Kunst – Nieuwe podcasts

  • Join best-selling author and master life coach Sarah Centrella as she shares tips, tools, and inspiring interviews to help you create your dream life.

  • A series of wide-ranging and head-on discussions that will capture the spirit of the music scene as it is now, and shine a light on the issues that are currently at play within the music industry.

  • Kenzie & Kate are two best friends who have recently become extreme book worms. Each week they announce their current read on their Instagram and discuss the drama, heat, and their personal ratings for each book in each upcoming podcast episode!

  • A podcast for writers, by writers, to keep you writing

  • A podcast for the celebration and community of female landscape photographers from around the world hosted by Steph Vella and Sarina Jackson.

  • Big tech is changing every aspect of our world. But how? And at what cost? In this special four-part series, Recode teams up with Eater to unbox the evolving world of food delivery. Find out how the rise of investor-backed third-party delivery apps has dramatically changed consumer behavior, helped create a modern gig workforce, disrupted small businesses, and potentially changed our relationship with food forever.

  • Join Sophia V. Prater on a dive into the weeds on UX systems, information architecture, human psychology, and simplifying the complex. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ooux/support

  • Labels belong on clothes, not people! This podcast has real talk on all things fashion x culture from a critical, global perspective that amplifies Minority voices.

    Producer/host Zara Korutz is a London based Slavic-American with an MA in Fashion Critical Studies at Central Saint Martins (2020), and is now focused on fashion Phd research. Previously, Zara was in advertising including at The Washington Post where she also was contributing editor for special fashion section FW. As a hairdresser, her work has been seen in Vogue Italia and CNN.

  • Season 3 coming early 2022. Design chats released bi-weekly. ➤ Welcome to Design Atlas, where we explore the world of design from a cultural and global perspective. Join Jens Bringsjord from Oslo, and Megan Luedke from New York City, as we explore everything about design. We both wish we had a podcast like this when we were getting started in the industry. That's why we're excited to bring you the knowledge of how to progress in the design field, whether you're just starting out or a seasoned designer. New episodes on Thursdays. Learn more and stay connected with us www.designatlaspod.com Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/design-atlas-pod/support

  • By Isabella Gerli, the girl that will give you your weekly dose of book talk. From book recommendations to book Q&A's to reviews and book clubs to personal advice, and most of all, a safe space for all book lovers. Isabella will share her experiences with books and sometimes share her thoughts and give advice on life. Welcome to your safe space in which all opinions and views on books are valid. Join the fam, and let's read and tell. New episodes every Thursday at 8:00 am EST. Enjoy besties!@isabellagerli on all platforms

  • Now that the technology is accessible, knowledge is shared openly, and communities thrive under digital spaces, it's a truly special moment for design to outgrow its origins and become a tool for all, and not only the few.

    It's time to let design be part of the wider conversation.
    Let's talk about #opendesign, shall we?

  • From the Food52 Podcast Network and Heritage Radio Network, My Family Recipe shares cherished heirloom recipes, and the stories behind them, from voices across the world of food. Explore experiences of loss and remembering accompanied by homemade baked ziti, to chronicles of comfort and celebration paired with the perfect chocolate cake. Enjoy interviews with writers and chefs, parents and children about what is passed down along with the foods we know and love.

  • W/ Jennifer Sutto & Michael Keen: NFTs are going mainstream. Jennifer & Michael aim to keep their audience informed about all relevant projects as the industry continues to expand. With a focus on market dynamics and turning a profit, this podcast is perfect for the seasoned NFT trader or someone that is just looking to learn what the heck is going on with these JPEGS!

  • Obsessive Creative helps keep you inspired to create your best work. Each week, host Luke Cleland wrangles monologs and interviews together to bring you the best in inspiration to fuel your creative obsession.

  • Tales + Tails: Books + Culture + Compassion = Happiness Between TailsHBT speaks to & from the heart, to connect lovers — of pets, authors, reading — & of my still-unreleased novels. Listeners engage as I learn the art of podcasting for when my books are serialized as their own podcasts. My novels, “Flamenco + the Sitting Cat” & “Tango + the Sitting Cat,” are my love letters to all who fear they're too odd, too damaged, too old, too whatever to find love & happiness with or without a partner. HappinessBetweenTails.com • ContactdaAL@gmail.com • Like what you hear? BuyMeACoffee.com/SupportHBT

  • Welcome to the Now I Know podcast! This podcast will feature fashion, home, mental health, and lifestyle in hopes that it inspires you to live the best optimal life possible. You may even say at the end, "oh, now I know...".

  • I will read Percy Jackson. my pronunciations may not be correct but it's how I do it. It may be a little weird at first but it will get better.

  • Cut the pretentious gate-keeping chat! A podcast talking music, architecture, fashion, sports, art and design.

    Hey, I'm Samuel, a graduate Graphic Artist from London. I've always been hugely in to the topics I've mentioned but have often found myself lacking a connection with the stuff I see in mainstream magazines, filled with unobtainable high fashion pieces, cold commercial design and exclusively big name football clubs. I don't have anyone to chat with about the stuff that interests me and so many people I see online, so I'm going to talk about it here!

    I post visuals of everything I talk about in the podcasts via Twitter (@btecbasquiat), just to give some context and a reference point for my rambles. Please, please, please get involved on Twitter and feel free to chat or ask any questions as I'd love to create a discussion and a community to surround it.

    Twitter: @btecbasquiat

    See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

  • For the first time in seven long centuries, the Slytherin lair is open to all! Oh honey, do we have opinions... Join us every week as we ramble on about all things Potter and have several emotional breakdowns along the way.

    Give us your opinions and reviews at- tscr394@gmail.com
    Link to music- https://youtu.be/oK5T_-CDces

  • Total Skin Nerds, hosted by Skinfix CEO, Amy Gordinier, features in-depth conversations with top doctors and skin care authorities on a crusade to change how skin is cared for, treated, healed, experienced, and talked about. On each episode, Amy is joined by one mission-driven doctor to explore their medical focus comprehensively and compassionately—and to offer actionable advice about the skin care topics that affect you: from acne to eczema, from inflammation to stress. Total Skin Nerds democratizes skin care by providing access to a body of expert dermatological knowledge that would otherwise be impossible for listeners to get all in one place. Please subscribe. Stick with us, Nerds!