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  • Rest in Pieces is a weekly podcast about morbid and bizarre tales. Each episode uncovers a different misunderstood event, creature, or incident in history. Sometimes, the strange unusual could find you. Support this podcast:

  • Two simple rules will keep the followers away. Always carry milfoil, and never experience guilt. Ash Dunn has constructed a life around those rules, far away from the past and the Dunn family name. All it takes is one moment of doubt to change everything. Support this podcast:

  • Short stories and poetry from chronically ill Australian indie author Iris Carden

  • Throughout history, there has always been a chasm between the bulk of humanity and the enigmatic circle who hold true dominion. Those whose influence remains shrouded, save for the rare instances when their designs cross into the outside world.

    ๏ปฟIn this noir-tinged hardboiled-crime anthology series, an assortment of people living on the fringes of respectable society, in locations across the world, find themselves caught up in nefarious plots far beyond their experience, caught in the nexus of history-making events. From a professional poker player trying to make up for past choices, to a bicycle messenger hoping to finish one last job, to a seasoned navigator piloting a ship through treacherous waters, and more, each must grapple with rapidly escalating peril, little realizing they are mere pawns in the grand schemes of an ominous council manipulating events behind the scenes: the omnipresent Quorum.

  • Hanya membagi kisah yang pernah , sedang, dan akan dialami

  • Yeah yeah yeah!!! Thank you for coming on , this just a cruised up introduction to our podcast!! So I’m soo psyched and would be giving dope ass gists about numerous things, so if you love to have fun and catch a little cruise, tune in and click the subscribe button…. You know the vibes!!!!!!

  • We break down Today's Artist and Entertainers with facts. What the people want to know. Find closure with beef, family and friends. Their upcoming music releases and those need to know things about your favorite Artist or Entertainer. Follow us on YouTube and Instagram @deathofthecloutchasertv

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  • Scrooge is in his cold and gloomy office together with his employee Bob Cratchit, who demands that he stays to work late even if it is Christmas Eve, since for him, it is just another day. In the solitude of his room, the ghost of Marley, his former partner, appears to warn him that three spirits will visit him that night. This is how Scrooge receives the spirit of Christmas past, the spirit of Christmas present, and the spirit of Christmas future. In this way, the main character understands that his way of life distances him from love and the joy of enjoying the most important holiday of the year: Christmas.

  • Nicole dreams of becoming a successful vlogger, but when her attempts at live streaming unleash a flurry of dark web activity on her computer, not only is her privacy destroyed but her life is at risk.Written and Produced by Jim Minns.

  • Freedom is a 28-year-old girl who grew up near the Hualapai Native American reservation in Peach Springs, Arizona. She works as a waitress at the nearby truck stop diner. Ryan is the former skiing prodigy who became a Federal Marshal in Washington, D.C. after his Olympic dreams were dashed when he broke his leg. Martin is the Investment Banker who made millions by shorting stock in Worlds of Wonder, the toy company responsible for the wildly popular Teddy Ruxpin doll in the 1980s. Jessica is Martin's bitter and jaded daughter who grew up being home-schooled by her parents in DeFuniak Springs, Florida, and never really got to experience life. Then, Martin loses it all when he becomes embroiled in a financial scandal with a crooked politician. Because of the power the disgraced Senator holds, and because of his ties to the Mexican drug cartels, Martin and his family are forced into the Witness Protection Program for their own safety after Martin testifies against him. But, years later, the seemingly unconnected four characters will meet in a race against time to uncover hidden money and secrets, and their forgotten relationships will bind them together in ways they never thought possible.

  • High-powered Hollywood talent agent (and ex Christmas-hater) Mackenzie Monroe is back at it again this Holiday Season. After solving the double murder in Evergreen, Ohio, and getting a handsome new boyfriend, small-town lawyer Nick Tenenbaum, in the process, Mackenzie is ready to kick back and relax this Christmas.
    But Christmas has other plans for her. Nick's uncle John died suddenly and Mackenzie must accompany Nick to Garland, Ohio, and to Mistletoe Manor where John was the groundskeeper for years. Once there, Mackenzie is greeted by the extremely wealthy and very strange Mistletoe family who not only have their own secrets, but one of them is also possibly a murderer. When more individuals who are connected to the family start dying, Mackenzie knows she must find the killer before another Christmas becomes murderous...and she could be the next target.

  • A podcast based on the book, Letters I'll Never Send by Nicole Zelniker. After spending eight months in the psych hospital for attempted suicide, Sadie still isn't sure if she's ready to confront her demons, specifically the death of her infant son.

  • An incident happened 36 years ago that caused a little town to become quiet peculiar ever since and you’ve stumbled upon the transmission of a late night radio show from that strange, little town hidden in the hollows.

  • Hey all you cowboys and gunslingers!
    Welcome to the home of cowboy news and cowboy related topics! Join me everyday any time of the week for news with guests!

  • We cover the entire world of Harry Potter along with some other crazy conversation. Family friendly and full of opportunities for listeners to engage.

  • Across our planet are mysteries that science cannot explain. True stories that elude logic. 75% of Americans believe that there are unexplained events that take place and over half believe they’ve experienced paranormal events themselves.The answers are out there. But the truth may demand that we question everything we’ve been taught. Supernatural Matters is A Psychic’s Story original. Episodes are released every other Wednesday, exploring the most bizarre occurrences and mysteries of our time. Join us as we dive into the strange and surreal and decide for yourself what is natural or supernatural…

  • Ranger Bill is a Christian radio program from the 1950s, produced by Moody Radio. With over 200 episodes produced, Ranger Bill stars Miron Canaday as the title character and Stumpy Jenkins and Ed Ronne, Sr as Grey Wolf. The main character, Ranger Bill, is a forest ranger located in the town of Knotty Pine along the Rocky Mountains. The show describes the various tales of the adventures of Ranger Bill and his friends

  • It's about love and happiness great to be able to laugh at ourselves so you know I'm gonna laugh at you so check it out!

  • The Occupod was started as a mistake. A group of long time acquaintances argue, fight, and threaten their way through some adventures, while their dungeon master tries to stop the whole game ending in a quadruple homicide.