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  • Your one-stop-shop for all things baseball including scores, player analysis, and other news. Quickly listen to baseball news with the Baseball Analysis Podcast’s 7 Minute Baseball series. 7 Minute Baseball features quick, easy-to-digest episodes. You will hear about current trends, player breakdowns, and whatever else might be interesting for the casual or serious fan. Ottoneu players welcome.

  • ThisTBH is hosted by Michael Pinney and Will Thomas. We release a new episode every month discussing all things design leadership and career growth.

  • Stay informed, save time, and expand your knowledge with The Daily Wiki podcast. Each day, we cover a different Wikipedia article in 20 minutes or less, giving you information from around the world. We cover it all in a fun and engaging format that's easy to listen to. Whether you're a busy professional, a curious learner, or just someone who wants to stay in the know, The Daily Wiki has something for everyone. Subscribe now and never miss an episode!

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • The Swift Ascent is a podcast about iOS development and Swift programming language. It covers learning, self-improvement, and mentorship for all levels, from junior to senior developers. Listeners can join live discussions and gain ideas from the hosts and other listeners.

    In addition to offering guidance and support for developers, The Swift Ascent also provides valuable insights into the latest trends and updates in iOS development. The hosts regularly interview industry experts and share their own experiences with new tools and technologies. This helps to keep listeners up to date with t

  • Understand The Basics Of Web3

  • Welcome to BLOCKTALES – Unchained Stories. A podcast, dedicated to exploring insights into the lives of the people behind the blockchain technology.

    Katharina Zeuch and Sarah Gottwald, two women in web3 who want to explore the stories of their guests: why they chose to work in web3, how they are making a difference in the industry and the projects they are passionate about.

    We'll also be focusing on female innovators and exploring the unique challenges and opportunities for women in crypto.

  • Host Jasper Zeelenberg and guests share their knowledge on retail supply chain management to help you maximise your Return On Inventory. 

    Through interviews, AMAs, and invite-only events, we give you a sneak peek into the data-backed insights we are executing for the fastest-growing retail brands in the world. 

    This podcast mostly covers the fashion & sporting goods industries, but there's something for anyone working in a strategic role today. Send ideas, feedback, or hello's to [email protected]

  • We live in a complex world, constantly changing without clear patterns. How to navigate it?

    Let me be your travel guide in exploring how successful products, organisations and ideas come to life.
    Together we’ll understand how even apparently simple creations emerge from complex systems behaviours intertwining psychological, social and technological elements.
    The journey will be transformative, as we’ll learn how to become modern leaders by embracing complexity and thriving with it.

  • Welcome to The EdTech Lab podcast, where we dive into the world of education technology with fellow academics, educators, and entrepreneurs. Join us as we explore the latest trends and innovations that are shaping education.

  • Our goal for this podcast is not only to inform but also to inspire. We want our listeners to feel empowered and confident in their pursuit of a career in the cybersecurity field. With the right information, guidance, and motivation, anyone can become an expert in cybersecurity! 

  • Tech podcast for tech lovers, enthusiasts and creatives.

  • Web3 Working Group is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our purpose is to educate about web3 infrastructure and how it's distinct from financial services in the cryptocurrency industry. We educate about how web3 infrastructure will decentralize the web and permanently restore user control of cyberspace, replacing centralized control with transparent and permissionless protocols through incentives aligned with users. See more at www.web3wg.org๐ŸŽ†FOLLOW US๐ŸŽ†Web3 Working GroupWebsite: https://web3wg.orgTwitter: JamesTwitter:

  • Today we welcome special guest Siara (pronounced Sai-ra) Nazir, who is Head of Digital Marketing at Autodesk - a company we are all familiar with because of products like Autocad (that is just one of the hundreds of its brands of course)…Siara herself has been a marketer for close to two decades, and has done it all, from above the line to below the line and now digital marketing. We’re excited to be speaking with a practitioner to get a different perspective on martech and the challenges that come with digital transformation. Here are my choice takeaways from the show!

  • For 20 years ad:tech has been a platform for digital advertising visionaries to help make their ideas a reality. Our pioneers have fostered industry growth beyond our original wildest dreams for the digital marketing sector.
    This year we reposition ourselves for the next 20 years of innovation-focused energy. It was time for us shift and reimagine our role in the marketing ecosystem, ultimately to deliver new experiences for the 21st century marketer. This year, ad:tech presents MADE.
    “Advertising Technology” has become a one-dimension term – focusing only on the output of innovation. It does not reflect the ideas, energy, and progress of the people behind it. The makers, doers, and thinkers are the ones empowering change, thus MADE aims to place human talent back in the spotlight.
    Marketing, Advertising, Digital, Energized (MADE) is the newfound guiding principle of ad:tech. In other words, MADE is not just something that happens - it is what we do.

  • Join this Aussie as she explores The Digital Health Revolution. Bianca is a lawyer & lecturer with research expertise in medical and digital health law. She writes about The Law Making of the Digital Health Revolution, and she is building a Digital Health School of Thought founded on eight core pillars - Accountability, Law & Human Rights, Societal Benefit, Clinical Benefit, Harm Reduction, Risk Reduction, Business Case and Public Consultation. She has presented in Australia and the USA including at the VOH Summit at Harvard Medical School. *Info provided is general. Seek professional advice.*

  • IGEL provides the next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces. Their solutions offer you extreme CAPEX hardware cost savings, sharply reduced ongoing operating expenses, and a more secure and manageable endpoint management and control platform across nearly any x86 device. We will discuss the endpoint trends in the industry, IGEL updates, and general news.XenTegra is THE preferred IGEL national partner!

  • Taking the Lead is a podcast for B2B Tech professionals, leaders, and executives who are looking to learn and be inspired. In each episode, Christina Brady interviews top female icons who are at the forefront of revenue teams. Through highlighting their unique stories, journey, wins, and challenges, Taking the Lead helps tech professionals understand the industry, trends, and how to navigate the B2B Tech landscape.

  • Being a school leader can be lonely and isolating, so we created a weekly podcast to share ideas, strategies and insights about what's working in our schools and what's not. Join us on Leading Innovation: Where we talk about what school leaders are thinking, saying and doing today.

  • When you make small talk with someone, what topic always comes up? The weather! In SmallTalk Visual Artist Meg DeMora and Chief Meteorologist Andrew Pineiro make small talk with interesting topics. This will lead into a 7-day forecast.