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  • At a time when our nation is portrayed as increasingly polarized, media often ignore viewpoints and stories that are worthy of attention. American Thought Leaders, hosted by The Epoch Times Senior Editor Jan Jekielek, features in-depth discussions with some of America’s most influential thought leaders on pertinent issues facing our nation today.

  • Macroeconomics has never been so ... delish! Macro and Cheese explores the progressive movement through the lens of Modern Monetary Theory, with hot and irreverent political takes, spotlights in activism, and the razor sharp musings of Real Progressives Founder and host Steve Grumbine. The cheese will flow as experts come in for a full, four course deep dive into the hot queso.

    Comfort Food for Thought!

  • China has emerged as one of the 21st century’s most consequential nations, making it more important than ever to understand how the country is governed. True to the name Pekingology, or the study of the political behavior of the People’s Republic of China, this podcast aims to unpack the behavior of the Chinese Communist Party and implications these actions have within China and for U.S.-China relations. Jude Blanchette, the Freeman Chair in China Studies at CSIS, is joined by various experts to analyze the activities of the Chinese governing system and how these impact the complex relationships relating to China.

  • By Hook or By Crook

    Boston’s Unapologetic Urban Voice

    Unlike anything else on podcast; Notorious VOG’s unapologetic stance on accountability, personal responsibility, and critical thinking have been paramount for communities of color and immigrant communities, moving many to become progressively astute, aware, and involved for the first time with happenings in local community.

  • Conversations with leading legal minds on the cutting edge of the law.

  • Actuary Voices is the official podcast of the American Academy of Actuaries. This podcast brings you thoughtful conversations on the role of professionalism in both actuaries' day jobs and the Academy’s public policy work.

  • Information, perspectives, and analysis for public policy, management, and community and economic development in Delaware.

    Presented by the Institute for Public Administration (IPA), a research and public service center in the University of Delaware's Joseph R. Biden, Jr. School of Public Policy & Administration.

  • Welcome to CitySCOPE, a podcast about cities and inclusive economic development from Kate Cooney and her students at the Yale School of Management.

    In Season 1, Remaking the City: Charting the Opportunity in Opportunity Zones, we spoke with developers, community organizers, housing experts, impact investors, foundation fund managers and public sector officials to learn more about how Opportunity Zones might be utilized for community benefit. In Season 2, the theme is Rethinking Community Engagement: Investigating the Role of Narratives in Inclusive Economic Development. In Season 3, we explored the history and research on efforts for Supporting and Scaling Black Businesses. Season 4 is organized around the theme Infrastructure and Equity. Take a listen!

  • On the heels of her bestselling book, Heather McGhee embarks on a road trip across Covid-era America, unearthing stories of American solidarity and hope in a time of great division and peril for our democracy. Join Heather as she travels from rural Maine to the California coast and everywhere in between, meeting extraordinary Americans who are crossing demographic, cultural, and political lines to build a better future for all of us.
    Organize with us. Take action @ www.thesumofuspodcast.com.

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  • Learn about the DOD Exceptional Family Member Program. Get information, tips and resources to help you navigate the special education needs of your family member and the demands of military life.

    The DOD Special Needs Program podcast is an official resource of the Department of Defense. For more information, visit MilitaryOneSource.mil or call 800-342-9647. Military OneSource is your 24/7 connection to information, answers and support to help you reach your goals, overcome challenges and thrive.

  • Join Lisa Desmarais and Amy Timmerman as they answer your questions about the appraisal profession. Submit your own questions to [email protected].

  • I am a Conservative guy that loves to talk about how to Make America Great ! Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/thenachoshow/support

  • The USAACE-8 is a bi-weekly 8-minute aviation-centric professional development podcast focused on the Army Aviation enterprise.

  • From the team that brought you Voices of America In One Room, this is Voices of Shaping Our Future.

    Imagine a world where forming policy was less about cutting through red tape, and more about listening to people for building a better tomorrow. Two of the most widely discussed social issues facing our society today center around our CLIMATE and ECONOMIC INEQUALITY. While many people are divided on these issues, and there are a variety of ideas involving how they should be handled, we were curious to know what the younger generation thought about these topics.

    In May 2021, more than 600 young people from across the country were brought together online to discuss their insights on these issues in small groups, listen to panel experts answer their questions, and interact with each other regardless of whether or not they agreed on the topics being discussed. In this podcast, we speak with some of those participants and get their thoughts on the conversations they had during the 2021 "Shaping Our Future" event.

  • The Talking Michigan Transportation podcast features conversations with transportation experts inside and outside MDOT and will touch on anything and everything related to mobility, including rail, transit and the development of connected and automated vehicles.

  • Hosted by the Western Riverside Council of Governments, the COGCast shares stories and information about the agencies, people, and organizations working to make a difference in Inland Southern California.

  • ๋Œ€๋งŒ ์ƒํ™œ 10๋…„์ฐจ ํ•œ๊ตญ์ธ๊ณผ ํ•œ๊ตญ์–ด ๊ธฐ์ž์ƒํ™œ 34๋…„์ฐจ ๋Œ€๋งŒ์ธ์ด ํ•จ๊ป˜ํ•˜๋Š” -- ๋Œ€๋งŒ๊ณผ ํ•œ๊ตญ์˜ ๋‹ค์–‘ํ•œ ๋ฌธํ™”์ด์•ผ๊ธฐ" -- ํƒ€์ด๋ฒ ์ด ํ† ํฌ-่‡บ็ฃ็œŸ่ถฃๅ‘ณ

    ‘ํƒ€์ด๋ฒ ์ด ํ† ํฌ’๋ผ๋Š” ํ”„๋กœ๊ทธ๋žจ ๋ช…์นญ์œผ๋กœ ํ•œ๊ตญ ์„ฑ๊ท ๊ด€๋Œ€ํ•™๊ต ์ •์น˜์™ธ๊ตํ•™๊ณผ ํ•™์‚ฌ, ์—ฐ์„ธ๋Œ€ํ•™๊ต ์ •๋ณด์‹œ์Šคํ…œ๊ด€๋ฆฌํ•™ ์„์‚ฌ, ํ˜„์žฌ ํƒ€์ด์™„์—์„œ ๋‚จ์‹ญ์ž์„ฑ ์ฃผ์‹ํšŒ์‚ฌ๋ฅผ ๊ฒฝ์˜ํ•˜๋ฉฐ ํšŒํ™”์™€ ์„œ์˜ˆ ๋“ฑ ์˜ˆ์ˆ ์—๋„ ๋›ฐ์–ด๋‚œ ํ•œ๊ตญ์ธ ๋…ธํ˜์ด์™€ ํ”„๋กœ๋“€์„œ ๋ฐฑ์กฐ๋ฏธ๊ฐ€ ํ•จ๊ป˜  ํƒ€์ด์™„๊ณผ ํ•œ๊ตญ ๊ฐ„์˜ ๋ฌธํ™”์  ๊ณตํ†ต์ ๊ณผ ์ฐจ์ด์ ์„ ์ฃผ์ œ๋กœ ๋ฐฉ์†กํ•œ๋‹ค.

    ํƒ€์ด์™„-ํ•œ๊ตญ ์˜ ๋ฌธํ™”์  ๊ณตํ†ต์ ๊ณผ ์ฐจ์ด์ ์— ๋Œ€ํ•ด์„œ  ๊ถ๊ธˆํ•˜์‹  ๋ถ„๋“ค๊ป˜๋Š” ์œ ์ตํ•œ ํ”„๋กœ๊ทธ๋žจ์ด ๋  ์ˆ˜ ์žˆ๋„๋ก ์ง„์ง€ํ•œ ํƒœ๋„๋กœ ์ด์•ผ๊ธฐ๋กœ ํ’€์–ด๋‚˜๊ฐ€๊ฒ ๋‹ค.