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  • It all started with a question. Can you name ten films featuring a healthy depiction of male/female friendships? Now, The Friendship Dilemma is a podcast featuring Erik Childress and Morgan Gire searching through film for positive representations of male/female friendships. Do they exist without the necessity of coupling for happily ever after? Would the relationships pushed to the supporting side make for a more interesting follow? What defines the best friendships between the sexes? Morgan and Erik take you through it film by film on a quest for what the movies are missing out on.

  • 映画についての感想を大阪出身のふたりが、好き勝手に雑談を交えながら喋ります。知らんけど。番組へのメッセージはこちら→ Twitter→

  • Do you scream at the TV when watching Reality TV? Are you looking for someone to validate that yes, these people are crazy? Join real life husband and wife, John and Eileen, as they recap the insanity that is Married at First Sight.

  • ポッドキャストラジオ局【ラジオクロニクル】番組公式サイトでは収録の裏側も掲載!詳しくはらじくろ,ラジクロで検索♪podcast,spotify,AmazonMusicで無料配信中!

  • ポッドキャストラジオ局【ラジオクロニクル】番組公式サイトでは収録の裏側も掲載!詳しくはらじくろ,ラジクロで検索♪podcast,spotify,AmazonMusicで無料配信中!

  • Join Tougie and Cyn as they journey through the history of one of televisions greatest sitcoms, Family Guy. Episode by episode, season by season!

  • Join Brittlestar and Shannon as they chat about Coronation Street as episodes are broadcast in Canada.

  • Welcome to History. It’s not pretty, but it IS entertaining. Nat Geo’s series Barkskins (based on the book of the same name) is here to throw you headfirst into the frontier; and we’re here with the cast and creators to throw you headfirst into Barkskins. On the AFTERBUZZ TV BARKSKINS AFTER SHOW PODCAST, we’re bridge the gap between viewer and crew as we dive into the discussion every week with the latest episodes and featuring special guest insight. Subscribe and comment.

  • The “House of the Dragon Audio Commentary” offers comprehensive coverage of HBO's original series, “House of the Dragon.”

  • 秘密結社:迎合ラジオ


  • 友達歴20年のカヨコとカナコが

  • Film trailers don’t tell you everything, so we do. We try to grow faith one movie at a time. Long gone are the days of movies edited for television, but we try to prevent gotcha moments, so you don’t get surprised by language, sex or violence without understanding more about the movie.


    We don’t give the whole movie away but point out some concerns or surprises to help you make informed choices when you watch a movie.


    Movies are rated by the MPA or Motion Picture Association. This really is a group of moms and dads from all over the nation who come together in California in a somewhat secret process of rating movies. They rate them G, PG, PG-13, R or NC-17. If it seems like the rating system has changed over the years it is because board members only serve for a max of seven years and then are replaced. The board members from 1980 would have different ideas from those serving in 2000, and still different beliefs from this year. Three of the board leaders are known but the other eight to ten on the team are not named and we don't know if any of them attend church or have a personal walk with the Lord. So let us ask you: "Do you want 8 to 13 random people from your town selecting the movies for you? Wouldn't you rather have the information to decide for yourself?"


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    Blessings, David Knight


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  • ファッションニートのりささん(♀)とファッション社畜の長岡さん(♂)が映画の話を、ノリと感性ときどき知識で語り合います。

  • We tell you things that keep you up at night. A podcast aimed to analyze the horror genre.

  • The weekly podcast where two friends Tub and Jonesy discuss, dissect, and rate movies.

  • MARS☆RADIO Podcast シーズン3(2024å¹´5月)から分離、独立した「MARSのひとり映画館」

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  • Its a Podcast
    Its about films old and not so old
    That's it, what more do you need to know
    Please note no sausages were harmed in the recording of this podcast

  • VHS映画談は、あの頃VHSで観た映画のお話をする番組です。公開から四半世紀ほど経過している映画の話なので、少々ネタバレが含まれていてもご容赦ください。

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  • ポッドキャストラジオ局【ラジオクロニクル】番組公式サイトでは収録の裏側も掲載!詳しくはらじくろ,ラジクロで検索♪podcast,spotify,AmazonMusicで無料配信中!

  • 毎週金曜深夜0時45分〜放送中の「金曜日のメタバース」ポッドキャストオリジナルコンテンツ「レオスのキンメタ反省部屋(仮)」



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