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  • But Wait! There's Lore! goes beyond the pixels, code, and players and dives into the rich and illustrious lore and story behind the massively popular World of Warcraft games, books, comics, and films. Venture with us on a journey to tell, craft, and investigate the lore and story of Azeroth.

  • Blogging is becoming an increasingly important aspect of academic life - a way to increase academic output, reach new audiences and foster original debates. This event was an opportunity to learn about opportunities in the world of academic blogging, understand current trends, and gain insight and advice from the experts. On Tuesday 25 February, the Department of Politics and International Relations hosted an event on the subject of 'Academic Blogging: Political Analysis in the Digital Age' in the Lecture Theatre of Manor Road Building.

  • Lunchtime talks delivered during the social media term at Oxford University covering a wide variety of social media topics.

  • A series of talks from an interdisciplinary event held by the St Edmund Hall Centre for the Creative Brain in Oxford on 26 November 2016. The speakers interpret the theme of ‘Shakespeare and the Brain’ in various ways, examining it from the perspective of literature scholars, neuroscientists and actors. All the talks are aimed at a non-specialist audience.

  • Dr Dennis Duncan looks at literary paratexts - the parts of a book that aren't the main text: indexes, prefaces, footnotes, errata lists...

  • Join best-selling author and master life coach Sarah Centrella as she shares tips, tools, and inspiring interviews to help you create your dream life.

  • Um programa de Inês Lima com poesia portuguesa contemporânea, acompanhada de temas musicais escolhidos pelos poetas ou pelos músicos.

  • Big tech is changing every aspect of our world. But how? And at what cost? In this special four-part series, Recode teams up with Eater to unbox the evolving world of food delivery. Find out how the rise of investor-backed third-party delivery apps has dramatically changed consumer behavior, helped create a modern gig workforce, disrupted small businesses, and potentially changed our relationship with food forever.

  • es una mierda
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    ni si quiera

  • Join Sophia V. Prater on a dive into the weeds on UX systems, information architecture, human psychology, and simplifying the complex. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ooux/support

  • Schemer, Writer & Director:Mohammadsadegh Naderi - Build Advisor & Artistic Manager:Mohammad Beig - Researcher: Mehrdad Mehrjoo - Voice Actors:Mohammadsadegh Naderi, Amir Eqbal, Mehdi Rezaei, Danial Parsaei, Sara Niknam, Saeid Sarhangi, Zahra Doostmohammadi & Zahra Ghaheri

  • La Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez creó en 2009 Lecturalab bajo la etiqueta de I+D de la lectura. Nuestra fundación es una entidad privada completamente independiente de cualquier grupo o administración pública que ha venido acumulando un capital de conocimiento desde hace cuatro décadas de investigaciones y trabajo con profesionales de la biblioteca o la escuela. En este programa de podcast se publican resúmenes sonoros de informes sobre la innovación en el fomento de la lectura, novedades, así como testimonios de personas en favor del hábito lector. La web del proyecto: www.lecturalab.org

  • Labels belong on clothes, not people! This podcast has real talk on all things fashion x culture from a critical, global perspective that amplifies Minority voices at the intersection of industry and academia.

    Producer/host Zara Korutz is a London based Slavic-American with an MA in Fashion Critical Studies at Central Saint Martins (2020), and is now focused on fashion Phd research. Previously, Zara was in advertising including at The Washington Post where she also was contributing editor for special fashion section FW. As a hairdresser, her work has been seen in Vogue Italia and CNN.

  • Season 3 coming early 2022. Design chats released bi-weekly. ➤ Welcome to Design Atlas, where we explore the world of design from a cultural and global perspective. Join Jens Bringsjord from Oslo, and Megan Luedke from New York City, as we explore everything about design. We both wish we had a podcast like this when we were getting started in the industry. That's why we're excited to bring you the knowledge of how to progress in the design field, whether you're just starting out or a seasoned designer. New episodes on Thursdays. Learn more and stay connected with us www.designatlaspod.com Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/design-atlas-pod/support

  • Podcast dos Ministérios Jovem e de Publicações da Igreja Adventista Central de Brasília sobre livros inspiradores da Casa Publicadora Brasileira. Veja nossos vídeos no YouTube @iasdbrasilia e Instagram @jovens.brasilia

  • Vamos conversar sobre Vinho e sobre o negócio do Vinho.

  • Now that the technology is accessible, knowledge is shared openly, and communities thrive under digital spaces, it's a truly special moment for design to outgrow its origins and become a tool for all, and not only the few.

    It's time to let design be part of the wider conversation.
    Let's talk about #opendesign, shall we?

  • Um Podcast de cake designers para todas as pessoas que gostem de bolos, informal e divertido, em conversas partilhadas pela Ana Oliveira, a Cristina Fidalgo e a Patrícia Pacheco, equipa de cake designers que aborda diferentes temáticas ligadas ao cake design.
    Enviem-nos um email para cakelayerspodcast@gmail.com e façam-nos chegar as vossas ideias, temas que gostassem de ver discutidos e o vosso feedback.

    O Cake layers podcast é uma iniciativa trazida pelo Coisas de Cozinhas, o From Cake with Love e o Bolos e Ideias que procura levar até vocês boa disposição em leves camadas de conversas.

  • 🎙 Il mondo dei podcast ti interessa o incuriosisce?

    Insieme a Elisa Garfagna, Mattia Morelli, Roberto Lachin e Rossella Pivanti, ogni mercoledì Sandro e Laura daranno utili info a chi vuole lanciarsi in questo mondo, ma parleranno anche di strategia e novità per chi produce già podcast.

    Ti aspettiamo il mercoledì alle 12:30 su Twitch e on demand su tutte le piattaforme
    👉🏻 https://m.twitch.tv/sugoi_live