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  • Improve your Korean through extensive exposure to natural conversations between native Korean speakers. This podcast is brought to you by TalkToMeInKorean.com. Please visit our website for additional learning materials related to the podcast.

  • 艾倫和REI的90天減脂自虐雜記XD

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  • 온갖 콘텐츠에 대해 입을 털어보는 방송

  • Exploring the geekier perspectives. A freeform podcast where we talk about movies, tv shows, anime, video games, etc. Check us out a wild ride awaits you. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/thenightshiftbandits/support

  • two millennial besties who’ve #gottastartsomewhere! we mostly discuss things such as: pop culture, celebs, conspiracy theories, and lifestyle sprinkled in with our own opinions on the topics! we always end our episodes with gratitude and good vibes.

  • A Magic: the Gathering podcast where we discuss casual aspects of both 60 card/kitchen-table and EDH/Commander formats. We’re here for the stories, so come and join us at the Temple of the False Pod, where our decks aren’t optimized but our plays sure as HECK are fun.

  • Welcome to the Brawl Show, a podcast keeping you up to date on all things Brawl Stars, hosted by ProvoBandit and noob army. We will have Brawler breakdowns, Update Reviews, Update speculation and much more. New episodes week. To send a message to the podcast go to this link: anchor.fm/brawlshow and click message.

  • (ON CHRP) 고전에서 만나는 다양한 즐거움, 오래된 재미! 본격 고전게임 탐험방송 (SINCE 2014)

  • SBS 파워FM 22:00 ~ 23:00 지상파 최초! 오직 남자들을 위한 라디오

  • 인생이 기승전BL로 끝나는 비엘러들의 비엘 방송입니다. 장르문학인 BL 작품과 컨텐츠를 소개하고 함께 이야기합니다. 덕질 이야기 함께 나눠요. - 정규 업데이트는 가능한 매주 화요일 업로드됩니다. - 물까치 소식통은 무작위 일정입니다. #비엘 #비엘방송 #bl

  • 東京の美味しい・珍しい海外グルメをご紹介「東京グルメで世界一周」ラジオを聴けば、東京にいながら海外グルメで世界一周できます!・週末だけで年間365軒以上の海外グルメ開拓・これまで2,500軒以上のお店開拓・現在103ヶ国のグルメをブログに掲載中・食べ歩き歴13年・海外60カ国以上渡航(働きながら20代でヨーロッパ一周達成)・TV&ラジオ出演、メディアで執筆実績あり

  • Journal Updated is a monthly game club podcast with a focus on exploring the design of choice within the medium. Join Nora and Molly every month as they dig into a game through a holistic lens, discuss its use of narrative agency, and answer emails from listeners!

  • Woolie Versus and Eyepatch Wolf force each other to experience different media. Hilarity/Violence ensues.

  • 在这个满街都是男神女神的年代,当个完美无瑕的“神”太累了,不如脚踏实地沾沾人间烟火气, 当个搞笑且神经质但却不失细腻情感的“女神经”。 “女神经”龙纹敏将以生活中的大小事为题材,无滤镜真实地分享她对周遭人事物的想法和感悟, 透过日常的点点滴滴,与你一起重新认识自己、感受生活

  • Design House Stockholm has for more than three decades functioned as a publishing house for Scandinavian interior design where the brand's DNA has been rooted in creativity. With Stockholm Stories, Design House Stockholm wants to create a forum to celebrate all the creativity that is created around us.

    Design House Stockholm har under mer än tre decennier fungerat som ett förlagshus för skandinavisk interior design där varumärkets DNA varit rotat i kreativitet. Med Stockholm Stories vill Design House Stockholm skapa ett forum för att hylla all den kreativitet som skapas i Stockholm och runt omkring oss.

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  • The go to design podcast for interior design, tiny houses, caravans, and mobile living!
    Join host Sarah Bronstein from Sukkha Interior Design, as she shares professional interior design recommendations for small spaces, tiny house airbnbs, RV's, travel trailers, vans, skoolies and more!

  • TBSラジオで月曜日〜金曜日 18時〜21時に放送されている「アフター6ジャンクション」、通称 アトロクの感想を中心に私ブライトマンが喋り続ける番組。


    メニュー紹介⇨①アバン②OPトーク③リスナー フューチャー&パスト パスト編④週によって話足りないこと、メッセージ紹介⑤EDトーク



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    公式Twitter: @brni_ofブライトマンのTwitter: @breitman_taic

  • Every week you’ll join myself, and team mates Justin, Kole, and Austin for discussions about everyone’s favorite “childhood” card game, Yu-Gi-Oh! Focused primarily on Edison format, each week we will have in depth discussions about the game, what we love, what we hate, and all things in between! Sometimes, we will just discuss life! Traveling, food, music, movies, and more! You don’t want to miss out! Welcome to the club!

    Episodes 1-6 were recorded with lackluster equipment, episodes 7 and forward should sound significantly better.

  • 30歲!毅然決然脫離台灣舒適圈,拎著一咖小皮箱,

    都歡迎跟我們一起『韓妞愛say Yo!!!』

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