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  • Creating a home culture in another country can be a LOT- so let's do it together! Join me each week as we have short, practical, encouraging conversations about living and thriving abroad.

  • Welcome to the Korean American Parenting Podcast, where we share the idiosyncrasies, struggles, joys and pains of being a Korean American parent, not just Korean or American, navigating the unique cross cultural challenges of parenthood. Hosts Jang Cho and Jerry Won chat with fellow parents and parenting experts about topics like academics, health both physical and mental, culture, and of course how current events such as COVID have impacted all of our lives in numerous ways. Our hope is that through these conversations we will grow together as confident Korean American parents, raising confident Korean American children. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and follow us on Instagram at @KoreanAmericanParenting.

  • Motivation For Moms is a personal development show to help moms get out of a rut, dream bigger, design a better life for themselves and their families, and make each day as productive, easy, organized, and well-planned as possible. Hosted by certified life coach and fellow mama, Sara Muender, who believes that moms must adopt a leadership mindset in their family. Connect with Sara at

  • 강아지와 고양이에 모든것.

    단순 지식이나 정보가 아닌 여러분의 강아지 고양이와 행복하게 지내는 방법에 대한 이야기 입니다. 콘텐츠에 대한 의견 및 문의는 [email protected] 으로 이메일을 보내십시오.


  • A Disney roundtable podcast to talk about the latest news and specialties within the Disney Community.

  • 歡迎寶貝跟著親親姐姐一起說故事,
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  • 關於親子教育與社會新鮮人的有價值資訊,讓資深的教育顧問來與大家閒話家常吧!



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  • Pssst! Infant and toddlerhood can seem intimidating, especially on your first go-around. I'm here as a resource to guide YOU into guiding those tiny humans into who they are. The goal is to lessen the stress at home through knowledge of what's going on with your 1's, 2's and 3's. This is such a sensitive time in their life for them AND for you. I'm here to help you through it 😊 Support this podcast:

  • Family Theater was a program created to promote family unity and each week saw a drama illustrating the importance of family life and prayer. The main reason for the success of this series was undoubtedly due to the numerous Hollywood stars that participated.

    Cast: Bing Crosby, Gary Cooper, James Stewart, Gregory Peck, Shirley Temple Director: Fred MacKaye, Dave Young, Joseph Mansfield, Richard Sanville, Jaime del Valle, Mel Williamson, Robert O’Sullivan, John Kelley Producer: Father Patrick Peyton, Bob Longenecker Host: Father Patrick Peyton Writer: True Boardman , Father Patrick Peyton Announcer:Tony LaFrano

  • The first and only podcast about the pet foster community! Featuring inspiring stories from foster parents all over the country as they discuss the emotional rollercoaster of the foster experience, the revolving door of pets, and the rapidly-changing role of fostering and animal rescue within human society.

    Hosted by Stacey Axelrod (NYC Pet Photographer) and presented by Foster Dogs Inc., a New York-based nonprofit focused on creating positive, inclusive foster communities by providing support, experience, and innovative programs.

  • Love The Science Dog blog but have limited reading time? Enjoy audio versions of The Science Dog's most popular essays about dogs, nutrition, behavior and more! New episodes are available weekly - Visit and subscribe!

  • 愛與被愛是你我心靈最深的渴慕,愛裡沒有懼怕,愛既完全就把懼怕除去,讓我們一起來探索愛的旅程

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  • Kids of color who have ADHD and other common learning differences often face a double stigma. But there’s a lot that families can do to address the opportunity gap in our communities. Host Julian Saavedra is a father of two. He's also an assistant principal who has spent nearly 20 years working in public schools. Join Saavedra as he talks with parents and experts and offers tips to help you advocate for your child.

    Understood is a nonprofit and social impact organization dedicated to shaping a world where the 1 in 5 people who learn and think differently can thrive. Learn more about The Opportunity Gap and check out more podcasts from the Understood Podcast Network at Copyright © 2022 Understood for All, Inc. All rights reserved.

  • Our amazing pupils talk about #BLM and document their experiences in Nottingham, UK. Follow us on @OfficialNUSA on Twitter- home of #AmazingNUSA 👑 We are Nottingham University Samworth Academy, a school that aims to close every type of divide.

  • <닥터지하고>

    자녀를 스스로 삶을 개척해 나가는 성인으로 키울 것인가 

    나는 나의 삶을 어떻게 개척해 나갈 것인가. 


    성장하는 나, 그리고 배우는 부모가 되기 위해 삶과 육아의 본질을 나누는 공간 


    매주 화 í†  저녁 8시 문의 : [email protected]

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  • Nurse Papa is a podcast from the heart and mind of a pediatric oncology nurse and father. In each episode, I take a deep dive into a story of parenthood OR I answer a letter from a loyal parent listener about their most pressing parenting problems, in a segment called Dear Nurse Papa. In either case, I hope to come out on the other side with a greater understanding of what makes kids AND their parents tick.

  • Beautiful Hearts Against Sexual Violence was established in 2012 to bring together individuals who share the vision of ending child sexual abuse in Mongolia. The organization works from a human rights-based and person-centered approach to prevent and combat sexual abuse, and to empower survivors to access opportunities and realize their full potential. The organization’s work is based on the following core activities:
    • Advocacy – To advocate for policies and legislation that prioritize the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children and young people
    • Psychosocial services – Provision of psychosocial support to strengthen the resilience and coping capacity of survivors of sexual abuse
    • Capacity building of service providers – To increase the understanding, knowledge and skills of professionals who work with young survivors of sexual abuse
    • Public education and awareness raising – To bring about positive changes in awareness, attitudes and behaviours with regard to child sexual abuse.

  • Bekannte und beliebte Beltz-Autor_innen und Illustrator_innen im Gespräch über ihre Bücher, ihre Arbeit und ihre persönlichen Hintergründe. Auch die Buchmacher_innen aus den Verlagsprogrammen sind zu Gast und werfen einen exklusiven Blick hinter die Kulissen der Verlagswelt – für Eltern, für Kinder und für alle, die gute Geschichten lieben!