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  • Witches, wizards, vampires, shifters, gremlins and ghouls! Join your host Chloe for all the chaos as she reviews and rambles about fantasy books and series. At the end of each month, hear about what books are due for release just over the horizon. For magic spells and everything else tune in now.

  • Welcome to our little campfire~

    Lore Makers is a podcast showcasing the storytellers and creators. Let's open their books and get a behind-the-scene look at their inspirations, processes and dig a little deeper in what it means to create lore!

  • DECAY, Is An Apocalypse Themed Audiodrama. Following a group of survivors, led by the rough leadership of Inexperienced Military Private, Warren King. Follow the characters in their efforts of survival, in a world spiraling into decay.

    Though they are all aligned, the story follows more characters then one, such as Detective Sean Bennet, A Police Detective thrown straight into the chaos, and a secondary leader to the Main Cast.

    Available on Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Podcasts

  • Join Endeavorance at his desk in the Astral Realm discussing human philosophy, gaming, history, fantasy and all sorts of other whimsical curiosities. New episodes every Sunday.

  • Alessandra "Lessie" Innes is a young antique occult bookshop clerk with a penchant for yarn crafts and Pagan practices. After helping a young fellow with a very strange request, her life quickly tumbles into chaos as she is hunted down by shadowy figures and aided by gods and supernatural beings. She soon finds out that nothing is as it seems and her own past is far weirder than she ever knew. Will she be able to learn the depths of her own magical abilities before dark enemies close in?

  • This podcast brings to you a collection of scary stories from all over Africa. Are they real or just myth? You'll have to ask the scared student, the passer-by or even the crying child who all swear by what they saw #reallifemeetsfiction

  • A rom-com audio fiction series about a burnt-out business-woman, whose fling with a younger man turns into much more than she bargained for...

  • I've seen this house in my dreams for weeks now, maybe months. I didn't know where or what it was until recently, but I knew it was here. Waiting for me. Calling to me. Now I'm here, and it's creepy as. Haunted? Possessed? I don't know, but whatever it is, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to leave again. ---

    Neophile is a fortnightly audio fiction podcast, following the adventures of one Kasey James, paranormal explorer, as she delves into the worlds beneath the world. Season 1, The Bridge House, is the story of Kasey's entry into the strange world of haunts and eldritch horrors from beyond our universe.

  • On a lonely highway between life and the next life there's one last stop that we all have to make. Desert Skies Astral Plane Fuel and Service Station serves travelers as they embark on their journey through the celestial spheres. Meet the Attendant, the Mechanic, and C.A.S.H. Register. Together, they'll make sure you're prepared for the ride.

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  • A comedy fiction podcast from Ben Harrison (The Greatest Generation) and Dan Kennedy (McSweeney's, founding host of The Moth Podcast ). Someone drinking at Casa Vega described the show as, "It's like Alan Partridge but at a 90's alternative rock station. Or like Comedy Bang Bang, but 90's radio." That person was killed by shadowy members of a nautically themed gang. Here's how we describe KPODD 101.3 since we're still living: Two L.A. morning radio DJs return to the airwaves in the 1990s after being suspended and sent to rehab. Machine Bolt and Él Farto are on a savage journey to better living. The mics are always on a little too early and each episode starts with the accidentally aired unvarnished small talk that lurks behind their positivity personas. The oddest characters invade their lives, and the occasional mysterious rips in the space-time continuum add a note of science fiction weird to the morning drive. You may have questions: Are they the only ones trapped in the 90s? Why did a giant python constrict the HR lady's Chihuahua? Why does this version of reality include the SeVan® conversion kit that turns most economy sedans into custom vans by appearance at most angles? Is Station Manager Gene from the future? Why does Producer Lynn dress like Kurt Cobain if he hosted a bird watching show on NPR? Start with a recent episode. Then jump around. Because there's no right way to travel back or forward in time. Everyone knows that. Right?

  • A lone wandering man stumbles across a radio talk show and tells the audience his story. This story takes us through his hard and interesting life and the people he had come across. His struggles with life are showcased in this dark, dramatic and romantic story.

  • Brought to you by “After Dinner Conversation” publishing; fictional philosophy and ethics short story audiobook readings from our monthly magazine.

  • let’s talk about how depressing school is

  • Badlands Cola is a cinematic mystery/horror audio drama about eldritch fossils, hate-flirting, and liminal nightmares that yawn wide in the night. In a desert town full of strange fossils and even stranger people, a hard-hearted PI and a broken-down radio DJ attempt to dig up the skeletal past of a cult before it can reform.

  • When Shin-Sho has a problem, EETs are the answer.

    Zilfaquir is having a bad day. Shin-Sho Corporation dispatched his Emergency Engineering Team (EET) to the remote ice planet Xiao 2 to investigate a communications blackout. The Xiao 2 facility, composed of three subsurface ocean stations, awaits his team below hundreds of meters of ice and kilometers underwater.

    Upon arrival, he discovers the Xiao 2 facility has experienced an epidemic leaving most of the station’s personnel either dead or dying. Or transforming. Worse, the stations are in danger of imploding due to sabotage.

    Armed with formidable mechanical suits, arrays of tools, weapons, and explosives, an EET is a force to be reckoned with. Whether a mission requires construction, destruction, hostage rescues, or repairing nuclear reactors, EETs always succeed. But what Zilf and his team find below the ice is more than any EET can handle.

    From Paul E Cooley, Parsec Award Winning author “The Black” and “The Derelict Saga,” “Station 3” is a sci-fi/survival/horror thriller in the spirit of the Dead Space™ and Alien™ franchises.

    Some mysteries shouldn’t be solved

  • From the writer of The Book of Eli and co-writer of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story comes an all-new sci-fi epic performed by Shannon Woodward (Westworld, The Last of Us Part II). In the near future, Earth has been conquered by a race of brutal alien machines known as the Mek. When a young woman stumbles across a mysterious map that may hold the secret to humanity’s liberation, she embarks on a dangerous odyssey that leads her to an amazing discovery — a long-lost prototype war machine known as a Gundog. Now she must confront a legacy she never knew she had to face down an overwhelmingly superior enemy in the hope of sparking a new flame of human resistance...

  • When a terrifying phenomenon starts redacting the Doctor from reality, three queer women become the world’s only hope. #DoctorWhoRedacted

  • A sci-fi podcast series to take you out of this world. A unique story each episode delves into a different aspect of the wonderful world of science fiction.

    All episodes written and read by Alexander Evans

  • A honest writing podcast all about the highs and lows of being a published author

  • Starring Sunita Mani and Alexandra Shipp, two young start-up founders, both women of color, are on the brink of losing their company; a fate they narrowly avoid thanks to a hairbrained scheme to have their neighborhood barista— a white dude, of course— pretend to be the third founder in order to raise money. But when the barista reveals he has a scheme of his own to keep the company in his clutches, hijinks and hilarity ensue.

    Valerie and Juliet are more than just best friends: they are business partners in the cutthroat world of Silicon Valley, where their video game startup is on the verge of failure. They are exhausted: between running out of capital and being treated like dirt during their fundraising meetings with big-deal finance bros, they need a win, or it’s game-over. They need…a white guy.

    It was only supposed to be one meeting; one meeting where neighborhood barista and Random White Dude Toby Johnson pretended to be a co-founder to clinch the investment cash. But one million dollars later, Toby shows no signs of going with grace. Instead, he plots to entrench himself further into their company, which he had no part in founding, and unless Valerie and Juliet want the truth to come out—and to kiss their company goodbye—they have to play along. 

    But Valerie and Juliet have been playing together since they were young. That’s why they started a video game company; and to save it, they are willing to break all the rules. 

    The Co-Founder is a Realm production, starring Sunita Mani and Alexandra Shipp, and written by Alexis Wilkinson, Alexa Wejko, and Mimi Mondal. Listen Away.

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