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  • Looking for something sweet to help you sleep? Or maybe you’re craving something with a little… spice? Come listen to playful, steamy roleplay audios and find yourself teleported in new worlds with lamia girls, manticores, mimics, nekos, kitsunes, and more who want to meet you!

  • The podcast for Geeks and the stuff they love. Where each week we will talk about everything from anime, to movies, games, and prop collecting, with the people who create and love it.

  • When Red Tail National park shuts down due to a possible ecological disaster, three groups remained inside. Despite being urged to leave campers continued their trips, and two park rangers were forced to stay to keep an eye on the radios. Recordings from these individuals were recovered and due to a mistake that cost a lot more than expected, [REDACTED] must sort through the recordings to try to make sense of what happened.

  • From creator Stewart St John comes a spine-chilling anthology audio series for mature audiences, featuring distinct characters immersed in supernatural, sci-fi, and horror situations. Inspired by shows like The Twilight Zone, Tales From The Crypt and Black Mirror, the stories in Treacherous Tales often culminate in macabre or unexpected endings infused with humor and moral complexity. Featuring a cinematic sound design by Michael Plahuta, the series is executive produced by series writer/creator/director Stewart St John, Todd Fisher and Michael Plahuta.

    Created, written and directed by Stewart St John
    Executive Producers Stewart St John, Todd Fisher & Michael Plahuta
    Theme song by Stewart St John & Michael Plahuta

  • De sonnettenkrans tussen Ellemeet en het Noordzeestrand wordt voorgelezen door de auteurs: Anne-Marie Maartens en Bas Jongenelen.

    Een sonnettenkrans is een reeks van precies vijftien sonnetten met strenge vormeisen. Van veertien sonnetten is steeds de slotregel van het ene sonnet de beginregel van het eerstvolgende sonnet, en de slotregel van het veertiende sonnet is gelijk aan de beginregel van het eerste sonnet. Het vijftiende sonnet (het meestersonnet geheten) moet zijn samengesteld uit de eindregels (of beginregels) van de eerste veertien sonnetten in de juiste volgorde.

  • Vacant Arcadia is a futuristic musical based in a decaying orbital city. As things fall apart, six people are placing their hope in an illegal augmented reality game. Will winning lead them from the dark gutters of society to a place of rebirth or cast them even farther from their goal? And most importantly... is a new life worth dying for?

  • De Nederlandse Dungeons & Dragons podcast. Wat zou jij doen als je vanuit een rustige buurtavond in Pijnacker ineens in een wereld vol magie en monsters zou staan? En hoe kom je terug? Volg Alma, Elisa, Rik en Tony in hun zoektocht terug naar hun stadje (of op zijn minst station Beurs) in:Geen Woorden Maar Draken,DnD met een natte T.

  • Overloop is een literaire podcast van Papieren Helden met korte verhalen van Robin Kramer.

    Overloop gaat over personages die zich in een tussenfase bevinden — niet helemaal meer hier, nog niet helemaal daar. De verhalen spelen zich af op overlopen, vliegvelden, hotelkamers en andere tussenzones.

    Deze podcast werd mede mogelijk gemaakt door het Nederlands Letterenfonds.

    Artwork: studio koebeen

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • You're preparing dinner for the cast of Sesame Street, but when you open the oven hundreds of teeth spill out—and they're not even cooked properly! As they scamper out of reach, your high school English teacher shows up and climbs inside your fridge to make out with your stepdad, while Gordon Ramsay smashes his head through the window to disqualify you from Master Chef.

    What does it all mean?

    Josh Crowley and T. R. Appleton discuss nightmares and the nature of dreams, and create improvised horror stories inspired by details from the conversation.


    If you have any nightmares or real-life scary experiences you'd like to see transformed into an improvised horror story, send them in to [email protected].

  • Maffiabaas don Cornetto Boonaparte werd vermoord, maar over het graf heen is hij erin geslaagd de aanwijzingen naar zijn moordenaar of moordenares te verstoppen in de playlist voor een maffiaconcert. Zijn advocaat Silly Willy organiseert dit moordspel nu om het mysterie te ontsluieren. Elk van de vijf verdachten kan op een of andere manier in verband gebracht worden met twee nummers op de playlist, de ware schuldige krijgt er drie achter zijn of haar naam.

    Een muzikaal moordspel met een maffia-thema, opgebouwd volgens het Cluedo-principe. U kunt het spel individueel spelen, of met verschillende detectives of detective teams die het tegen elkaar opnemen. Alle instructies krijgt u van de E.T. of Executeur Testamentair van don Cornetto, Silly Willy. U dient alleen pen en papier bij de hand te nemen en, eventueel voor elke ronde, met elkaar een timing af te spreken. Misschien kan het ook nuttig zijn tijd uit te trekken om een aantal nummers op de playlist te beluisteren via Youtube of Spotify.

    Een PDF met het draaiboek voor de organisatie of spelleid(st)er van dit moordspel, kan samen met de verklaringen van de verdachten, meer informatie over de playlist, een invulblad en uiteraard de oplossingen besteld worden via [email protected] (30 euro) of De oplossingen bevinden zich ook in een luisterboek, dat o.a. kan besteld worden bij Luisterrijk (9,99 euro):

    Stem en scenario: Patrick Bernauw. Montage en geluidseffecten: Antoine Derksen. Muziek: Productie:

  • From the Golden Days of Radio 1001 brings you TALES OF ESCAPE AND SUSPENSE- taken from the award-winning, long runni9ng radio shows by the same name. Some of Hollywood and radio's best actors can be found in these well-scripted, brilliantly acted radio drams. We offer two every week- Wednesdays at 5pm ET and Sundays at Noon ET. Enjoy!

  • «Факультет рифмы» это подкаст, который открывает молодых поэтов. В
    каждом выпуске, мы приглашаем одного опытного поэта и одного
    поэта-студента. Затем усаживаем их друг напротив друга, раздаём по чашке чая и говорим о
    лирике, читаем лирику и обязательно открываем что-то новое.

  • Epic Theatre Ensemble presents Goddess, an 8-part audio fantasy about the Goddess of Clear Sight, Zarqa.

    Zarqa was a Mesopotamian prophetess whose visions saved her people from certain doom. But when she told truths they did not like, they turned on her and crucified her as a witch.

    When our series opens, Zarqa stands before Osiris, judge of the dead. Isis is so impressed with Zarqa’s bravery and character, she intervenes and promotes Zarqa to an immortal Goddess.

    With her pet demon, Behemoth, Zarqa travels history, helping people see both themselves and others clearly. All along, she is pursued by the malevolent “crawling chaos,” Narlathotep. Where she goes, clearing people’s visions, he follows, clouding them again.

  • # Carrots and Suffering: A D&D Odyssey**An actual (let's) play unofficial D&D campaign podcast featuring 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons, by a group of friends from Portland Oregon**Campaign 1: The ancient kingdom of Fenrir, blessed with prosperity from the queen of fairy for a millennia, has fallen. The once bountiful forests are teeming now with thorns and monsters. Each prick of the brambles poison turns man into beast, one drop at a time. Our heroes, 18 year old Sylpha Lunari, 16 year old Sable Mirkwood, and 17 year old Jaelen Evans fight to end the century of isolation and the ill effects on man and fey that that is has. Can they change the world they inherited, or will it change them?Campaign 2: The Northern Kingdom, the Empire of Astragaar, a theocracy dedicated to the true and only 10 gods of the mortal lands has taken over the province of Ol' Fenrir after the environmental disaster of the kingdom. Our heroes, Zirus of Sister Truth, Bulain of The Silent Judge, and Krieden of Divine Mercy, attempt to serve the empire and its people, but all is not as one would hope. Will the history of the empire be too much for the faithful to overcome?Notes: All the curse words; English language; Medium level of mechanical adherence; Once or twice a month posting.

  • Willkommen bei "Promifacts - Der Promi Podcast", Ihrem täglichen Rendezvous mit der schillernden Welt der Prominenten, Reichen und Schönen! Hier präsentieren wir Ihnen in nur wenigen Minuten die neuesten Gerüchte, aufschlussreiche Fakten und brisante Insider-Geschichten aus dem Leben der Stars. Tauchen Sie ein und bleiben Sie stets am Puls des Promi-Geschehens - denn bei "Promifacts" verpassen Sie keinen einzigen Skandal, keine Romanze und keine Überraschung mehr!

  • Welcome to!

    Here you'll find lesbian sex stories featuring sexy tales of women who are unafraid to satisfy their appetites together in our carefully curated podcast collection of erotic lesbian sex stories. Based on sexual fantasies by our community released as free lesbian sex stories. This lesbian sex podcast lets you indulge and unleash your wildest fantasies. These sensual and free lesbian sex stories are short, erotic audio stories. Choose between lesbian and bi-sexual stories.

    Feel free to share your lesbian fantasies and we might turn them into an erotic audio story: [email protected]

    These can be first time lesbians, women who are into group lesbian sex, or just women in love with other women.

    Instead of fetishizing lesbian sex, we aim to normalize and celebrate it. Of course, watching girl-on-girl romance can be a fetish, but on Audiodesires we just want to celebrate all things sex, regardless of who is in our stories.

    In our lesbian audio stories, you will find romance, intrigue, sexual tension, chemistry, and more packed into each story, as they are told by captivating voices and accented with sounds of real pleasure and excitement.

  • Shit We’ve Read is a sci-fi/fantasy book podcast hosted by three geeky friends, Laura, Jason, and Bella. Join us each month as we (with the occasional special guest) discuss the latest book or graphic novel we’ve just read. Think of us as your friendly, neighborhood monthly book club, but online.

    To find out more, please visit

  • داستانهایی واقعی از شهادتها و کارهای عظیم خداوند که در زندگی هر روزه ما رغم خورده و میخورد با کلامی آشنا و دلنشین