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  • Welcome to the Empower & Evolve Podcast, where transformation meets inspiration! I'm your host, Kat Taniberg, a Hypnotherapist & Mindset Coach guiding you to reconnect to your most empowered & liberated self.

    In each episode, we embark on a soul-stirring exploration of Mindset, Career, Business, Cyclical Living, Energetics, Spirituality, and beyond. Join me in this sacred space as we unravel the threads of wisdom, igniting the flame of liberation within you and guiding you towards the path of your most authentic self.

    But it doesn't end there – your participation is key! Show your support by rating and reviewing the show. Spread the transformative vibes by sharing this podcast with those in your circle who seek empowerment. If a particular episode resonates with you, share your journey on Instagram and tag me at @itschoachkat.

  • Подкаст для преподавателей иностранных языков. Общаемся с коллегами и экспертами про работу, софт скилс и жизнь преподавателя.

  • Tired of being catfished? The Angelfish is here to help! Get tips, tricks and hilarious catfish horror stories with guests. Have an online boo you suspect? I'll investigate🔍in return for an anonymous interview. Support this podcast:

  • What is up guys and Welcome to The Move! This podcast is hosted by Alexis, Gucci, and The Move crew. We focus on comedic interviews with all sorts of personalities here in the city of Atlanta whether it be friends from high school, college, or regular people all around the city who are ready to tell their stories. Hope y'all enjoy it!!

  • In this podcast, I will be uploading reader versions of services in the Byzantine Rite, on the Gregorian Calendar, mostly according to the usage of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. These are meant as guides to accompany and even direct life in the domestic church. We all live much busier lives than our ancestors, whose rural living in tight-knit villages around their parish churches allowed them to live their lives to the rhythm of the Church Year. We, however, often find ourselves commuting long distances or working longer hours which don't allow us the luxury of daily church attendance. So many of us turn to home prayer rules, but resources can often be few and far between, and even when they do exist, they can be complicated and time consuming to use. That's where this podcast wants to provide some support. By making the reader services, as they would be done un-priested in home or church worship, available in an audio-only format, my hope is that more of us can be uplifted by the liturgical core of our Byzantine Spiritual and Liturgical Tradition to maintain our prayer life in our busy modern lives.The plan is to have 5 daily uploads of the main service groups: the Midnight Office (early morning before dawn prayer), Orthros & 1st Hour (Dawn/Morning Prayer), 3rd & 6th Hour with Typika (Daytime Prayer), 9th Hour & Vespers (Late Afternoon-Evening Prayer), and Compline (Night Prayer); with modifications to this schedule according to the seasons of the church year. At present there is no structure for ways to support the show and the large amount of work that goes into the daily production, but if you want to get in touch about support or any other topic related to Liturgy, feel free to send a message to [email protected] and I will do my absolute best to respond promptly. Due to multiple requests, I am putting here some details to allow you to support me in this work: maybe buying me a cup of the mountains of coffee I am drinking working late most nights to do this in addition to my normal work.Current manners to chip in include:Venmo: @wholesoulstudios @AntonCharrZelle: [email protected] utmost faith in God for His support and total humble acceptance of my own many limitations.

  • Il est écrit : « Personne n’a jamais vu Dieu. Le Fils unique, qui est dans le sein du Père, est celui qui l'a fait connaître » (Jean 1:18). Jésus nous a révélé l’amour de Dieu à la perfection ! Jésus nous a délivrés à la perfection ! L’évangile de l’eau et de l’Esprit est une vérité du salut parfaite ! Nous n’avons jamais regretté d’avoir été sauvés par notre foi en Jésus, qui vint par l’eau et le sang (1 Jean 5:6). Maintenant, nous sommes Son peuple, sans péché. Quiconque croit en l’évangile de l’eau et de l’Esprit peut recevoir la rémission éternelle des péchés et hériter de la vie éternelle.

  • Daily love notes from God. God is always speaking encouraging us every moment. As you go through out your day may these daily love notes encourage you on your journey.

  • «Откуда взять хорошую корпоративную стратегию?», «Какие тимлидские обязанности передать AI?», «Я хороший руководитель?». Вокруг тимлидства миллион вопросов. Все разобрать обещать не будем, но сфокусируемся на важном: обсудим с коллегами из разных компаний и поищем решения реальных тимлидских кейсов, присланных ребятами из сообщества.

    Вести выпуски будут тимлиды Skyeng — Ира Шанина и Серёжа Бойченко, а также СТО Skyeng Коля Ашанин.

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  • Это мой подкаст по Древнему миру. Я расскажу вам про Древний Египет Древний Рим, Древнюю Грецию и другие цивилизации.
    Мой Инстаграм -

  • Surface level conversations are boring. Hosted by AchieveYou

  • Are you burnt out? Do you feel like life’s passing you by? Is your inner critic going nonstop? If you’ve been wishing for some kind of shift, you’re in the right place! Listen and learn how to stop the negative voices. Conquer your limiting beliefs and learn how to breathe, laugh, and live in your joy. Find your way to an aligned, clear, and focused path doing what YOU want to do.

    Get inspired as leaders, healers, and change agents discuss the challenges they’ve overcome as they give you their message of HOPE. Through humor, compassion, and grace, you’re reminded that anything is possible, and it’s never too late to live your purpose, do what lights you up, and create extraordinary things.

    This podcast is for you if you find yourself asking questions like:
    - How do I succeed on my self-improvement journey?
    - What is the most effective meditation technique?
    - How do I stop feeling so overwhelmed and tired?
    - Is journaling effective?
    - How does manifestation work?
    - What are affirmations?
    - Is breathwork for me?

    Learn how to replace your inner critic with a kind, nurturing, and compassionate one. Find your way to personal growth and replace that lack mentality with a mindset of abundance. Listen and feel the magic right away!

  • We come to the mother tree to drink, to heal, to empower, and to reconnect the truth of our wombs, and womanhood.
    It is my prayer for this podcast to restore womb lineage and language through conversations of remembrance, reclamation of our feminine physiology, a return to body literacy and our regenerative sexual and reproductive capacity, and to empower women at all stages of life in the knowing that something so much more is possible.
    This podcast is in service to the way we make love, conceive, birth, mother, lead and create the world.

  • On the Paterno Podcast we discuss all things life. Michael and Kari will dive into all areas of life. We will discuss our life stories and use our testimonies to help people. We’ll break down the core 4 Faith, Family, Fitness, and Freedom. We want individuals and couples to become the best and highest versions of themselves. God didn’t create you to be average or mediocre. God created you to become the best version of yourself so you can lead yourself well. If you can lead yourself you can lead your family. If you can lead your family you can lead a team.
    [email protected]

  • Подкаст о жизни горного лезгинского села, созданный подростками. Необычные факты о досуге, учёбе, повседневных занятиях и, конечно, самом Дагестане.

  • Welcome to "Your Identity Shifts," a show where change isn't just a part of life—it's the essence of it—hosted by Milla Kuhto, a master in human psychology, personal branding, and photography, capturing icons like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Gary Vaynerchuk, and more. This podcast is your sanctuary to redefine yourself and build a powerful personal brand. Tune in for inspiring stories, inspiring guests who have journeyed through significant life changes to emerge into their true identity. Unlock our zone of genius. Your transformative journey starts now.