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  • America's funniest auto mechanics take calls from weary car owners all over the country, and crack wise while they diagnose Dodges and dismiss Diahatsus. You don't have to know anything about cars to love this one hour weekly laugh fest.

  • NPR's weekly current events quiz. Have a laugh and test your news knowledge while figuring out what's real and what we've made up.

  • Comedians Paul Tonkinson and Rob Deering talk about life and comedy - but mainly running. Whilst running.

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  • David Druid och Victor Linnér åker runt i en bil och snackar en massa skit, plockar upp främlingar, vänner och annat som kan föra en konversation. Inga djupa intervjuer, inga genomtänkta prator, bara en massa blaj i en bil.

  • Marc-Marie Huijbregts en Aaf Brandt Corstius nemen werkelijk niks voor lief. Ze verwonderen zich als theatermakers en schrijvers over alledaagse zaken, waarvan de gewone man zich zelden afvraagt of hij er überhaupt een mening over heeft: van bakfiets tot airfryer en alles daartussen in. Waarom is de OV-chipkaart geel? Wat is het lelijkste strand van Nederland? En hoe zit het met de humor van Willem-Alexander? Tussendoor wordt er geroddeld en luisteraars uit de brandt (met 'dt') geholpen. Maar het draait uiteindelijk allemaal om hun eindoordeel: de recensie.

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  • In de Zelfspodcast nemen jeugdvrienden Jaap Siewertsz van Reesema (zanger/producer) en Sander Schimmelpenninck (journalist/presentator) hun leven en de wereld door. Twee dertigers met carrières in de media, met Instagrammable levens, maar ook huismussen die verlangen naar het platteland. Twee maatjes met zeer verschillende karakters, maar een gedeelde liefde voor zelfbeklag. Elke week een rondje dieptepunten, één hoofdonderwerp, vele zijpaadjes, kansloze businessideeën en gegluur naar mooie meisjes. Kortom, Siewertsz en Schimmelpenninck doen maar wat.

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  • A podcast about my passion in life: Coloring books for adults! Get great coloring tips from other people who love this hobby, and listen to the illustrators behind the coloring books.

  • Along For The Ride With Andrea Fappani are conversations in excellence. Andrea Fappani - National Reining Horse Association “NRHA” 5.7 Million Dollar Rider was born and raised in Italy and followed his dream of moving to the USA and becoming one of the all-time leading trainers in the Performance Horse industry. His focus, drive and passion for excellence not only made him the youngest NRHA million Dollar Rider, along the way he has been recognized for his ability to teach and advocate exceptional horsemanship. Andrea has understood from a young age the excellence comes from hard work, focus and a plan that leads you to your ultimate goal. In the journey of becoming one of the NRHA’s leading trainers Andrea recognizes the importance of teamwork, mentors and a strong support program. This podcast is an opportunity for Andrea to share conversation with those mentors, competitors, breeders, owners, farrier, veterinarians, judges, trainers, non-pro’s, and people that have provided the support to the Fappani Performance Horse program over the years. Mostly Andrea is interested in listening and learning how others approach excellence and mastery in whatever that interest, business or passion is, so join us in “Along For The Ride with Andrea Fappani”

  • In depth and personal interviews from the leading characters of Sailing's diverse competitive arena, hosted by the sport's leading media personality, double Olympic gold medallist, Shirley Robertson.From inside the closed doors of the America's Cup, to the pressures and excitement of the Olympic race course, the danger and jeopardy of racing non-stop around the planet to the ultimate quest for the world's fastest sailing boat, Shirley Robertson sits down and talks all things sailing with the brightest lights in the sport.

  • Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy from My Brother, My Brother and Me have recruited their dad Clint for a campaign of high adventure. Join the McElroys as they find their fortune and slay an unconscionable number of ... you know, kobolds or whatever in ... The Adventure Zone..

  • Three times per week Australia's most successful lure fishermen share their secrets for catching Australia's iconic sports species.

    The Australian Lure Fishing Podcast (ALF) is on a mission to help everyday fishermen experience better fishing than they could ever have imagined. Host Greg "Doc Lures" Vinall hand picks the cream of Aussie fishermen and presses them to give up the tips that matter.

    It's no fluff, no nonsense, top notch fishing info. Stuff you can put into action and get immediate results, no matter whether you're targeting barra or bass, trout of tuna.

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  • Music: it's good. On each episode of Strong Songs, host Kirk Hamilton takes listeners inside a piece of music, breaking it down and figuring out what makes it work.

  • Hosted by Ashley Alexander, aka ur mom ashley on YouTube! Here you'll hear about life, relationships, college, or just what crazy things are happening in the Alexander household. Ashley is regularly joined by her friends and family. See more @extradynamicpodcast & @aaashleyk on Instagram :) Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/extradynamic/support

  • Two Gen-X blokes discussing their shared passion for cars and the trappings of their youth. Analysed year by year with a wrap up of the current car scene and magazine reviews.

  • 1 of The Sunday Times top 5 gardening podcasts! Join broadcaster and house plant fanatic Jez Rose, along with cook, food writer and co-host Kathy Slack as they explore the season's natural changes and everything nature has to offer us throughout the year. Expect chat about gardening, growing your own and a whole lot of laughs over tea while they get stuck into jobs in the garden and guide us through the joys of being outdoors. Don't forget to subscribe and if you like it, share on social! Buy Hadleigh and Marley a biscuit at ko-fi.com/roots

  • Globetrotter Gunnar Garfors og reisejournalist Thorkild Gundersen tar deg med til alle verdens 198 land. Pluss noen av de kuleste byene. Og litt til. Rulettkula bestemmer hvor vi skal i neste episode.

  • In Sexier Than a Squirrel, the Official AbsoluteDogs Podcast, veterinary behaviourist Tom Mitchell and international agility competitor and professional dog trainer Lauren Langman talk training your dog, transforming your dog training struggles and getting real-life results through GAMES!

  • A podcast for the every-day gamer. Random thoughts from three friends with random humor.

  • Mel Giedroyc is quilting. No really, she’s making a quilt.


    Each week on this brand new podcast follow along as Mel Giedroyc and her presenter pal Andy Bush add to their patchwork quilt with new squares of material donated by friends, famous types and most importantly the listeners! They’ll find out the stories behind the fabrics, develop their sewing skills and naturally, have a big old chat. And a cup of tea. And probably some biscuits. 

    A Somethin' Else production.