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  • In 60 seconds of straight talk, Dr Norman Swan keeps you up to date with the latest in medical research.

  • This original weekly podcast is for teachers, educators, parents and big-hearted humans like you who are ready to become powerful leaders in the mental health and wellbeing space. Join experienced wellbeing educator, speaker and coach Meg Durham for real-life conversations with a cast of experts. You’ll walk away with practical tools you can use to teach your students how to navigate life’s daily stresses and learn actionable skills you can use to move forward with more courage, compassion and confidence.

  • Positive education, information and vegan outreach. focuses on easy-to-prepare recipes, blogs, articles, podcasts, interactive forum, informative and how-to videos, interviews with inspiring vegans, vegan mentoring e-books, print books and much more.

    "Promoting healing through compassionate lifestyle choices" is our motto and we believe in the power of positive influence and inspiration.

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  • Mental health is one of the world’s most significant issues, often neglected by today’s society. Bloke to Bloke aims to break the ice, shining a light on all things mental health, from one bloke to another. Each episode tackles a different aspect, outlining our experiences and providing information to improve your well-being. With a raw, no bs approach, we say it exactly how it is while stringing together a few laughs and stories along the way!

  • Learn how to remove distraction, be in peak physical, mental and spiritual condition. Learn how to love yourself and love others. Be a your own hero, a hero for others and guide others to be better. All wisdom, philosophy, relationship tips, health hacks, aesthetics, muscle gain, intellectual and financial gains to make a positive impact on the world is welcome here you elite specimen.Find me or contact me: www.coreyboutwell.comEternumLabs are committed to making sure you have the best opportunity to do so.Subscribe to Corey's Website: Subscribe to Eternum Lab's Website:

  • Welcome to Deep Breaths, a podcast covering topics related to the ANZCA part 2 anaesthetic exam. Now take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy easy to digest content which will supercharge your exam prep, or help you keep up to date.

  • We talk relationships, sex, fitness, nutrition and our lives together.

    Find us on Instagram @cfkate and @gjwoulfe

  • Medical Mums of Australia and New Zealand chat to some awesome medical women and chat about all sorts of things

  • This is The Philosophy of Sex. Waxing philosophical on all of our different taboos, traditions and turn-os. No judgement, no shade, no wrong answers.

  • From Rules to Reality is a podcast that highlights how regulation shapes, or fails to shape, our daily lives. Regulation is what can make our roads work, our buildings safe, and our environment clean. But it’s also what fails when discrimination, human rights breaches and poor standards of care occur. Learning from experts about where regulation is working, and where we can improve, is my focus in this podcast.

  • Welcome to the Conception Method Podcast, I'm your host Lacey Maddern and as an accredited fertility Nutritionist and TTC mentor, it’s my mission to help bring you closer to your future baby. Navigating the preconception phase can be super overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be when you’ve got the knowledge and tools to help you succeed. This podcast is your go-to resource for all things TTC, covering topics such as fertility-friendly nutrition, cycle tracking/optimisation and so much more! Disclaimer: The content in this podcast is general in nature and should not replace the advice of your healthcare professional.

  • Just like the ripple of water spreading out over the surface of a pond, the Migraine Magic podcast spreads a little bit of magic out into the migraine community. We introduce people living with migraine, discuss news, events, and treatment, and try to bring a little joy into your Migraine day. We know that life with Migraine Disease is tough, so we want to build a supportive community and help break down barriers that people living with migraine face. We also aim to grow awareness about Migraine DIsease in the wider community. Join us for some fun and support now!

  • Nutritionist and Intuitive Eating Counsellor, Nadia Felsch will be supporting your food and body freedom in this new podcast. Troubleshooting the process of leaving diets behind and becoming an Intuitive Eater. Offering body image healing support and providing insights directly from her clinical experience each week with the real humans that she supports in her private practice. Subscribe wherever you get podcasts.

  • Hi there, we're the team from Melbourne Sports Podiatry and Physiotherapy Centre. We currently have three clinics across Melbourne where we offer podiatry, physiotherapy, dietetics, pilates and personal training services. As young and enthusiastic healthcare professionals, we see an array of different people everyday. Join us for our weekly conversations about the new and exciting cases we treat, and the never-ending learning we discover through our relevant disciplines.

  • The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) biennial scientific conferences allow physiotherapists from around Australia to gather and share experiences, improve knowledge and make connections. The Physiotherapy Research Foundation (PRF) podcast series Conference Conversations, is recorded at each conference and feature physiotherapists speaking directly with one another on topics of interest to the profession.

  • The Pivotal Conversations Podcast cuts through the noise and brings you the realest conversations on building your business, wealth and character.

  • Welcome to The Wellness Glow Podcast! Join Clinical Nutritionist & Naturopath, Susie Garden each week to discover how to welcome abundant energy and vitality on the inside and glowing skin on the outside. Susie's extensive background in conventional medicine and natural health brings you the best of both worlds. She's the founder of The Wellness Clinic in Hamilton, Brisbane and The Anxiety Taming Method program. Join Susie each week and allow her passion for great health to motivate and inspire you in your daily life. Welcome to The Wellness Glow!

  • Honest conversations about a forbidden topic. There will be tears, laughter and most importantly...Gin

  • How can I boost my fertility and improve my chances of getting pregnant naturally? When is the best time to get pregnant? Why is my period irregular (or late!)? Am I ready to have a baby? Am I ovulating? How can I balance my hormones? And the biggest question of all, how can I understand my menstrual cycle?

    Welcome to The Fertility co. Podcast, where you’ll finally get answers to those questions you’ve been secretly Googling, all those things you’re too embarrassed to ask your doctor, because…well – we’re women! Shouldn’t we just know this stuff??

    Every Wednesday, physiotherapist, health coach, natural fertility educator and self-proclaimed wellness nerd, Rachel Simpson shares her top tips, essential knowledge and life advice to help you understand your body, take control of your health and create a life you love!

    Fertility awareness, charting your menstrual cycle, natural birth control and pre-conception care – she’ll teach you all those things they never taught you in health class!

    Are you ready to tune in to your body’s innate wisdom? Because knowledge is power – when you truly understand your body, you are empowered to make informed decisions about your health!

    For freebies and all of the latest information on periods, pregnancy and the pelvic floor, check out

  • Do you want to experience the most delicious way of living life? To trust in the wisdom of your body by reconnecting or awakening the delights of your power? The Sensuality Empowerment Show is dedicated to empowering humans to move away from their vulnerability shame, ignite self expression, embody self love and own your magic, so you can step into freedom and deeper connection within. I am committed to my personal journey of healing past trauma and connecting to myself on a deep level, through sensuality. I interview a number of inspiring local and global leaders within the community and area of expertise, to discuss topics that could be considered taboo or people find too embarrassed to talk about. These topics include sex, love, relationships, spirituality, mindfulness and so much more!As a qualified Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, I empower people to embody & connect to their desires & pleasure through sensuality & self love. Create loving, passionate & conscious relationships.