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  • A philosophy imagining how we can build a better, more loving world for everyone. Dogecoin plus Moon resources plus exponential growth in space-based solar leads to carbon fibre orbital habitats for 10 billion people.
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  • Een gezellige groep Nederlandse nerds die samen Dungeons and Dragons spelen. Gewapend met een bijzonder gevoel voor humor en een op hol geslagen moreel kompas gaan ze ieder DnD avontuur aan.

  • A wacky adventure for discerning adults. Gus has just taken on a new case: to track down mysterious dame, Bethany Muerte. There’s something fishy going on, and he will get to the bottom of it … just as soon as he’s done with his three-day bender. In this surreal comedic serial, we join Gus as he navigates the epileptic landscape of international intrigue and chunky mayhem. Part moody noir, part psychedelic trip, and part naughty indulgence, humor is always front and center as we meet the host of bizarre characters and twisted scenarios that bring this vivid soundscape to life.

  • Emmy-nominated actor Richard Cabral stars as Joaquin Murrieta in Blood & Gold.

    To some he was a hero. To others, a villain. He stained 19th century California with the blood of his enemies. He was a desperado, a leader, an avenger for his people… and an inspiration for Hollywood’s Zorro. Written by one of his descendants, this is the story of how Joaquin Murrieta becomes a legend.

    Before he was an outlaw, he was just Joaquin: a young man in love who believed anything was possible. But as he fights for a better life with his beloved Rosita, the irresistible dream of the California Gold Rush quickly turns into a nightmare. White men rule this land with prejudice and terror, and Joaquin’s success only fuels their jealousy and resentment. Their answer is an act of unspeakable violence.

    Driven to take bloody vengeance, Joaquin hunts down his enemies one by one. In the face of American savagery, Joaquin takes up the life of an outlaw—one determined to strike back at his oppressors and reclaim a place in this vast land for himself and his people.

    Blood & Gold is a Realm production based on the novel “Blood and Gold: The Legend of Joaquin Murrieta” by Jeffrey J. Mariotte and Peter Murrieta and adapted for audio by Greg Cox. Listen Away.

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  • Van het leven van Anne Frank weten we best veel aan de hand van haar dagboek. Van een paar van haar vrienden en vriendinnen weten we veel, maar van een aantal van haar vrienden en vriendinnen die in haar dagboek worden genoemd weten we betrekkelijk weinig en soms zelfs bijna niets. Hoe is het hun en hun gezinnen vergaan? Van overlevenden horen we de verhalen, maar wie vertelt de verhalen van de mensen die (bijna) werden weggegumd?

    Zoals Anne's vriendinnetje Ilse Wagner en haar familie. We hebben niet eens een foto van haar. In deze podcastserie gaan wij op zoek naar het lot van Ilse en haar familieleden. We gaan terug naar de plekken die hun leven bepaalden. Voor deze zoektocht reisden de makers de wereld over om te spreken met de laatste nog levende vrienden van Ilse en Anne.

    Deze podcast is een Audiodroom Podcastproducties. Hier vindt u meer informatie over de serie en de makers. Heeft u zelf informatie om te delen, neem dan graag contact met ons op via [email protected]

    De serie wordt gemaakt in samenwerking met schrijver Janny van der Molen.


    Aus dem Tagebuch von Anne Frank wissen wir eine ganze Menge über ihr Leben. Über einige ihrer Freunde wissen wir eine ganze Menge, aber über viele der in ihrem Tagebuch erwähnten Freunde und Bekannten wissen wir relativ wenig, manchmal sogar fast gar nichts. Wie ist es ihnen und ihren Familien ergangen? Wir hören die Geschichten von Überlebenden, aber wer erzählt die Geschichten der Menschen, die (fast) ausgelöscht wurden?

    Wie Annes Freundin Ilse Wagner und ihre Familie. Wir haben nicht einmal ein Foto von ihr. In dieser Podcast-Serie begeben wir uns auf die Suche nach dem Schicksal von Ilse und ihren Familienmitgliedern. Wir gehen zurück zu den Orten, die ihr Leben bestimmt haben. Für diese Suche reisten die Macher um die Welt, um mit den letzten überlebenden Freunden von Ilse und Anne zu sprechen.

    Dieser Podcast ist eine Audiodroom podcastproducties. Hier finden Sie weitere Informationen über die Serie und ihre Macher. Wenn Sie eigene Informationen haben, die Sie weitergeben möchten, nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt mit uns auf: [email protected] Dieser podcast wird in Zusammenarbeit mit der Autorin Janny van der Molen erstellt.


    We know quite a lot about Anne Frank's life from her diary and some of her (surviving) friends told their stories. But of most of Anne's friends we know relatively little, and sometimes almost nothing, about many of the friends and acquaintances mentioned in her diary. How did they and their families fare? We hear the stories from survivors, but who tells the stories of the people who were (almost) erased?

    Like Anne's friend Ilse Wagner and her family. We don't even have a picture of her. In this podcast series, we go in search of the fate of Ilse and her family members. We go back to the places that determined their lives. For this search the makers travelled the world to speak with the last surviving friends of Ilse and Anne.

    This podcast is an Audiodroom Podcastproducties. More information about the series and the makers can be found on our website. Should you have inforation to share about Ilse Wagner, please contact us via [email protected]. The podcast-series is made in cooperation with writer J...

  • Fully Amplified is the new podcast from Futures Theatre.

    Discover untold stories from women and non-binary people combined with original drama from the UK’s most dynamic writers.

    Exploring love, family, activism, and home, Fully Amplified features extraordinary stories that demand to be heard.

  • Five Minute Jams for Short Attention Spans. This is not your usual podcast; it’s a weekly arrangement of comedy skits and bits that aim to delight and distract, titillate and amuse. Each episode offers a mini variety show, a loopy wonderland, a dance with mayhem, and every one of them is short and sweet, quick and dirty, like a one night stand with a super freaky lover – no commitment, no strings attached, just a bit of twisted fun to brighten your day. Come on, you deserve a mental getaway from all the stress and bad news, so why not chomp on some funny, salty nuggets doused in silly gravy. This is some ADH-Delicious entertainment.
    ps: Best enjoyed on a buzz. Please don’t listen responsibly.

  • De lekkerste literaire afwerkplek van Utrecht is nu ook je oorschelpen in te streamen. Verwacht: wodkashots, octopussen en ja, literatuur.

  • The mysticism and intrigue of the Bermuda Triangle has just turned personal for Admiral David Segarra: his former ship, the USS Wasp, has gone missing in the area without a trace. 

    But this is only one of a few strange occurrences in the area: storms, disappearances, and other phenomena have convinced Admiral Segarra that the only way to learn the truth is to investigate it for himself. After getting shipwrecked on a nearby island not visible on any of their maps, his team begins to explore— only to discover they are not alone. As the secrets of the island reveal themselves, finding a way home becomes a matter of life or death. 

    The Triangle is a Realm production, created by Dan Kobolt and written by Dan Kobolt, Mindy McGinnis, and Sylvia Spruck Wrigley. Listen Away.

  • A hybrid personal narrative/audio drama podcast exploring LGBTQ experiences and the paranormal.

  • Zaya, a Middle Eastern college student living in Brooklyn, finds her world shattered when her older brother Ramses is violently kidnapped before her eyes. In her quest to bring him home, Zaya pursues the truth at any cost — and soon learns there was much more to Ramses than she had ever known.

    As time starts to run out, Zaya must reckon with the fact that even if she sees her brother again, the perfect man she thought he was is lost to her forever.

    “Zaya” is created & directed by Inanna Sarkis. Written by Inanna Sarkis and Ankesh Chandaria. Featuring original music by Sicker Man. Starring Inanna Sarkis, Hayley Law, Samer Salem, Suki Waterhouse, Jacob Batalon, and Matthew Noszka.

    Presented by Realm.

  • The podcast that gives voice to the written word of your favorite femslash pairing. Celebrating our favorite femslash pairings, fanfictions authors, and fan artists through interviews, readings, rewatches and more! Find us on twitter at and tumblr at

  • Ara and TheFelan discuss the dangerous city of Torn from their murky underground bunker

  • After the outbreak of a virus that causes instant death, all of downtown Los Angeles is sealed in by an impenetrable wall, quarantining thousands of people inside "The Hothouse."
    Jason "Bruiser" Brusman is part detective, part Secret Service, part leg-breaker inside the powerful corporation that runs the Hothouse. With his family outside the walls, Bruiser's humanity hangs by a thread as he unravels the mysteries of this strange and violent city within a city.

  • This season’s episodes will be released for free on a weekly basis, and subscribers of Realm+ on Apple Podcasts get bingeable, uninterrupted access to the whole show right now.
    James and Terrance share DNA, but they aren’t brothers. They aren’t even friends. 
    As a civil advisor for the LAPD, James relies on Terrance— his genetic clone—to help him pass mandatory drug testing. But when Terrance suddenly goes missing, and multiple clones end up murdered, a case of mistaken identity forces James to inhabit his double’s life, risking that the secret of his addiction will unravel his carefully composed lies.

    First designed as biotech property and then raised in foster care, Echoes live on the outskirts of society; genetic clones of their sources, but rarely accepted into their lives. That’s what Terrance should have been for James— a stranger he never even knew existed— but instead, their lives became dangerously intertwined. 

    After Terrance misses their usual exchange of clean urine for cash, a man with a gun shows up instead. In order to stay alive, James pretends he’s Terrance, setting off a dangerous chain of events that quickly spiral out of his control. Inhabiting his clone’s life is the easy part; James is used to lying. He’s lied to his traditional, well-off Chinese parents about where he goes at night, to his coworkers at the LAPD about his drug habit, and to Terrance, about how severe his addiction really is. 

    It never occurred to him that Terrance was keeping secrets, too. 

    As he learns about the history of clones, James begins to question the biggest secret of all: the one his parents kept when they, like many others, chose to clone their children. 

    When clones are murdered and James is blackmailed by someone who knows his true identity, finding Terrance becomes only half the mission. Because the clues left in his wake lead to a conspiracy even more cold blooded than murder— and if James can prove it, the lines and lies that divide his world and the clones will be shattered forever.

    Echo Park is a Realm production starring Harry Shum Jr., written by Curtis C. Chen, Monte Lin, Millie Ho, Sloane Leong, and Jenn Reese. Listen Away.

  • An Intriguing and Erotic Podcast that Focuses on Exciting and Intense Sexual Stories Told with Sensual and Alluring Expression of Words to Ignite the Magical Fantasies and Enchantment that True Tales of Sexual Pleasure, Desire and Fantasy can Embody for the Sole Satisfaction of Your Kinky Desires.

  • “Mijn laatste publicatie als vrije journalist." 

    In het Nederland van 2034 vindt een zelfmoordgolf plaats onder jonge homo’s. ‘Kristalnichten’ worden ze in de media genoemd, omdat ze sterven aan een overdosis van de designerdrug crystal death. Alle zelfmoorden vinden plaats in de publieke ruimte. Een laatste noodkreet, zo lijkt het. Wanneer journalist Amira in een supermarkt getuige wordt van de zelfmoord van de 21e Kristalnicht, besluit ze een podcast aan deze jongens te wijden. 

  • Sluit je ogen en stel je een kentekenplaat voor, het laatste wat de hoofdpersoon van 42-JT-XX ziet voordat hij sterft. Elke keer als hij zijn ogen sluit, wordt hij ermee geconfronteerd. Op dat moment stopt als het ware zijn leven, hij focust zich alleen nog maar op zijn dood.
    De verteller laat horen hoe de focus op je toekomst, je dood, je ervan kan weerhouden om van je leven nu te genieten, in het moment te zijn. Hoe diep we verbonden zijn met het idee om zo lang mogelijk te overleven en te leven.

  • When comedy podcast bro Julian Black discovers his great-grandfather's tapes, he assumes it's an immersive radio drama. That was his first mistake. Posting the tapes online? Well, now he's asking for it. He'll come face-to-face with supernatural creatures as he's plunged into a centuries-old mystery. And at its heart is a mysterious Stranger in a dark suit.

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