exciting History podcast for lovers of history in a rush! Also featuring longer episodes with historians. Also on YouTube, TikTok and Twitter! If you’d like me to chat about anything, just drop me a message on these platforms.

  • A space for lovers, actors and welcomers to Islamic and Indian arts, to explore the actuality of the art market, exhibition and research.Every episode, join Isabelle Imbert as the Art Informant in conversations with specialists of the Islamic and Indian art history and art market.

  • Discover fascinating historic sites and collections with the new Jersey Heritage podcast. Our presenters will take you behind the scenes and introduce you to intriguing stories from the past.

  • Cornish writer and blogger Elizabeth Dale takes us to some of Cornwall's hidden places and reveals some untold stories.

  • In each episode of For the Living and the Dead, a Holocaust researcher talks about an object, now often in a museum, that tells a very personal story about the Holocaust. The first season of the EHRI Podcast has six episodes and features a teddy bear, mica-flakes, a postcard, gramophone discs, a magazine cover and the typewriter. The unique stories come from all over Europe – the Holocaust being a continent-wide phenomenon – ranging from Belgium to Ukraine, from Romania to Italy.This podcast season of six episodes is released every other week, starting 29 September 2022. In 2023, another season will follow.Music accreditation: Blue Dot Sessions, Tracks - Opening and closing: Stillness. Incidental, Gathering Stasis, Pencil Marks, Uncertain Ground, Marble Transit and Snowmelt. License Creative Commons Atttribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (BB BY-NC 4.0).

  • Paul Whitewick and Hedley Thorne chat about everything and anything they find in Wessex. From Ancient Trackways to Abandoned Canals, from The Ridgeway to An Abandoned Railway and everything in between. Join us on our fortnightly adventures.

  • Unforgotten Highland Women is a short podcast series recorded at live events across the Highlands of Scotland about remarkable local women. A jewel thief, a witch, a doctor and an inspirational teacher are just some of the stories of incredible Highland women revealed from museum archives.

    Pauline Moore podcaster and freelance producer, with support from the team at XpoNorth, was commissioned by Museums and Heritage Highland to host these events, interviewing the keepers of the tales, sharing the stories with local communities and holding information gathering sessions to help complete the picture.

  • Valerie Singleton presents an exciting new project in which we will seek to create and build a fascinating audio archive capturing the widest possible range of motoring memories – starting way back in 1932. Members of the production team have been out and about, collecting motoring stories from years gone by. These stories could be individual accounts of road journeys… exciting adventures… and achievements from specific years… as well as more noteworthy developments in road safety, vehicle technology and motoring law. The key thing is the people telling the stories... it’s all about real life on the road.

  • We know that there are over 10,000 cities in the world. We also know that there is something unique about every city. But what is it that makes each city feel, move, look and act so differently?

    In this podcast, Professor Greg Clark CBE and Caitlin Morrissey bring together over 70 inspirational leaders from the worlds of urban history, politics, art, architecture and more to decode The DNA of Cities.

  • A Sikhi based podcast talking about the history of the Sikh Gurus, Saints, and Martyrs, current events, and politics in Panjab.

  • A deeply thought-provoking podcast entailing British politics, history and the social issues of the day. Look forward to three episodes each month on all of our themes. Together we aim to escort Britain into the 21st century with the use of discussion and opinion.

  • Join Chris Green - The History Chap - as he explores the stories behind British history - the great events, the forgotten stories and the downright bizarre!Chris is a historian by training, and has a way of bringing history to life by making it relevant, interesting and

  • Heroes and Legends is a channel dedicated to exploring the lives and stories of great and inspiring individuals that have made an impact on history, culture or our way of life. Some of these may be little known to the wider world, even though they impacted significantly on the destinies of their own people. Others may have been condemned unfairly by history and deserve to have their contributions reviewed. We hope that by bringing their stories to light, we can all learn from their experiences, be inspired by them and enrich the tapestry of knowledge that exists outside the narrative of our own culture.

  • Merry Monday and welcome to the year round podcast that explores classic Holiday movies and TV specials.

  • A podcast focussed almost exclusively on Welsh history . Infrequently posted, at the moment, but covering a wide range of historical topics relating to Cymru. Born from @HistorianWelsh

  • This portable podcast is hosted and edited by Gavin Watson, a British Army veteran of 16 years. He is talking to other military veterans, allowing them to share their stories and experiences. This podcast will give non-military personnel the chance to gain a better understanding of military life and gain an insight into what the transition back to civilian life can be like. These strong individuals may inspire, after dealing with diversity, resilience and possibly life changing injuries or illnesses. If you’re a veteran missing your time in the military, this is a great way to rekindle that fire. Regardless of service, rank or time served....every veteran has an experience to share. Sometimes, they just need an opportunity to do so. This podcast is recorded and edited in Gavin’s free time.