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  • Място за йога, здраве, съвети и не само.

  • After three beautiful seasons and one happy anniversary celebration, Zarah Windy the podcast will now be known as Kazane, Sound of the Wind.

    When in October 2021 I wanted to order a bokken or wooden training sword with my name engraved in Japanese, my sensei, Zen Takai, decided it was time for me to receive a Samurai name: Kazane. Listen to episode 0 to learn more about this.

    The focus of the podcast is still on healing and spirituality, plant medicine and relationships, with an added dimension of martial arts and Japanese culture. Arigato!

    Thank you to @gothsa for the Samurai Spirit art.

  • Sul on soov avastada, areneda, paraneda, aga motivatsioon ei tule kaasa?

    Stebby podcast "Samm-sammult heaoluni!" on arutelu täis segu heaolust, aktiivsest eluviisist ja inimestest meie ümber, kellel on jagada kogemusi, teadmisi ja nippe, et olla terve(m) nii vaimust kui kehast.

    Kui oled seikleja ja uute väljakutsete nautija või otsid hoopis head stardipauku ja motivatsiooni tervislikuma eluga alustamiseks, siis loodetavasti inspireerivad need vestlused sind ka päriselt tegudele!

    Stebby on sinu kompass heaolumaailmas:


  • "Некультурный секс" - это подкаст про... что бы вы думали?) Конечно, про секс!

    В нашем обществе как то не принято говорить о сексе. Половое воспитание практически полностью отсутствует. А говорить важно и нужно!

    Делимся личным опытом, рассказываем веселые истории, обсуждаем животрепещущие темы.

    Долой стеснения! Вперед навстречу удовольствиям!

  • Hi I’m Angie, and it took me years to realize my struggles with art were actually a symptom of something else. I had trauma from my past that needed healing.

    I decided to do whatever it takes to finally break free. Eventually my relationship to myself and others improved – and so did my art.

    I’m sharing what I’ve learned to help artists like you with healing trauma.

  • Daily confessions podcast from Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher Ananda Savitri Kaur in Dallas, Texas.

  • Análisis sobre técnicas de Frenotomía y Frenectomía | Indicaciones post operatorias

  • Join global thought leaders as they engage in unscripted discussions about the latest innovations in Interventional Glaucoma; an inspiring and thought-provoking mindset that prioritizes patient-centered care and challenges ophthalmologists to rethink their treatment strategies. Brought to you by Elios Vision.

  • Привет! Меня зовут Соня Солдатова и уже более 10 лет я тренирую женщин по разным направлениям: растяжка, здоровая спина, фитнес, тренажёрный зал, силовые, pole dance и работа со своим весом.

    На этом канале я буду делиться с вами бесплатной и полезной информацией. Полноценные Online курсы ищи на этой платформе

    Подписывайтесь на мои социальные сети!





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    [email protected]

  • Welcome to Hello Uterus — an informative and supportive space to increase your knowledge about female and period health. (Bonus: Improved health literacy has a direct and positive impact on health outcomes!)

    We promise to shine a spotlight on female health during a weekly show that covers news, clinical research, and chronic conditions–from endometriosis to fibroids to PCOS, and more. Also learn from experts as we take objective deep dives into technologies impacting gynecologic health today.

    HU is hosted by Carol Johnson, founder of Uterinekind — a free app designed to improve gynecologic care for everyone. Our mission is to decrease the time from symptom onset to diagnosis for conditions that are often dismissed as just "bad periods".

    Listen to the show where you get your podcasts and join us as we improve the experience of uterine care for everyone. 💜

  • Психолог Катерина Суратова

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  • Welcome to Biohack-it

    Immerse yourself in a world where authenticity, empowerment, and innovative ideas come together. Biohack-it, led by Iman Hasan, isn't your typical wellness podcast. It's a beacon for the bold, and the curious, yearning for authenticity. Discover conversations that challenge the status quo and empower you to make choices that resonate with your deepest self. With Iman Hasan's insightful guidance, each episode becomes a chapter in your personal journey of self-discovery.


  • Four Minutes Of.... is simple four minutes of sound out in the world. No music. No chatting. Just four minutes to sit and listen to the world around you.

  • The leading nervous system podcast

    Join hosts Jessica Maguire and Madeleine Eliza for expansive, thought-provoking conversations with some of the world’s brightest thinkers. We explore the latest research into neuroscience, nervous system regulation, the brain-body connection, self-mastery, growth and change.

    When you change your nervous system, you change your life.

    Your hosts:

    Jessica Maguire

    Founder of Nervous System School, Jessica Maguire has helped tens of thousands of people to repair and optimise their nervous system via the Vagus Nerve Masterclass and Vagus Nerve Program. Jessica has a Masters in Physiotherapy and 13 years of clinical experience working with the body. She has also studied neuroscience, neuroplasticity, and brain-body medicine. Jessica is a TEDx speaker and is recognised as a leading global educator in the field of nervous system regulation.

    Madeleine Eliza

    A senior leader who has worked with some of Australia's fastest growing digital businesses, Madeleine is passionate about leading teams through rapid growth and change, and the personal transformation that comes from operating way outside your comfort zone. With a background in the creative and performing arts, Madeleine is a huge advocate of play as a tool for expression and expansion. She writes and teaches on feminine leadership and embodiment.

  • These are frank and sometimes raw discussions with regular people just like you - sharing genuine experiences with aches and pains. Each episode is a uniquely crafted tapestry of pain, life and learning.

    Let these conversations about everyday pain shed light on your own situation. Let them entertain you and inspire you to see something lighthearted or poignant in the face of pain. Notice the thread of human connection and see that you are far from alone.

    Relief and resolution often starts with connection, understanding and validation. These people's stories will not only give you insight into the wide variety of solutions to pain. You'll also hear about the pitfalls along the way that, in some cases, led to larger life insights, realizations and nuggets of unassuming wisdom.

  • Veebiajakirja "Tervis Pluss" uues podcastis räägime tervisest selle kõige laiemas mõttes. Saatekülalisteks on arstid ja praktikud, kuid ka inimesed, kel rääkida oma terviselugu. „Tervisest rääkimine on hoolimine,” ütleb saatejuht Kadi Jaanisoo-Kuld. Vaid nii tekivad teadmised, mis aitavad meil end hästi tunda.

  • The podcast for run-happy women who need a little help finding their stride.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Learn how to get clear on what you want, shift your mindset, elevate your vibration, and manifest.

  • Welcome to Pole Pod with your host Dolly Daggerz!

    A safe space where I talk all things mindset with your Pole Idols.

    I will be pulling back the shiny, polished curtain (that we see on social media and on stage) and revealing what’s really going on inside the mind of the performer.

    I will also be aiming to answer the following questions:

    How can we combat the mental health issues facing pole dancers and performers, athletes, artists alike?

    What can we learn from those who have struggled?

    What tools can we learn to be more adept at facing challenge?

    How can having deeper conversations about pole dancing help the pole community at large?

    My aim, as a pole dancer who has struggled with anxiety, panic attacks, perfectionism (and more!) is to help others.

    If this helps you please feel free to reach out, share, like and connect with me and the guests interviewed.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.