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  • Viðhorf okkar til fjalla og eldfjalla hafa tekið miklum breytingum í tímans rás. Stiklar er á stóru í hugmyndasögu fjallsins í tveimur þáttur. Í fyrri þætti er sjónum beint að háleitri ægifegurð fjalla á meðan eldfjöll og eldgos eru til umræðu í þeim seinni. Rætt verður við fræðimenn um birtingarmynd fjalla og eldfjalla í bókmenntum og myndlist. Umsjón: Sigurlín Bjarney Gísladóttir.

  • Wex takes you on a journey in pop culture, fitness and general buffoonery (behavior that is ridiculous but amusing). We’ll have some guests, fun Top 5 debates on random topics and find out what Wex is doing in the gym this week. Don’t take life too seriously....no one makes it out alive.

  • The podcast that never stays on topic. Join Tyler and Trey as they talk about everything. Sports, current events, pop culture, theories, hypotheticals, memories and more.

  • Welcome to the Asc3nd podcast where we discuss how you can as3nd to your highest potential in athletics, business, and life. The Asc3nd podcast is a part of Asc3nsion Life Coaching Academy where we influence, guide, and equip individuals with the most comprehensive tools and skill sets to discover their soul’s true self and greatest potential. We combine science-backed and holistic methods to help individuals enhance their life and career quickly, sustainably, and consistently. They then learn to do the same for their employees, team, family, or community. I’m your host Michelle Blasen, who will be covering different topics and methods pertaining to physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial health. I interview guests of all backgrounds and careers who value holistic health and are determined to make an impact in their clients' lives, communities, and the world. Thanks for tuning in… let’s get ready to Asc3nd.

  • For people interested in discovering healthy and effective ways to awaken from their current life challenges and adversities. Are you physically out of balance? Anxious over what tomorrow may bring? Emotionally out-of-control, living in unhealthy relationships and suffering from a lack of life purpose? Learn how to overcome your adversities and live in balance; physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally and spiritually. For more information, visit http://www.markarmiento.com/

  • Seeds of Growth is a podcast for the fresh-faced real estate agent and small business owner looking to build her business from the inside out.

    Pumehana Palmer is a Mindset & Growth Coach to new real estate agents, small business owners, and high-achieving female entrepreneurs. She’s sold over $16M in real estate in her first 3 years and has been featured on multiple podcasts and platforms to share her elevated approach to success. Pumehana believes that true success happens from the inside out and is on a mission to plant seeds of growth and transformation one powerful conversation at a time.

    Every Tuesday, Pumehana will bring you a solo cast, interview, or coaching experience with business owners just like you to help shift your perspective, elevate your beliefs, and build a business that excites you! 

    Connect with me on Instagram @pumehanapalmer or visit my website at pumehanapalmer.com.

  • Meera's Menopause Podcast is a podcast for women who want to learn about health, menopause and nutrition. We explore topics related to the journey of peri-menopause, menopause, post-menopause and beyond, and our aim is to provide knowledge as well as practical tips and advice on how you can improve your health and wellbeing.
    Website: https://meerabhogal.com
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meerabhogal/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/meerafounderofmmfs

  • Welcome to ADHD money talk! The show helps dynamic but distracted ADHD brains take control over their money in order to stress less, live a more enriching life, and open up new possibilities. I am your humble and very ADHD host, Dave DeWitt.

  • Successful inventors teach new inventors how best to navigate the inventing process all the way from concept to the store shelves.

  • Weekend messages from Rhythm Church, to help provide hope and encouragement with your walk with God

  • YouTube’s favorite lifestyle vlogger, Adelaine Morin! Tune in weekly as she spills about her experiences around sex, dating and offers real relationship advice! Adelaine will share unheard of stories and embarrassing moments and girl talk with periodic surprise guests!
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  • Henry Hoffman, licensed Occupational Therapist and Co-founder of Saebo Inc., always believed there was no such thing as "plateauing" in stroke and traumatic brain injury recovery. When survivors stop seeing progress in their recovery journey, they're often told that they've "plateaued" and have no choice but to accept this reality. If you ask Hoffman, he'll tell you this – "It's not the patient that plateaus, it's their treatment options that do." It's why he co-founded his company Saebo (a medical device company focused on stroke and TBI rehab) on the mantra "No Plateau in Sight." So, how exactly can survivors keep pushing to overcome the fate of plateau? Hoffman and Co-host, Pete Durand are on a mission to speak to anyone and everyone out there defying the norm in neuro-rehab. This is the No Plateau Podcast – the podcast for stroke and brain injury survivors, their caregivers, and the therapists helping them to break boundaries in their recovery journey.

  • Reisubók Jóns Ólafssonar Indíafara er einstæð saga um sveitapilt sem laumar sér um borð í skútu vestur á Ísafirði og siglir með enskum á vit ævintýranna á því herrans ári 1615. Hann gerist fallbyssuskytta í danska hernum og siglir á skipum konungs alla leið austur til Indlands. Fjórir þættir þar sem farið er í fótspor Jóns Indíafara á ævintýralegum ferðum hans að endamörkum hins þekkta heims. Umsjón hefur Jón Ársæll Þórðarson en um framleiðslu sér Guðni Tómasson. Lesari auk umsjónarmanns er Ævar Kjartansson.

  • Evangelist and Christian rap artist Johnny Bargo and Evangelist and Amazon.com best selling author Nathan Roberts talk Christian Doctrine, Church Apostasy, and End Times while calling all to repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ!

    Nathan Roberts
    Author of The Doctrine of the Shape of the Earth: A Comprehensive Biblical Perspective

    Johnny Bargo
    Instagram: @OfficialJohnnyBargo
    YouTube channel: Johnny Bargo

  • Focus on Women, a platform we created to help support all women in the photography and video arena. From photographers and directors to producers and creative directors, stylists to assistants and more. Our mission is to give women a seat at the table and involve them in community through networking events, workshops, mentoring and mentorship.

  • The last Call is a podcast where we share our thoughts and opinions on different sports and on different subjects

  • This podcast was created to be a safe place for moms to share their postpartum stories, in a world where life after birth isn't talked about enough. Join me to hear honest, realistic and empowering stories from moms all over the world.

    Learn more about planning for your postpartum at www.theempoweringmama.com

    You can connect with me on Instagram: @theempoweringmama

  • Radio Złote Przeboje jest stacją dla wszystkich tych, którzy kochają piosenki sprzed lat - te, które wywołują uśmiech na twarzy i niezawodnie kojarzą się z najpiękniejszymi wspomnieniami. To radio stworzone z myślą o tych, którzy kochają muzykę i oczekują ciekawych programów poruszających istotne tematy. W naszych podcastach znajdziesz długie wywiady, interesujące rozmowy z wielkimi osobowościami polskiej sceny rozrywkowej, a także dużo dobrego humoru. Radio Złote Przeboje - Najpiękniejsze Wspomnienia; zapraszamy na www.zloteprzeboje.pl.

  • Wir reisen auf den Spuren der Habsburger. Begleiten Sie uns von Speyer über Genf bis nach Mexiko mit zahlreichen Geschichten und Hinterlassenschaften einer der mächtigsten Dynastien vom tiefsten Mittelalter bis kurz nach dem ersten Weltkrieg.

    Habsburg to go! begleitet den Aufstieg der Habsburger vom sprichwörtlich “armen Grafen” zu einer der mächtigsten Dynastien der Welt. Dabei geht es vor allem um die Orte und die Geschichten, die sich damit verbinden. Chronologie und simple Abhandlung von Jahreszahlen sind hierbei nicht der Fokus.