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  • Your go-to women's health show to level up your health, fitness and mindset! I'm Raquel, and I am a women's strength and health coach, my aim is to empower women through movement and health education. I'm sick of diet challenges, I'm sick of the body image dysmorphia, the starving-yourself-culture for the "gram", the 6-week programs that only let you down, and coaches who don't care about you but just want a buck. Everything I discuss on the show is for information purposes only and does not constitute medical, legal, or financial advice. Follow the show along on Instagram @thefemalehealthshow and for all business-related inquiries please email [email protected]

    I have worked with women for more than 20 years; women who are worn out from struggling with health challenges such as gut disorders, anxiety, weight gain and more.

    I have developed a methodology that aims to heal, seal and repair the gut, rebalance hormones and rescue metabolic health, so that my patients can be their best and most vibrant selves again.

    I am a qualified Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and hold a double degree in acupuncture and herbal medicine. I am a practitioner of Environmental and Nutritional Medicine, Functional Medicine and Naturopathy. I’m a person-centred counsellor and a qualified health coach. 
    For a comprehensive list of my qualification, click here.

    I bring a ‘new’ approach to healthcare – grounded in ancient wisdom. An approach that can be personalised for every woman. Because we are all unique in our own special way.

    Why do I do what I do? Because I understand what it’s like to feel disease in the body. You see, I am a recovering food addict. When I was a teenager my parents went through an awful divorce and I was sent away to a boarding school where I relied on food for comfort and love and to stop the pain of loneliness.
    I was the girl who used food to calm myself and feel safe. I ate when I felt stressed and constantly tried to restrict my diet, only to then binge.I was told I was fat, felt shame about showing my body, and never felt good enough.
    This relationship with my body and food continued for years and the turn point really came for me when I started travelling and studying extensively throughout Africa and Asia, and in particular, India where my fascination with Eastern mysticism and Ayurvedic medicine developed.

    In spite of this journey, I continued to battle with and abuse my body through food.I was sad and depressed. I knew that my external representation was due to the internal pain I was feeling but I didn’t know what to do about it.
    My obsession to manage my weight and my own personal disillusionment with western medicine led me to study Traditional Chinese medicine and naturopathy in both Australia and in China. 
    I earned several degrees at a number of institutions across the world relating to health.

    This journey of deep learning has today led me to understand that as a woman, our health is intrinsically linked with our own experiences and trauma. I now know that the single most effective way to feel vibrant is to heal, seal and repair the gut, to rebalance your hormones and in the process, rescue your metabolic health. 
    When we do this we extend our health span, the time we feel healthy and vital during our life. I have been in clinical practice since 2000 having studied and practised alongside some of the best health practitioners around the world – focussing on how to live in a beautifully balanced way that allows us to feel comfortable in our own skin.

    I live by the 80/20 rule and use practical tools that are designed to support the stage of life I’m in: peri/menopause. I want you to know it’s possible to integrate your story into your health in a positive way. 
    It’s possible to come back into balance, live a full and happy life and get off the rollercoaster so you can live a life that’s more harmonious and graceful.

  • This podcast is to help you learn about sleep across the lifespan and what it takes to have a successful and restful night’s sleep for your whole family.

    As a sleep expert, and mom, I believe it is important to empower everyone with the knowledge on sleep they need to make the right sleep choice and plans for the whole family. I look forward to having you on this journey through the wonderful world of sleep.

  • Психология Бизнеса. Подкаст, где мы* разбираем людей в бизнес - их боли и радости, силы и слабости, курьезы и успехи, выгорание и мотивацию, все это сквозь оптику психологического знания и нейронауки.

    *Мы - это Виктор Бурмистров и Федор Локтев. Эксперты с многолетним опытом работы в бизнесе и частной консультационной практикой, объединившие бизнес опыт со знаниями в области психологии, чтобы помогать руководителям и предпринимателям в достижении их целей.



  • Hi, I’m Lisa and I am inviting you to The Strength of Us podcast where you will hear the stories of incredible strength from a diversity of guests who remind us that we are not alone. We discuss parenting, divorce, mental health, disability, LGBT issues and more. As a teacher, my guests and I aim to educate our listeners on topics like flesh eating bacteria, living with a disability, the experience of psychosis and how to avoid dating a narcissist. We also interview people who are making a real difference in their communities & why they started their charities. Join us because together we build the strength of us.

  • The Perth Nutrition Coach, Paul Walker teaches you a more realistic and simplified approach to weight loss for busy people.

    Learn about his life-proof weight loss system with a focus on creating a healthy mindset and sustainable eating habits that you can use right away and stay on track, no matter what life throws at you.

    Put a stop to the stress of restrictive dieting and quick fixes with a simplified and time-effective strategy to weight loss that can last forever.

    In this "Healthy Eating Made Simple For Busy People" Podcast series; each short episode will teach you a simple healthy habit or skill that you can apply right away into your busy lifestyle.

  • Welcome to the podcast series Menopause Matters

    The journey through perimenopause and menopause can be a challenging but also a liberating time – physically, mentally and emotionally. In Menopause Matters, join host and author of Queen Menopause, Alison Brahe-Daddo, as she unpacks the experience of this life-changing, yet entirely normal part of life.

    Speaking with leading menopause experts, Alison sheds light on issues faced by many women, including some of the best ways to manage your symptoms, how to navigate your career, mental health and relationships during this time and shares the joys of life post-menopause. You’re in for a great second act of your life.

    Listen to Menopause Matters here or on your device through Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

    This podcast contains general health information and shouldn’t be relied on as medical advice. Information is current at the time of recording. If you have any health concerns, speak to your doctor. HCF doesn’t endorse any statements or opinions made during the podcast. If the podcast makes you feel depressed or anxious and you need to talk to someone straight away, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

  • We are a team of dietitians, nutritionists and exercise scientists that endeavour to help you achieve life-changing results by teaching you lessons that will last a lifetime.

  • Pet Candy delivers world class content, with engaging voices and inspirational messages curated by a network of top influencers and experts.

  • You Have Today Podcast - Insights on Health, Healing and Thriving.

    Join Tracey McBeath aka The Health and Healing Coach as she delves deeper in to the concepts covered in her book, You Have Today: 100 Insights That Will Change Your Life. Tracey is going to share insights, talk about how it looks to her, what it taught her, how it helped her to heal, and to ultimately find that place of peace in her life.

    Tracey now lives a 'regret free life'. She lives the life she wants to live, not the life others expect of her. But that has only happened to her since she turned 40 and was hit with a health diagnosis. She didn't know it then, but it set off a cascade of events that have ultimately changed her life and showed her deeply that all we have is today. You Have Today is available to purchase on Amazon.

  • This Podcast aims to educate people on sexual health whilst being hilarious.
    Don't be silly wrap your willy, and get fucking tested.

  • Are you ready to achieve your true health Potential? Amplified Wellness presents the very best Wellness Experts, Integrative Doctors, Health Optimisation Visionaries and Biohackers discussing real life health challenges while offering incredible solutions that you will understand and feel empowered to quickly apply in your everyday lives to become the best version of yourself.

  • The Health Chat is a conversational style podcast bringing you the stories behind dynamic, innovative, trending brands in the natural health space. Join our hosts Andrew Whitfield-Cook, Rick Hay and Vicky Tsoleridis for an informative conversation with guests that are passionate about natural health and creating products that are making a difference to the lives of many.

  • I Hear You Podcast is where storytelling and healing collide. Close your eyes and relax as I and breakdown some of life's obstacles into interesting short stories. After listening you will be more aware of your thoughts, and have a better idea on how to navigate your own story.

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  • Conventional migraine medications and supplements only treat the symptoms of migraines – that’s like turning off the check engine light on your car, but not having a mechanic figure out and fix why the light came on in the first place. Join Leslie Cisar - licensed naturopathic physician, migraine specialist, (former chronic migraine sufferer), and health-restoration expert - each week to learn how to recover from chronic, debilitating migraines.  This is a migraine podcast like no other out there - full of hope, health, healing, and positivity. There is hope for all women with chronic migraines. Stop sitting on life's sidelines, and rediscover a migraine-free life!

  • Join Dr. Andrea Huddleston (affectionately known as 'the period whisperer!) in these bite sized episodes covering the most important research on hormonal health for women. Dr. Andrea also shares insights from her work as a practitioner into how you can use small, daily habits to dramatically improve your health and wellbeing.

  • Help teens with depression problems, it is never too late to talk about it.

  • Did perimenopause - or menopause - catch you off guard?
    - Weird symptoms appearing from nowhere?
    - Wondering who is this person who's inhabiting your body?
    - And most of all, having no one to talk to about it?

    It happened to me, too!

    Anger, depression, and a bottomed-out libido played havoc on my marriage, career, and my relationship with my son long before I felt my first hot flash.

    In the aftermath of that wreckage, without any clue as to the true nature of the problem, I vowed to get fit and healthy, hoping that would at least allow me to survive the chaos that was my life.

    It worked - I lost weight, got fit, met a great guy, and even became a personal trainer, helping other women to lose weight and get fit.

    Like I said - it worked. That is, until it didn't.

    The weight started creeping back, and the weird, unpredictable symptom parade started again. Everything I'd worked to achieve was in danger of collapsing.

    This time, though, I knew I had to figure it out and the signs all pointed to menopause.

    I dug in, reading often outdated books and searching obscure references on the internet.

    I learned how our shifting reproductive hormones mess with every cell in our bodies.

    And as I realized how complete this hormonal disruption was, I became determined to help other women understand and control their own Menopause Journey.

    Because Menopause Matters.

    This is Menopause Matters, where we talk about all things menopause, especially how you can ditch the symptoms and delight in your life again.

    I'm your host, Jeanne Andrus, and this is the Menopause Matters Podcast.