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  • HISTOIRES POUR LES OREILLES, des contes pour les petites oreilles de 3 à 6 ans. Une histoire, de la musique et des sons pour stimuler l'imagination des enfants et pour apprendre à écouter.
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  • How can I keep a positive mindset when taking care of a growing puppy and my family? How can I have my dream dog when I work a full-time job? What do I actually have to do that will help me better show up for my dog and my loved ones? How do I stay sane and still have fun when I have so much to take care of?

    These are just some of the big questions that leading dog expert, Courtney Green, explores in the Thank Dog It’s Friday Podcast.

    Each week, Courtney explores dog parenting, positivity, mindset and everything in between. In addition to mini master classes and free step-by-step guides, each episode is designed to help you take immediate action on the most important work when it comes to raising a dog.

    If you’re ready to step into being your best self, so that you could in return raise the best dog, you’re in the right place.

  • Introducing ‘Storytime with Teta’. Arabic Language Podcast for kids!​Arabic stories from around the world and from famous publishing houses, narrated by your loving Teta Amal (grandma). Listen to fun and engaging stories on the go, wherever you are on iTunes and other podcast streaming platforms.​Storytime with Teta is always a Fun time!*All necessary permissions are taken from the publishers to record all books in our podcast* !الجديد والمتميز في عالم البودكاست للاطفال حكايات تيتا " قصص للاطفال باللغة العربية. تيتا أمل تروي لكم قصص وحكايات جميلة. في كل حلقة".نبحث عن أجمل القصص من أشهر دور النشر العربية والعالمية ونأتي لكم بالحكايات المفيدة تابعونا على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي وعلى مواقع البودكاست الرئيسية*(لقد تم الحصول على الإذن الخطي من الناشر لجميع الكتب لعرضها في المدونة الصوتية (البودكاست*

  • Dexter Sim is one of the nation's leading & innovative Obedience & Agility icon for 19 years. He is a Certified WMA Dog Agility Instructor. Dexter is both an Agility & Obedience Judges. He is also one of the Agility Pioneers for bringing his very own local dogs to compete in the Dog Agility World Championships in 2007.He has won the OTCh, OBEDIENCE TRIALS CHAMPION & the OTCh Utility, OBEDIENCE TRIALS CHAMPION FOR UTILITY for 6 straight Years (FY 2003-2008). He had titled Four Obedience Trials Champions (OTChs), Two Dual Champions, and Four Conformation Show ChampionsDexter has judged in our USDAA International Dog Agility Sanctioned Trials. He was also invited to judge in the National Dogwalk 2008 Dog sports Challenge Matches. He has also been invited to Judge in Malaysia (Kulai, KL & Penang) & the Philippines. He has also Judge Obedience Trials in Malaysia. (KL & Penang) His students have also achieved many Obedience and Agility Championship Titles at the Local and International Dog Show Scene. And some have turn Professional.Dexter provides Puppy 101, Pet Dog and Dog Sports Training. His flagship programmes are Dog Obedience Life Skills Levels, Puppy Fundamentals Classes and Behaviour Consulting.Dexter has a PUPS Trainers Academy to nurture, train, educate and motivate all trainers to better equip ourselves with skills, knowledge, experiences and to ensure continuous education to keep abreast with the field of Dog Training. Today Dexter continues to be the driving force in the evolution of Obedience & Dog Agility meeting Competitive International Standards.

  • Psychologists. Mothers. Unbiased information to help you make informed decisions. Community connectors. Hoping to make the world a better place.

  • 《最爱粉tastic ~ FEN-tastic Show》 由Love972DJ Violet 粉樱主持。

    星期二,《健康粉tastic》 :关注健康,保持健康!
    星期天,《最爱粉tastic Talkshow》:Violet 粉樱与名人嘉宾好友,风趣分享精彩的人生经历与心得,让你的心情~粉tastic! (暂时休息,期待第二系列)


  • Looking for a new way to engage your children in Bible study? Join us for the KidsView Devotional podcast. Think of each episode as the chance for your kids to consider the Word in a practical, real-life application. Each episode includes a memory verse, a lesson and closes with a prayer. Even better, each episode encourages your kids to talk to you (parents) about specific topics. So, listen as a family or use each episode as a springboard for open dialog about faith. Be sure to check out episode notes for parent talking points and bonus content. Support this podcast:

  • Geek Dads talk about life as a geek, a father, and living in todays wild world.
    Join us every week as we explore a plethora of Geeky topics: nostalgia, the MCU, Star Wars and Mandalorian, Star Trek, comics, tv, movies, and other hobbies. We also discuss parenting, relationships, navigating life's odd moment.

  • As we all know, parenthood can feel like one big roller coaster with multiple ups and downs, often just within a day. Raw is the first word that comes to mind with this refreshing podcast. Radically honest in their approach to sharing all the ups, downs, struggles, and gray areas that come with marriage, relationships, parenting, careers, and life in general. They bring in experts, inspirational leaders, and celebrities to talk about big issues every parent faces in a straightforward and easy to digest format.

  • A space for mother's, soon to be moms or anyone wanting to learn or be part of a community that will touch on the different aspects of motherhood. The ugly, the beautiful and the REAL DEAL. A space for like minded women, where they can come and let their hair down and speak their reality and experience of motherhood and things we go through as Women, with out JUDGEMENT.

  • 願你我被不偉大的小事感動,幸福藏在平凡的生活點滴裡。大家好這裡是「客廳3.1」・3點 1刻聽,我是老王「三橫一豎王」。這裡沒有偉大的傳說,都是一些家庭的小事。

  • Follow Fee and Hayley on their fertility journey, from how they first met, fell in love, decided to start a family, the highs, the lows and everything in between. Episode 1 coming August 3rd!

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  • Not your typical parenthood podcast. This podcast explores the day-to-day trivial matters to the big hair-pulling matters of the parenting journey. And we make it juicer by having some papa and mamas to share their little stories. Jump into the coop and cluck together!

  • So one day Kalyana, 4.5yo, just found out a new thing called “podcast” and she never stops listening to it ever since. She told her parents she wanted one to read her storybooks to on weekends. Then her parents decided… why not?

  • You are preparing your children for independence their entire life. Make sure you are intentional to help them avoid being derailed.

  • Nurture the mind and drift off to sleep happily
    අපේ පොඩිතන්ට සුවබර නින්දක් ප්‍රර්ථනා කරමින් රසවත් පුංචි කතාවක් කියන්නයි මම් දැන් සුදානම් වෙන්නෙ.ඉතින් මේ කතාව අහගෙනම නිදිලොවට පිවිසෙන ඔබට තවත් වාසනාවන්ත දවසක මලක් මෙන් පිබිදෙන්නට
    හැකි වේවා කියලයි මම ආදරෙන් ප්‍රර්ථනා කරන්නෙ.
    මම අනෝමා නැන්දා.

  • She's confident - Imagine an event, a show where…

    …women are gathering to inspire each other to step fully into their greatness.

    A place where all the facades are dropped, and instead the real, raw truth is shared.

    Imagine a safe place created just for you.

    A place where you can dive deep into all of the fears that have been holding you captive.

    A sacred place that allows you to hold space and support for each other as you dive deep into a life-changing transformation.

    It is time for women’s voices to be heard

    …for women to speak-up and share their truth and wisdom through the power of their stories.
    This is why we are coming together to share the CONFIDENCE that gives women a stage to be real, raw and vulnerable as they share their stories so that TOGETHER we can lead with courage and Rise Up!

  • Hi there, let's listen to stories of long ago and beyond. Let us laugh, learn and savour life through stories for children!