Vrije tijd – Nieuwe podcasts

  • A weekly exploration of all things birdwatching and bird ID for birding beginners and those simply interested in learning more about the wonderful world of birds.

  • More Right Rudder is a collection of content hosted by NAFI in Podcast form for on the go flight instructors. Each episode consists of previously released presentations and videos including MentorLive, 10 Question Challenge, NOTAMs Blog, and Briefing Room. Unique content coming soon!

    Join NAFI: www.nafinet.org

  • UploadVR's weekly show about VR games & content.

  • Every fortnight, long-time Eurogamer journalist Bertie Purchese sits an interesting person from the world of games down for a proper chat.

  • The pizza has been ordered, your mom said everybody could sleepover, and you're about to play some D&D with your best buds. That's the feeling The Cast Die Podcast is trying to recapture! The only difference is now we're grown up, the playing is online, and your best buds are us, a bunch of actors, writers, improvisers, and a history teacher for good measure. We're using the Dungeons and Dragons 5E ruleset (with a fair smattering of house rules and modifications) to run a campaign that takes place in our homebrewed setting, the dark and dangerous realm of Thorum. So come along for guaranteed good times, because unlike the gameplay and the story, we don't take ourselves too seriously and there is all the round-the-table banter, high jinks, and japery that make the experience complete! See you out there, kids!

  • The official podcast of Triumph Motorcycles America, where host Adam VanderVeen interviews motorcyclists from all walks of life. The episodes will give you a deeper look at some of the most interesting people you'll ever meet on two wheels, including the impact that motorcycles have made on their personal and professional lives.

  • Our team discuss the latest in automotive news, upcoming auction lots, and anything and everything automotive in general.

  • The podcast that looks at the intersection between business and gaming. “Tech Tito” Mon Isberto, together with gamers Marc Casillan and Carl Sayat of PumaPodcast, talks to business leaders and executives about the games that they play, and what games can teach about management and leadership.

    Presented by Smart and powered by PumaPodcast.

  • Welcome to Action Packed Travel! Our podcast features amazing travel stories...without having to go anywhere. The episodes are interviews with people who've been inspired by their adventures. They're also full of information and useful links, all of which you can find on our Show Notes. Our podcast can be used for future travel ideas and plans for the days when we can explore the world again! About us: we're Felice & Peter Hardy and we’ve spent half a lifetime travelling to just about every corner of the world, making a living as travel writers out of what we like doing best – and that’s skiing, biking, hiking, eating, exploring, city breaks, seaside…and a whole lot more. "What an interesting and diverse world you are opening up for us in a nicely laid back way. Very informative and some are also wonderful archive material."

  • Welcome to the coffee and carving show hosted by Doug Linker and Alec LaCasse. It's a show where two avid woodcarvers talk about whatever floats their boats that week and sometimes a little carving.

  • We talk mainly about video games but here and there we might go off topic and talk about things. We discuss about rumors, theories, and other things inside of video games. Mainly we talk about Call of Duty.

  • In this thought provoking podcast you will begin to understand and realize the importance of talking about sex and as we all know, the p word. If you feel uncomfortable and not sure how to feel when you hear that word, this is the place for you! Porscha Newton, a sexologist with over 10 years of experience mastering the study of sacred sexology & helping women release the sexual shame and trauma within their life, will uncover the taboo thoughts towards sex and your sexual relationship within yourself and your significant other. Special guests will be included in this podcast where not only Porscha, but others will give their thoughts, insights and own sexual experiences to help women connect with God, themselves and recognize the truth of their sexual sovereignty.

  • Grab your tea. It's time for the real. The raw. The spicy. The podcast where two best friends come together and uncover their deepest desires, most unpopular opinions and grow into a better version of themselves with every episode. You REALLY don't want to miss out on this one!

  • Content creator Edmond Aggabao talks about movies based around video games, comic books, and more.

    This podcast is a must miss.

  • Bianca and Eliza, two best friends (each other’s other half’s) in their 20’s navigating life and figuring it all out. Sharing their thoughts, experiences and stories they have obtained throughout their journeys. Talking about things from daily life and all that it entails to growing up and mental health. The hopes of My Other Half is that it brings comfort, laughter and a sense of friendship.

    Instagram: @myotherhalfpodcast
    TikTok: @myotherhalfpodcast
    Podcast e-mail: myotherhalfpodcast@gmail.com

    Instagram: @bianca8198x
    Instagram: @elizapregmon

  • H.A.M. Radio LIVE is a live podcast hosted by MrMattyPlays and Paul Lombardo on Fridays at 6 PM EST with YOU in the rotating third seat. There's a million and one podcasts out there, so what makes what we're doing any different from others already available? While focusing on the latest in gaming news and the hottest game releases, our calling card is that we embrace the live structure of our show in its entirety. That means taking live call-ins from the audience and hearing what is on your mind! Not comfortable with that? No problem. We have a structure that enables write-ins as well, so anyone can participate at anytime! Missed an episode? We upload them on podcast platforms and YouTube at 2 PM EST for all to hear after a small stretch of early access given to our patrons. For advertising inquiries, contact schroeder.matthew@live.com

  • Fate/moon archive is an affectionate deep dive into the worlds of Type Moon, the makers of Fate/grand order and associated works. Join hosts Benn Ends (they/she) and fen (fae/faer) as we go back to the beginning of the company as a doujin circle, working our way up (loosely) chronologically, playing, watching, and discussing in depth the themes, ideas, and execution of this long running and fascinatingly flawed series, through a queer lens.

  • A four-part Documentary celebrating thirty years of Sonic The Hedgehog featuring new interviews with Sonic creators past and present.

    Tom Campbell is a radio and video presenter/producer from the North East of England. Away from Sonic-based shenanigans he works as a Podcast presenter and Youtube Presenter for Cultaholic and can regularly be found on BBC Radio Newcastle.

  • Join Tori of Siply Tealicious for fun, laughs and all things tea! Tea is so much more than a beverage or a hobby to so many people around the world. Join us each episode as we dive into the stories that made people love tea the way they do!