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  • Раман майстара беларускай гістарычнай літаратуры Уладзіміра Караткевіча, спрабуе паказаць сучаснае жыцьцё праз прызму гістарычных падзеяў. Тэма паўстання 1863-1864 гадоў відавочна не адпускала беларускага пісьменніка, але ён паспрабаваў апісаць ня толькі гісторыю, але і лёсы, што напаткалі нашчадкаў. Праўнук беларуса Усяслава Грынкевіча, удзельніка паўстання 1863 года, сустрэў Ірыну Гораву, праўнучку рускага афіцэра Юрыя Горава і пакахаў яе. Пакрычастыя сцяжынкі Кліё зводзяць чарговы раз нашчадкаў лютых ворагаў, якія змагаліся не на жыццё але на смерць. Каханне, нашчадкаў зачыняе нянавісць мінуўшчыны і дае надзею на лепшую будучыню. Кніга была напісаная Уладзімірам Караткевічам, яшчэ на пачатку свайго творчага шляху, але чытаючы можна адзначыць адно, Караткевіч нязменна востра перажываў беларускую гісторыю і заклікаў ніколі не забываць пра мінуўшчыну дзеля будучыні. (З.К.)

    Чытае Леанід Дзяркач. Запіс зроблены ў 2000 годзе кампаніяй "Гукатэкс"

  • سلام اسم من مسافره و با شما تو بود و نبود قراره سراغ موضوعاتی بریم که یا کمتر در موردشون صحبت شده یا کلا کسی سراغش نرفته 

    از علم و فناوری گرفته تا هنر، ادبیات، تاریخ، روان‌شناسی و حتی مسائل اجتماعی و محیط‌زیست، هرچه که به نظر میاید موضوع جذاب و مفیدی باشه و ما در کنار هم قرار اونها رو بررسی کنیم.

    و از شما خواهشم اینه نگاه کاملا منتقدانه نسبت به بود و نبود داشته باشین و هر جا که لازم دونستین نظرات و انتقادات و پیشنهاداتتون رو با من در میون بگذارین.

  • Four best friends tackle school together, but for their free time, they have something special in mind.

  • Как сохранить себя в тёмные дни? На этот вопрос пытается ответить автор и ведущий подкаста Егор Парфёнов, исследуя прошлое. В фокусе внимания жизнь людей искусства, деятелей культуры, которые либо были вынуждены бороться с режимом, либо ему покорно потакать, либо отстраняться от политики властей. Однако, всегда тонко чувствовать атмосферу времени и отражать настроения в своём творчестве.

  • Step inside the mind of Sophie Whitley - because every proposition comes with a price.

    Follow along as she finds herself in an unlikely place - in the middle of a sexual moral dilemma. Through provocative and addictive prose, this story earns the salacious and unforeseen twists and turns sure to surprise even the most seasoned of listeners.

    Oh, and did I mention it? There’s also a murder.

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    Written by Candy Washington. Produced by 1214 Media.

  • 13-year-old Winnie moves in  with her dad, Derek, a retired quarterback, whose promising career ended badly. When Cleveland loses their starting QB, Winnie gets Derek back in the game and this time…he might actually find a way to win! With the love of a father and daughter at its center, Winnie Taylor’s 4th and Inches bring a classic underdog sports story to the world of podcasts.
    Starring Ruth Righi as Winnie Taylor, Jeremie Harris as Derek Taylor and Tony Todd as Coach Fitz.
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  • You know those things that go bump in the night? Yeah they are real, let’s talk about it. We’re just two best friends obsessed with the paranormal and we plan to drag you down with us. Welcome to our dark side. (Not a Star Wars reference)

  • Hey Ho✌️ Unser erstes eigener Podcast. Today talken wir bisschen über die Dramatik der Titanic und natürlich auch über den Film von 1997. Hope you enjoy it. Tschüssikowski und haut rein🚢.

  • This podcast about to tell the short stories and quotes

  • Your favorite ASMR tomboy girlfriend with the low scratchy voice. F4A, F4F, and F4M with a mix of comforting and spicy audios to make you feel good. 

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  • Welcome to Write My Romance, where I take audience prompts to write and record custom romance short stories every month. Whether you’re looking for - but can’t quite find - that perfect combination of elements in a story, or you just want to binge some good romance shorts, then this is the place for you. Strap in!

    If you enjoy this content and want to have a short story constructed from your own ideal romantic elements, then flip me an email at [email protected] and I’ll send you a Write My Romance form. Each month a lucky audience member will have their very own story written, recorded, and released for your listening pleasures.

    As always, my content is free for your consumption! I’m doing this as a passion project, learning, and honing my skills along the way. Please be kind :)

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  • A podcast about celebrity true crime that took the darkest of turns in our own personal lives.

  • پادکست داستان در آبان ماه ۱۳۹۹ شروع به کار کار کرد که کار های گذشته در اپارات در کانال پادکست داستان قرار گرفت و با پیشرفت این پادکست با گویندگی مهرداد موذنی پادکست های جدیدی را منتشر می‌کند

  • A terrifying full cast anthology. Presented in pure pulpy goodness with every tale focusing on different thematic elements of the horror genre. Presented by our fiendish host Mr. Graves. For mature audiences only.

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  • I’m LaTasha and I will share my own true ghost stories as well as stories told by family members, friends and other sources.

  • Подкаст-альманах «Читай-города» и студии Толк, созданный специально ко дню рождения интернет-магазина. Мы записали 5 историй о любви в самом широком смысле этого слова: от нежного чувства к случайному прохожему до непреодолимого желания спасти животное из неволи. Эти рассказы специально для подкаста написали яркие российские авторы, а прочитали (местами экспрессивно, а местами – неожиданно трогательно) ваши любимые комики. Настраивайтесь на весну, доставайте наушники и полетели. Подкаст сделан студией Толк:По всем вопросам: [email protected]

  • Join Marcus and Nathan as we play through murder mysteries of our own devising, playing curator, murderer, and detective. Listen along as we unravel the Museum's many secrets... What mysteries will you be able to solve?

  • An improvised show using science fiction and dice to tell comedic and dramatic stories after the apocalypse.
    Dust world RPG Podcast is an improv show following superpowered nomads in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi western a few hundred years after a great war burned the earth and a virus called white horse dissolved most organic matter into dust creating the wastelands.

    Season 1: Follows the exploits of Gage Thane, a dust-casting swordsman, Clarence Wells, a weird psychic child run away and Kevin Wolfkin, a fox mutant, sharpshooting Bounty Hunter. Together, these three, along with a slew of interesting allies seek to stop Red Earth a power-mad dictatorship bent on domination of the desolate remains of the world. - Dust World RPG is inspired by Dungeons and Dragons but is a unique d20 system different from the D&D game. Dust World is a D20 Tabletop Role-Playing game created by Paul Parnell. Setting created by Paul Parnell and Michael Yatskar.

    Season 2: Welcome to Neon City a cyberpunk-inspired city in the sci-fi western future. It follows the crew: Clarence Wells returns as the Psychomancer, and introduces Dr. Andrew Miller a grave doctor, and Silent Monday the sword monk as they struggle against the corps, peacekeepers, and their oppressive debt in this megacity. - This season of Dust World RPG Actual Actual play podcast is played using our new Powered By the apocalypse game Dust World RPG PBTA.