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  • The Cool Table podcast is THE place to sit and chill and chat about all things pop culture: books, movies and TV, and the fandoms that love to hate them. It's more than just a tongue-in-cheek way to describe our gang and our place on the internet or a self-deprecating way to describe what we bring to you. It’s an all-inclusive hangout meant for everyone who ever needed a place to sit and just fangirl away, without having to wade through the crazies to get there. Relax, you found your people. We’ve been saving you a seat at right here.

  • Our members Lynn Morstead & Kelli Soika get together Monday mornings to chat about cohousing topics. They reflect on a broad range of questions, observations, challenges and successes related to their forming cohousing community and the world around them. They are newbies to the podcasting world, refining their craft each week. Come along for the ride! They're fun and look forward to your comments. Lynn & KelliFor more information on CoHousing Houston go to www.cohousinghouston.com

  • Welcome to the Run Eat Drink Podcast! The podcast where we feature destination races, delicious food, and toast with tasty beverages so you can discover places where you can accomplish, explore and indulge.

  • The extraordinary career of Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881) forged intersections between political action, visionary leadership, creative achievement, and romantic self-invention. As a best-selling novelist, flamboyant dandy, notable wit, ethnic outsider, and icon of Conservative politics giving rise to a powerful political myth, his multifaceted public persona has become emblematically associated with various aspects of Victorian literary, political, visual, and material culture. Recent Disraeli scholarship has been instrumental in widening the perspective on his life and career, illuminating the cross-fertilisation between his fiction, political and social thought, Jewish background, celebrity status, and psychology. Disraeli’s breadth and versatility as one of the most conspicuous and prominent nineteenth-century public figures, writers, politicians, and thinkers necessitates a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to his life and work. These papers -- which were delivered at a symposium in Oxford on 24 March 2015 -- facilitate a broad discussion of Disraeli’s many parallel (after)lives, representations, and his intellectual legacy within his Victorian contexts and beyond.

  • Yon podcast istorik nan yon pèspektiv feminis. Yon travay memwa sou nègès yo ki te goumen pou libere peyi a pandan nou marande atizay/teyat ak rechèch yo.

  • The BLB Podcast interrogates and celebrates the short story form. On each episode we invite a writer to read from one of their stories, talk about their work, writing and editing processes, how they got published, and what they’re reading.
    Hosted by Kate Ellis and Peter J. Coles.

  • A book podcast hosted by writing partners Amy Helmes and Kim Askew. Guests include biographers, journalists, authors, and cultural historians discussing lost classics by women writers.

  • Authors talking to David Freeman about their books. Most of the conversations are from David’s personal archive that have been collected over the past 40 years.

  • Comedian Andrew Ryan originally from Cork has moved to Northern Ireland. In this podcast Andrew talks to people from all across Ireland about this really interesting part of the island. www.andrewryancomedy.com

  • One writer, one work, 30 minutes to tell its story. Each month, Craft brings you one international writer telling the story of a single work from its earliest origins to publication on the page. Join them as they discuss the twists and turns of the composition process and reflect on the what of writing alongside the how. Brought to you by Wasafiri Magazine, Queen Mary University of London, and Arts Council England. Hosted by Malachi McIntosh

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  • Two UK based contemporary jewellers get together to talk about what they are working on, what they love, new tools and finds and who in the industry is exciting them. They also chat about life and how that plays into their working lives as creatives. Occasionally they invite others onto the show.



    Music: Octopi by Alfie Amadeus

  • "Imagine there is a huge meteor hurtling towards our beautiful blue planet and before life as we know it comes to end, we can magically click our fingers so you are able to see any theatrical production you want. What would you choose to see for your Last Show on Earth?"

    West End and Broadway stars John Owen-Jones and Alistair Brammer ask this question of friends and colleagues from the West End, Broadway and beyond - and the answers are often intriguing, funny and sometimes bizarre...

    New episodes on the first Friday of every month!

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  • Social Work Sorted is an Education platform with a difference. As an experienced Social Worker and Practice Educator I want to take you through the day to day challenges you are going to face as a newly qualified worker; how to do a home visit, how to complete an assessment, how to build relationships, how to do direct work that makes a difference. I'm here to help you, with short podcasts you can access whenever you need. Follow @socialworksorted on Instagram

  • #TheChaptersPodcast is a chatty and entertaining listen for lovers of books and agony aunt advice! Hosted by the girls behind Books That Matter, this podcast is all about recommending books to get us through every chapter of life. Listeners write in, the girls deliver advice and the perfect books to get them through! New episodes are available every week, and you can find the girls at @booksthatmatteruk, and can write in with your dilemmas and questions to [email protected] podcast is brought to you by Books That Matter, the book subscription box by women, for women. Find our subscription boxes at www.booksthatmatter.co.uk

  • Recorded is a podcast from The National with a collection of topical interviews, interesting discussions and sometimes random stories.

  • This is a podcast dedicated to everything related to theology, culture, and politics.

  • Go behind the scenes at London's prestigious gallery and specialist arts university The Courtauld, hosted by Professor Alixe Bovey.

    Courtauld cast is produced by novel for the Courtauld Institute of art and generously supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies. Thanks to our producers, Harry Cooke and Claire Crofton and executive producer, Jo Wheeler.

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  • A music show, for people who love food.

  • A podcast for spooky souls that features: creatures, encounters, old tales, and myths.

  • Have you ever heard the sounds of the sea, of whales and dolphins, snapping shrimp, boat noise, and military sonar?

    Welcome to the On Sonorous Seas Podcast Series, hosted by Iona artist Mhairi Killin. Join her as she encounters vastness, complexity and wonder in the sounds of the seas that surround the chain of Scottish islands known as the Hebrides. On Sonorous Seas is s a story told with the voices of science, art, music, and poetry, and it explores the impact of military sonar on the ecology of the seas surrounding the Hebrides.

    The story begins with a stranded whale and takes us deep into another world of human and non-human sounds, come listen to the sea and what it can reveal to us.